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Hi! My name is Nisa.

I am a Ferret from Denison.

3 years old


Ni-ni, Ni-chan, Ni, Littlest One


At home with my brothers.

Treats and car rides!

Perching on shoulders and ruling over my brothers.

When Rev and Ender steal MY ball.

I'm the boss, you're just here to serve me.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hi Nisa!
Just swooping through to leave you a vote and a HI! MINGO

Come visit me, MINGO.

06/06/2008 07:40.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Ho-ho-ho, Bottle Brush Tails!
"Every day should be like Christmas... filled with love and a special kind of magic!" Dad, Peanut & Pretzel were so pleased & proud to discover that Peanut won the "Picture Perfect" contest! We're jazzed & gonna celebrate! Thanks to all of our good friends. We appreciate everyone's support and their votes for Peanut. Dook!!! (Vote for ya.) Happy adventures... ~ Peanut & Pretzel (P & P)

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

06/03/2008 07:39.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Nisa
WHOA! Just got on this channel and saw that for some reason I was awarded COTM! OMG! I am dancing hard for this is the BEST! Thanks to all who are my ferret and critter friends, and to all who voted! I must say this is a huge surprise, but I love it! Special thanks to the Fab 4 and Aggie, my little flower for always being my friends. Yo Ho! MINGO and I do check my blogs!

Come visit me, MINGO.

06/01/2008 10:19.12 AM Report This Comment  
  A day at the farm!
We hope you had as great of a Memorial Day weekend as we did. We got to go to a farm for a cookout this weekend. There were lots of animals we've never seen before, Mom said they were called horses. We even made friends with some big furry dogs, they looked real scarry but they just sniffed us. One was real fun to play with everytime we stepped towards him he backed, we laughed when he did that because he was ten times bigger than us. Even with all those other animals everyone wanted to pay attention to us! We got lots of hugs and when we got sleepy we'd just take a nap in someone's lap! We have never had that much grass to run and play in before but, Mom wouldn't let us in the fenced area called the pasture, she said that the horses might step on us. We dug holes for my Aunt, she said that flower bed needed weeded anyways. Mom let us play a game called corn hole but, we really wanted to steal those bags and chew on them though. Dad even let us "ride" on the Harley! Check out the pictures of our fun adventure! Here's a vote for ya! ~ U-Turn & Pumpkin

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/27/2008 07:12.56 PM Report This Comment  
Sorry it's been awhile. Mommy's been busy with work lately and school functions with her hooman kids so we haven't been able to talk lately. We've still had a lot of fun though. Mom took us to the cutest pet contest at PetSmart on Saturday, we're waiting to see who they pick as the winner. While we were there we got to play in the ferret stoller. It was lots of fun, our hooman sister pushed us around and we could look at all those big furry things Mom said were dogs without them being able to touch us. Mom's also been busy getting things together for our ferret show. Who would have known there was so much she had to do just so someone could tell us we're pretty? There's a lot of protocol we have to follow just to make sure that no sick ferrets get inside. Mom said something about sending our saliva to be tested? Daddy just laughed and asked her if she's going to have enough time to get everything done. Well now I'm worn out gotta go to my hidey hole and take a nap. p.s. we left you a vote with our note!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/21/2008 07:17.33 PM Report This Comment  
That's what Dad said when he stuck his head in our penthouse yesterday. He's usually good at keeping it spic n' span but we decided that the potty pan was too messy & found a couple new corners. Dad was not pleased. He'll probably play the game again of placing food in those corners to discourage us! We'll see. And when the pan's real fresh, Pretzel sometimes thinks it's a new digging spot or comfy bedding. It's fun to watch Dad's reactions. We did make it out yesterday in the 'hood which was quite fun until the sprinklers came on & Dad took us home. What's a little water? Yes, Peanut did manage to crawl up Dad's pant leg again until he got past his sock which was not well tolerated. We heard that Dad's sis will be in town soon so that means we're gonna get that full "salon treatment" & our furniture washed. Don't know why, we LIKE the smell. The bath & swimming sure is fun but drying off is another story. And the "ear & nail thing", eww! Hope you're having a great week. Dook! Thanks for visiting us & for your votes. Always appreciated. Happy adventures... Your buds, ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/16/2008 02:31.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Just dropping by to say hi!
We just wanted to drop by and say hi. How have things been going? Life is good here. Mommy's been busy with work, she had to go out of town this week so she hasn't let us play too much on here. She did get us a new cage in the mail though. Mommy thinks that we need a bigger cage now that there are two of us here. From the picture this cage looks cool it got four layers, tubes, a slide and a new hammy. Mommy said she's not sure though if it's what she wants, she is so particular. Now she may want to just buy the extension for the cage we already have, who knows? Honestly, we'd rather be out of the cage anyways running and playing through the house. Freedom is so much fun! We haven't been able to dig holes in the yard lately though because it just keeps raining here. Daddy's planning another photo shoot so we should have new pictures up soon. Mommy told him that Pumpkin is growing so fast that we need to do photo sessions very often, just like human babies. Stop by and visit us soon, we look forward to hearing from you! We left you a vote with our note!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/15/2008 09:10.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Nisa!
How is the day going for you your Royal Highness? I hope that you are ruling over those brother's of yours. Just came by to give ya a vote and will visit you later.
Your fuzzy pirate ferret friend, Mingo

