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Hi! My name is Peanut (P & P).

I am a Ferret from Henderson.

2 years old


"That sweet and docile white furball."

White & cream w/ charcoal gray guardhairs. Some may call me a "silver" or "dark-eyed white" gib. I have a lil' freckle on my pink nose.

In my large 6-level penthouse with 11 places to snooze, the balcony, the front entrance, at the park, and wherever I may escape to!

He loves me unconditionally and provides me with a great life and home. He sometimes speaks my language! I'm often provided with new adventures to enjoy. He pays good attention to my health and safety.

Exploring, eating, sleeping, swimming & bathing, playing with my roommate Pretzel & other creatures, and acting very sweet & silly. After relocating my toys, I often enjoy playing with them while laying on my back. I am quite a climber and tunneler. I also enjoy all humans and don't mind being held and cuddled. On occasion, I may enjoy climbing up inside your pant leg or shirt sleeve if I can squeeze my butt through.

I enjoy perching on shoulders, sleeping with my head hanging low, rearranging my furniture, licking wet skin, and fearlessly climbing great heights. I am obsessed and fixated on exploring a certain hole in a specific tree limb at a park nearby. I've been spotted pushing large heavy objects around in circles to others amazement.

A cross between Stuart Little and my owner I'm told. But I'm a lot cuter.

Smelly toiletries on people's forearms... I might let you know with a very gentle nip if you stink! And who keeps rearranging my toys?

I leave little pawprints in your heart. ~ DOB: 04/02/06 ~ Thanks to all that voted "Picture Perfect"!

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Critter Blog
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on winning critter of the day back on July 27th. So sorry I'm late! You're still pretty cute!

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

09/23/2015 10:41.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Peanut!
Congrats on earning COTD!

Come visit me, Bandit & Slink.

07/27/2015 05:36.09 AM Report This Comment  
  *Announcement from Peanut & Pretzel (P&P) and Dad:
Sadly, we both had crossed "rainbow bridge" and are terribly loved & missed by our Dad & friends who have permanent paw prints & sweet memories left in their hearts. We want to thank all the nice furballs & humans for their support, friendship, communication, and votes. Between us, we have won "Picture Perfect", "COTDs", costume contests, photo contests, and other awards but more importantly, have shared love & joy with others. Unfortunately, Dad had decided it was necessary some years ago to become relatively inactive on this site due to some ugly, immature, petty, weird, and mean-spirited bickering by some human individuals who need to grow up. Sometimes animals are a lot kinder than human beings. Best wishes to all the critters & humans in this journey called life...

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

12/12/2014 01:49.55 PM Report This Comment  
on winning critter of the day. Adorable!

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

11/24/2013 11:45.52 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Peanut
Love your Christmas picture! Congrats on COTD! You look great in the spotlight :) Left you a vote.
Rodolfo and Coul

Come visit me, Coul ~ In Loving Memory 7/14/15, Rodolfo ~ In Loving Memory 12/4/14, Bandit ~ In Loving Memory 5/22/15 & Jackson - In Loving Memory 12/23/14.

11/24/2013 03:40.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi There Peanut!!
Congrats on being COTD!!
I left you a vote!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

11/24/2013 03:34.15 PM Report This Comment  
For winning Critter of the Day, I am giving you this bonus vote to add 1 more vote to your winning score. Cheers.

William, San Francisco, CA.

11/24/2013 01:53.31 PM Report This Comment  
Congratulations Peanut on being honored with critter of the day! You are a cute one! I pawed you a vote, and have a fun day celebrating.

Come visit me, Vegas.

11/24/2013 01:29.47 PM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
  Hi Peanut
05/16/2010 08:12.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Peanut
11/09/2009 09:35.11 AM Report This Comment  
Hi, my name is Chocolate! I was just adopted yesterday and got my page up today. I was looking for some new friends and wondered if you'd be one? Write back when you can! ~Chocolate

T, Frozen Tundra, WI.

05/23/2009 04:43.51 PM Report This Comment  
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01/28/2009 11:18.25 AM  
The month of Dec. Ozzy # 72245 is running for COTM. So join him on his crazy train ried and vote daily for Ozzy a ferret whose favorite activities are playing in boxes and diving in his water dish. Won't you join us on this crazy train ride and vote for Ozzy #72245 for COTM.----Thanks COTM Pg.

Come visit me, Baby's Critter Tales & Angel Baby.

12/12/2008 08:31.37 AM Report This Comment  
I'm angel Baby. I haven't been on here for a while. I'm back on now and am looking for some friends. hope we can be friends. LOL Baby

Come visit me, Baby's Critter Tales & Angel Baby.

