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Active within 2295 Days

Hi! My name is Tazman.

I am a Ferret from WAYNESBORO.

12 years old


tazo, taz, lump head-I have a salivary gland tumor

Chocolate sable with a bib

with my brothers and sisters-in our playroom

My mommy saved me about 6 years ago from a lady who starved and beat me. I had a broken tail and a broken heart. But, when my mommy rescued me she had to tube feed me for months to regain my strength and weight. Plus I gained 5 other siblings-3 sisters and 2 brothers. My mommy made sure I stayed in her home despite the fact she works apart of a ferret rescue (Richmond Ferret Rescue League, However, she calls me her miracle furball because she was worried I wouldn't make it. But, I surprised her and my dad, I am 12 years old now and in charge.

snuggling with my mommy and sleeping on her chest

I like to throw out some of the misshaped kibble in my bowl-and I get the first choice of treats

Abraham Lincoln

I do not like it when My brothers and sisters pick on each other so I step up to the plate and sort things out. I also don't like toes-they remind me of my past.

Live, Learn and Love

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Father Natures Ferret Rescue
Here's a vote for you now could you help and vote for my favorite ferret rescue? There is a ferret shelter I know of that is very deserving of some much needed help and right now they're entered to win up to 25,000 dollars that could help sick ferrets. Father Nature's Ferret Rescue has just recently taken out a loan to remodel their downstairs in order to aid their fuzzy friends even better. Just go to The Animal Rescue Site, click the purple 'Click Here to Give - It's Free' button, then wait for the small 'Vote Now' button to appear at the top of the page and click that. Then search for Father Natures Ferret Rescue, Wood Ridge, NJ 7075 and vote! They will then show you a picture of an animal that you will have to type in to confirm your vote. You can vote every day so be sure to check back! Thanks! <3

Come visit me, Ada - D.I.P., Casper, Oliver - "Ollie", Isabella - "Izzie" Rest in Peace Princess, Riley and Jet, Eleanore - "Ellie", Toby, Charles - 'Charlie', Dexter & Penelope - "Penny".

10/05/2008 09:20.19 AM Report This Comment  
Sorries for the shameless plug but please vote for my sister, Isabella for Critter of the Day. I got it a while ago so now I think it’s her turn. Thanks sooooooo much and here's a vote for you and your siblings too! DOOK!

Come visit me, Ada - D.I.P., Casper, Oliver - "Ollie", Isabella - "Izzie" Rest in Peace Princess, Riley and Jet, Eleanore - "Ellie", Toby, Charles - 'Charlie', Dexter & Penelope - "Penny".

06/22/2008 01:55.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Ho-ho-ho, Bottle Brush Tails!
"Every day should be like Christmas... filled with love and a special kind of magic!" Dad, Peanut & Pretzel were so pleased & proud to discover that Peanut won the "Picture Perfect" contest! We're jazzed & gonna celebrate! Thanks to all of our good friends. We appreciate everyone's support and their votes for Peanut. Dook!!! (Vote for ya.) Happy adventures... ~ Peanut & Pretzel (P & P)