Come visit me, MINGO.

05/14/2008 06:53.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Nisa!
My brother loves car rides too! As soon as Mom puts his harness on he knows we are going away and he gets excited. I'm just a baby so I haven't learned that a harness means we are going bye bye yet but, I will catch on soon enough. Thanks for the visit, stop back anytime. We left you a vote with our note!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/13/2008 08:35.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Well welcome to the channel!

Come visit me, Smudge & Stinky.

05/13/2008 02:44.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Ni & Family!
Thanks for dropping by to visit us. Glad that your 3 brothers joined us here too. The more the merrier. We see that you're the alpha-sis and like Peanut, are a shoulder-percher too! (Pretzel's the alpha-male here.) And yes, humans can be very bizarre creatures. By the way, Peanut is having a blast in your park! Dook! ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/12/2008 04:03.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Nisa
My Name is Mingo. I wanted to stop by and say Hi! to you. My friends Thor and Merlin have visited you and I didn't want to not welcome you. I like the I'm the boss and you're here to serve me thing. Funny. I'm a pirate, but I do rule the house I live in as well. Come visit me!
Your pirate fuzzy ferret friend, Mingo, oh here's a vote for ya!

Come visit me, MINGO.

05/12/2008 10:37.04 AM Report This Comment  
Hey girlfriend, look at me, COTD!!! I'm sooo happy! Wanna go for a ride on my motorcycle babe? You tell your bro's to stop talkin smack about you or I'll have to visit and put them in their place! But I bet you already do that pretty good! Thanks for the votes, and have a great day! Here's a vote for ya!

Come visit me, Thor, Friends Forever My Bud Mingo.

05/12/2008 08:52.01 AM Report This Comment  
Welcomes to the channel. You sure is a sweet looking ferret. Your brothers should be nice to you and nots steal your ball. You just gonna has to take some of their things and sees if they like it. dook dookdook Sees that Thors been here alreads. Boy he is good at finding all te good looking girls. Left you a votes. Come visit when you get the chance.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

05/12/2008 07:48.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Welcome & Hello Nisa & Family!
DOOK! Hi! My name is PEANUT and I want to introduce myself and my roomie PRETZEL to you. We discovered this meeting place just a few weeks ago when we pounced onto our Dad's keyboard while he was asleep. We're having fun here and would love to meet other critters of all species. We come from a loving family that has had a variety of creatures both large and small but we are the first 2 ferrets in this home. Check out our descriptive profiles and pics and if you feel that we are cute and loveable enough, perhaps you could give us a vote. Over time, we will be adding new photos and updating our blog to share our lives with you. We'll be back here at least on a weekly basis while Dad's asleep. We look forward to meeting you and having you visit us! Thanks. {{{HUGz}}} Peanut & Pretzel (& Ken)

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/10/2008 11:46.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Nisa!
We wanted to pop by and welcome you to the channel. Stop by and visit sometime. Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/08/2008 09:44.44 PM Report This Comment  
love the motto and you are so right! you have a very cool and name and you are a cute critter! we left you your second vote come visit us sometime!

Come visit me, ~Josie~, ~Moose~, ~Bailey~ & ~Coraline~.

05/08/2008 04:57.49 PM Report This Comment  
Ohhhhhh my! Another beautiful girl! That is my favorite color! Wanna hang out with a really cool fert? I'm a big boy, I gots tatoos and I ride motorcycles! I could be the Fonzie of Ferrets! LOL Come and see me, Here's a vote for ya.Thor

Come visit me, Thor, Friends Forever My Bud Mingo.

05/08/2008 01:07.48 PM Report This Comment  
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