12/10/2008 09:12.48 AM Report This Comment  
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12/05/2008 12:34.20 PM  
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11/13/2008 12:00.00 AM  
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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hi my name is P-nut. I'm trying to be Critter of the Month So if you will you please vote for me for the month of august(which means if you can vote for me the rest of this month) I thank you in advance for voting. If you did not all ready know I'm a Black Bear Hamster from Sarnia Ontario. As you all know Smudge and I are from the same Mom and Dad. My age is 2 and a half months old. My Gender male. I hang out in my cool looking wood house. My Favorite Activity is going outside and eating grass and running on my Blue wheel. My Quirky Habit would have to be biting on my cage. If you would like more info Please come and talk to Smudge or I. Thank you and have a good day. This message is approved by P-nut. P.S. He needs all the votes he can get! He will be glad to return the favor & make new friends!

Come visit me, P-nut CROSSED THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, Smudge (Proud Mother) & Thumper.

10/25/2008 07:26.37 AM Report This Comment  
You have been tagged as one of my sweetest friends! Once you have been tagged, you have to tag 5 of your sweetest friends and let them know they are sweet! xooxooxoxoxoxoxo!! Fuzzy hugs!!

Come visit me, Jersey, Fidget, Ziva & Sookie.

10/02/2008 01:13.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Penut and Pretzel
It's been a very long time since we paid you a visit, so I wanted to stop by and say hello to you ever so cute fuzzies. I am very sorry to say that we had to have our beloved Pan put to sleep. She became very sick, and it was very hard and heartbreaking. We loves her very much. Come say hi soon.

Come visit me, Iorek Byrnison (Bear), Pikachu & Pantalaimon (Pan).

09/13/2008 04:51.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Howdy P&P
We havnts talked to ya in forevers! how have you been? hope your alright its been busy here! Thanks everyone who voted me (Smoochie) Critter of the day, and/or dropped by to say congrats! I'm really surprised, i'm happy to bec. now i'm gonna bounce around small animal channel overly happy today, and get a big feast for dinner! wells, i gotta goes, Thansk again everyone,I hope dumbolina doest feel sad shes the only one in the family who hasnt got it now! wells tlaks to ya later!my rattie happy dance scared away your bunny! ~smoochie~

Come visit me, smoochie, Dumbolina & Gleap ~*~WE miss you Tho Tho!~*~.

07/31/2008 08:28.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Bandit
I will jump on your bunny if you jump on mine in picture perfect this is stewart

Come visit me, MarioRIP 12-12-12, Samantha-6-24-15 I live at the brige now, Brandi,RIP our sweet little girl,you will be sadly, Ozzy, (IN Loving Memory) Cujo, Ralph, Jack, Ben, (IN Loving Memory) Bandit, Jake in loving memory & Stewart RIp 1/22/2012.

07/27/2008 03:46.23 PM Report This Comment  
Stopped by quick to give ya a vote! Hope to see you soon!!

Come visit me, Capt. Jack & Spikers.

07/25/2008 08:39.19 PM Report This Comment  
hey guys! just strolling in to say hi and hope the treats are falling!

Come visit me, Raven, Monkey (In Memory Of) & Tito.

07/19/2008 01:59.36 PM Report This Comment  
TAG YOUR IT. Got your bunny when he wasn't lookin. STAY SAFE AND COOL my friend.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/17/2008 09:10.23 AM Report This Comment  
Chased the bunny right off your page. YUPPERS I did. Stay safe and cool.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/13/2008 08:01.45 PM Report This Comment  
I was a fresh air ferret this mornings. After Moms took Uncle Brian to works she gots me and we went downstairs to do the laundrys. I explored and then ates and had a drinks, After she puts the clothes in the dryer Moms and me went out on the porch and sat on the gliders. OH WHAT FUNS. It was nice and cool with a nice breezes that brought me so many nice smells, Loves the breeze in me face and furs. Watched the cars and peoples go bys,laid in me Moms arms and I was so happys I was given her all kinds of kisses. We came in and boy did I do the war dance all overs the downstairs and she chased me all overs. Oh what funs. She has to waits for the clothes to gets dried but me is gonna go upstairs and takes a nice LONG naps and dreams of what I can gets into next when I gets up. Dook Dook Dook it fun being 5 years old. Have a great days.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/11/2008 08:04.06 AM Report This Comment  
  What a week it has been!
WOW! Have we been busy. First we bunnies apologize for not being on for so long. But things have been crazy! First, mom was on a LONG weekend up north for the 4th so she didnt get home to VERY late Sunday night. Then she couldn't find any time for us to get on becuase guess what? Fair week is next week! she has been sooooo busy finishing her project and rabbit hopping Moose so he does great in the competition that there was no time to get on. Monday is the day when Moose competes so mom is doing her best to make sure he is ready which means lots of practice! Again, sorry about the disapearance we will be on a lot more once fair is over. Hope everyone had an awesome 4th! Your bunny friends, Josie, Moose, and Bailey.