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

06/03/2008 07:54.05 PM Report This Comment  
Sorry it's been awhile. Mommy's been busy with work lately and school functions with her hooman kids so we haven't been able to talk lately. We've still had a lot of fun though. Mom took us to the cutest pet contest at PetSmart on Saturday, we're waiting to see who they pick as the winner. While we were there we got to play in the ferret stoller. It was lots of fun, our hooman sister pushed us around and we could look at all those big furry things Mom said were dogs without them being able to touch us. Mom's also been busy getting things together for our ferret show. Who would have known there was so much she had to do just so someone could tell us we're pretty? There's a lot of protocol we have to follow just to make sure that no sick ferrets get inside. Mom said something about sending our saliva to be tested? Daddy just laughed and asked her if she's going to have enough time to get everything done. Well now I'm worn out gotta go to my hidey hole and take a nap. p.s. we left you a vote with our note!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/21/2008 07:27.47 PM Report This Comment  
That's what Dad said when he stuck his head in our penthouse yesterday. He's usually good at keeping it spic n' span but we decided that the potty pan was too messy & found a couple new corners. Dad was not pleased. He'll probably play the game again of placing food in those corners to discourage us! We'll see. And when the pan's real fresh, Pretzel sometimes thinks it's a new digging spot or comfy bedding. It's fun to watch Dad's reactions. We did make it out yesterday in the 'hood which was quite fun until the sprinklers came on & Dad took us home. What's a little water? Yes, Peanut did manage to crawl up Dad's pant leg again until he got past his sock which was not well tolerated. We heard that Dad's sis will be in town soon so that means we're gonna get that full "salon treatment" & our furniture washed. Don't know why, we LIKE the smell. The bath & swimming sure is fun but drying off is another story. And the "ear & nail thing", eww! Hope you're having a great week. Dook! Thanks for visiting us & for your votes. Always appreciated. Happy adventures... Your buds, ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/16/2008 02:51.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Just stopping by to say hi!
We just wanted to drop by and say hi. How have things been going? Life is good here. Mommy's been busy with work, she had to go out of town this week so she hasn't let us play too much on here. She did get us a new cage in the mail though. Mommy thinks that we need a bigger cage now that there are two of us here. From the picture this cage looks cool it got four layers, tubes, a slide and a new hammy. Mommy said she's not sure though if it's what she wants, she is so particular. Now she may want to just buy the extension for the cage we already have, who knows? Honestly, we'd rather be out of the cage anyways running and playing through the house. Freedom is so much fun! We haven't been able to dig holes in the yard lately though because it just keeps raining here. Daddy's planning another photo shoot so we should have new pictures up soon. Mommy told him that Pumpkin is growing so fast that we need to do photo sessions very often, just like human babies. Stop by and visit us soon, we look forward to hearing from you! We left you a vote with our note!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/15/2008 09:37.31 PM Report This Comment  
I can't believe you are 10 years old! What does your mom do to keep you in such good health! Did she find the fountain of youth!?!? :o)

Come visit me, Curious, Phoebe, Moose, Trouble, Cassy, Terror & Rascal.

05/11/2008 09:57.11 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for visiting us. We haven't forgotten you! Our Dad's been very busy this past week dealing with fun social activities and volunteer work, as well as dealing with stressful personal events. He looks a tad pooped out. We do cheer him up though whenever we can. He hasn't been home as much lately so we have been sleeping more than usual and finding new ways to entertain ourselves in our 6-level penthouse. We've discovered that it's quite fun to dig holes through our large suspended orange crinkle tube and to squeeze our butts through between the layers of fuzz & plastic! Dad chuckles when we intermittently poke our heads in & out through our newly created tunnel holes. He says it reminds him of the arcade game where you have to rapidly hit the fake gophers on the head with a hammer in rapid succession. Yikes, sounds frightening! It's the only "furniture" in our house that isn't "machine washable" & falls apart rather quickly but Dad says he will still replace it since we get such a kick out of it. We don't understand why he has to even wash our furniture! We're perfectly happy the way it smells & looks. Guess he's picky. Instead of going to the park this week, Dad & his friend took us out the other day to play in the local "hood". He put on our harnesses and allowed us off-leash while being "supervised". He took turns with his friend watching us individually while we ran across lawns, dug holes, hid behind bushes, climbed branches, and attempted to explore every nook & cranny. Ahhh... sights, sounds & scents! We love our adventures & excitedly displayed our frizzed-out bottle brush tails. Pretzel's harness had a little bell attached to it but Peanut's didn't. Twice, while Dad's friend was distracted by a neighbor for just a few seconds, Peanut took off like a "bat outa hell" and disappeared! Dad panicked & frantically ran around until he found him. We were quite amused watching him run back & forth and don't know what all the fuss was about! Dad said he needed to attach a bell for Peanut's harness as well. We also had the opportunity to meet some new fun & furry neighbors who looked and smelled quite odd to us. We wanted to play with them but Dad pointed out their very large teeth and said that we needed to get to know them better first! Well finally, Dad left his computer unlocked & took a shower so we took this opportunity to visit you and hope that you and your family had a great week and are enjoying your weekend. Keep in touch & come visit us anytime. P.S. We appreciate any votes and may be entering some of the contests here soon! And oh, did you find any shows near us? {{{HUGz}}} ~ Your fuzzbutt friends, Peanut & Pretzel