Come visit me, ~Josie~, ~Moose~, ~Bailey~ & ~Coraline~.

07/10/2008 06:23.47 PM Report This Comment  
Mamas home. The train she was on was delayed big time. Another in front of it on the same track got derailed and she was stuck in Portland OR. We are tired so this blogs gotta be short. So Sorry. Left you a vote, love Charlotte and Grace

Come visit me, *Angel Charlotte ~ Blessed 2009 *.

07/09/2008 12:03.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Passin Thru!
07/08/2008 05:30.00 PM Report This Comment  
  hey p&p
thanks for the holiday wishes. You are right, we don't celebrate it here cause we have Australia day in January. But how was your 4th July? Did you 2 get up to any adventures? Hope you weren't scared of the fireworks?
DOOKS! and a vote. Fangs

Come visit me, Fangs - Miss you bad boy Thor.

07/08/2008 12:15.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi P& P
Sorry wez not been by guy are really cutes.we been votin in the do you know who wons?Rue

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

07/07/2008 10:39.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the cards
Thanks you for the Birthdays cards It was so funny. I is so tired from all th companies this weekends, and the foods and peroni that all me wants to do is sleeps. Later and has a greats day.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/07/2008 08:52.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Peanut & Pretzel!
Today Milla's taking it easy after all the excitement Buxi and the girls caused this weekend! She decided she needed to relax by the pool and do some sunbathing! hehehe! Come take a look on Buxi's and the girls' page!!! Milla said she would like to see them try to take a dip in the pool!!!! hehehehe! Here's fuzzy hugs and a vote just for you!


07/06/2008 03:23.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi P & P
Thanks for stopping by. Hope your holiday was a good one. Leavin you both a vote.

Come visit me, Hamlet (born 11/07)..(RIP), Baby (RIP), Pepe (born 1/13/08), Speckles (1/08) & Bella.

07/06/2008 08:33.26 AM Report This Comment  
07/05/2008 11:44.43 PM Report This Comment  
Hope you're havings a good weekend too! Mommy bought us a new food dish for when our new Ferret Nation cage comes! She said our old one was too lights and she was a scared that we would tip it overs. Bah. Well... We might ^^<3

Come visit me, Ada - D.I.P., Casper, Oliver - "Ollie", Isabella - "Izzie" Rest in Peace Princess, Riley and Jet, Eleanore - "Ellie", Toby, Charles - 'Charlie', Dexter & Penelope - "Penny".

07/05/2008 12:06.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Peanut & Pretzel!
Did you hear all the snapping, popping, booming and yelling last night? WOWEEEEE! It was something to see and hear!! Milla got scared cause she's never seen anything like it before!! Milla said: "I looked at the alien fuzzy thingys and they never even made a twitch"!!! "I know they had somethin' to do with it"! "Everythin' and everybody was all excited lookin' up in the sky and then KAAABOOOOOOM"! "There was all kinds of explosions and lights flashin' everywhere"! Milla thinks all of us ferrets did it! hehehehe! She said: "It's got to be a alien invasion"!! "That's why I ran and hid cause I know what's happenin'"! "They can't fool me anymore"! "I know their language and their weasel war dancin' moves now"!! Milla said: "OMG"! "I HAVE TO WARN EVERYBODY THEY'RE COMIN'"!!! "BARK"! "BARK"! "BARK"! "BARK....... UH OHHHH"! "Here's comes mom with that darn barky collar"! "BARK"! "squeak"! "BARK"! "squeak"! "BARK"! "squeak"! Well guess what? It wasn't working! heheheee! She said: "I KNOW"! "I'm gettin' my hedgehoggy toy from under mom's X-Files collection"! "SQUEAK"! "SQUEAK"! "SQUEAK"! UH OHHH! Here comes mom again! Milla said: ""NO MOM! "PLEASE"! "NOT MY HEDGEHOGGY TOY"! "I'LL BE GOOD, I PROMISE"!! We can just see the little gears going around in her head! Milla's on a mission now!! hehehee! Here's fuzzy hugs and a vote just for you!!


07/05/2008 10:01.37 AM Report This Comment  
HI GUYS hasn't heards form you in ssooo longs. Hopes all is OK ?? Been rying to find outs who won then contests but no way has I been able to find anythings out. Hope you and your Dads been stayin cool and safe. Have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY and be safe. Loved the cards you Dad sent me MOMS. Realy neats. Don't forgets the party be Sat nights at my place startin at 9 EST. Later say hi to all .

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/03/2008 06:18.31 PM Report This Comment  
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