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

05/10/2008 06:16.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz!
Dad says that the D80 has more mexapixals than the D50. He says that's good if you plan to crop a picture and want to be able to blow it up big. He says it pretty much a preference on which one you want. I hope that helps. Mom's the one helping me type this and she says she doesn't really know much about cameras herself. She just likes to point and shoot. Have a great night! We left you another vote buddy!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

05/01/2008 09:33.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from MINGO!
Hi Tazman, I have been busy this morning! I started waking my Mom up around 6AM, My Dad slept through it :). Then I got fed, My Mom's a pretty good cook! The terrorizing began. My Mom is getting ready for work, and I'm under her feet being all cute and playful, then I leave where she is, and I climb up on the Dining room table (my newest trick, which isn't easy, but somehow I did it!) where there were some flowers with water in a vase...yep! I knocked the vase over and all you could hear was water pouring off the table onto the floor. Here comes my Mom, cleaning up the beautiful mess I just made and she told me that I was a mess, but she couldn't be too mad at me cause I was just doing what ferrets do. (She must be in a good mood this AM). So the flowers aren't on the table any longer.... so on to other things. Then, My Mom was upstairs getting ready again, and she heard another commotion, and I had knocked an ashtray with 1 butt and ashes off the coffee table And onto the carpet.(my Dad isn't supposed to leave ashtrays laying about cause I get into them, and Mom is a neat freak). My Mom cleaned up the mess and said that she was gonna be late for work cause of all my escapades, and I did the weasel war dance to her. Whew, I'm tired, time for a little nap in Mom's dresser. Here's a vote for you, and talk later! Your Fuzzy Ferret Friend, MINGO!

Come visit me, MINGO.

05/01/2008 11:09.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Friends!
Mom is trying to get Dad to take more pictures of us, we don't mind him forgeting! Our Dad uses a Nikon D50 camera when he takes pictures. Dad's pictures always come out better than Mom's but he's working at going pro. Mom tried to take party hat pictures today but, we told her maybe later! We stopping by and leaving you all votes!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/29/2008 06:39.49 PM Report This Comment  
  wuts up
hey ur so cute!!!

Come visit me, Gus Gus & Lulu.

04/28/2008 11:18.03 PM Report This Comment  
Hello Taz & Family. Thanks for visiting. I thought it was a crack up that your Mom had to smell Bacardi & Honey to differentiate the two. How funny! We would like to attend one of these shows someday. It sounds like it would be interesting and fun, and maybe even a little strange. I imagine that there would be a fairly diverse group of parents and their critters, some very nice, and some who maybe are even neurotic, competitive and snobby about their children! The most similar type of events I have attended were dog shows many years ago when I used to show 1 of my dogs in obedience trials & AKC breed shows. I wish there were more ferret shows available in more cities more frequently. I don't believe there are any nearby Henderson/Las Vegas where we moved to not long ago. What type of "fun classes" appear in these shows? Many of our "kids" were/are not "pure-bred" or "show stock" and several were rescued or adopted. But they are "perfect" in their own way. We did a quick search & peek about the "Celtic Event" & "ferret legging". This cultural event sounds interesting and the "legging" sounds bizarre & funny. Not sure our Dad wants to try that! Have a great week & thanks for writing. Dad's waking up. P.S. Hope all your sibs are doing well. {{{HUGz}}} Peanut & Pretzel

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/28/2008 07:20.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Have a Dookin' Monday!
Hi there Taz!

Yesterday, My Hoomans had company, and I had fun listening to them talk, but I did have a lot of feet to maneuver through! I only weigh 2.5 lbs! They all looked at me and oohed and ahhhed and thought I was cute! One lady thought I looked like a rat, and another said I didn't stink at all! Man, sometimes we ferrets get a bad reputation! Hope you are having a dookin' great day! Here's another vote for ya!
Your Fuzzy Ferret Friend, Mingo!

Come visit me, MINGO.

04/28/2008 07:55.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz & Family!
Thanks for visiting. Wow, sounds like you guys have had quite an interesting variety of costumes at shows. Despite our sizeable wardrobe, Dad has only dressed us up 3 times: for Halloween, Winter holidays, and recently at our B'day party at the local pet store. Though we would like to, Dad hasn't yet brought us to any "shows". We've only been here in this home in this city for less than 2 years. Hopefully, Dad will be taking us to the park again soon before it gets too hot. We'll have to celebrate when you turn 11! We hope all your sibs are doing well. {{{HUGz}}} P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/27/2008 04:14.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Fruit 'n Kibble!
Wow, what a concoction. Sounds tasty. Dad wants to nibble on some himself! He gives us treats but is concerned that since we are obligate carnivores & hypercarnivores, to pretty much avoid fruits, vegetables, starches, sugars & fiber. He appreciates your offer. Dad happens to work with creatures too in healthcare management (emergency / trauma) but of the human kind and is a licensed healthcare professional. Dad should probably be better with his own diet sometimes! You and your sibs are lucky to have such a loving home like ours. ~ Peanut & Pretzel

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/27/2008 01:31.33 AM Report This Comment  
  The Simpsons!
That's great! Do you have pics to share? Which one of you was Homer? I can't tell from your blog entry. ~ P & P

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/27/2008 12:54.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you Tazman
Thank you for your votes and support! I was so excited to receive my COTD! Wow! I just joined up too!

Come visit me, .

04/26/2008 08:15.38 PM Report This Comment  
You're so cute. I can't believe someone could mistreat you. My mom and I are always excited to find a ferret who's older since she wants me to live to 30! I'm glad that you have a great life now.

Come visit me, Jasper.

04/26/2008 07:21.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz!
You are lucky like us to be in such a loving home. Wow...Ten years old! I hope you and your siblings are all doing well and are recovering from your illnesses. When's your B'day? We'll have to celebrate! Ours are this month. Dad dragged us to the local pet store this week and dressed us up in embarassingly silly outfits with hats for their B'day contest. We came 1st place and Dad was proud of us. We don't know what all the fuss is about but we are certainly enjoying our new treats and toys! We were quite well behaved this time but Dad would'nt let us play with some of the very large critters romping about. One of us had an "accident" when we couldn't find our corner in time and others followed suit! After all the excitement we slept all the way home. Dad will post a few new pics today if you wish to visit us. Dook! We think that it's cute that you pick out your mishaped "crispies". We eat ALL of ours, mishaped or not. Here's a vote for you. We will be visiting your whole family today. {{{HUGz}}} ~ Peanut & Pretzel

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/24/2008 03:39.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz!
We just wanted to drop by and say hello and leave you a vote. Hope all is well with you and your family!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/23/2008 06:02.53 PM Report This Comment  
  The Valley?
Hi, do you live in Waynesboro, Virginia?! We live in Harrisonburg!

Come visit me, Pockhit Calypso, Madges Clover (I Miss You!) & Oliver Gray.

04/21/2008 05:18.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks Again Taz & Family!
Thanks for visiting and your congrats. We are both quite jazzed and honored to be voted "Critter of the Day" back to back and are having quite a weasel war dance. Dad will need to post some new pics soon. My, what a big family you have and a handsome one at that! Here's a vote. Drop by any time. ~ Peanut & Pretzel

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/20/2008 10:14.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks Tazman & Family!
Thanks for visiting and the congrats. I am quite jazzed and honored to be "Critter of the Day". Pretzel and I are celebrating. It has been a great B'day month so far for the both of us! Here's a vote for you too. Drop by any time. ~ Peanut

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/19/2008 06:38.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Welcome back Tazman!
Glad to hear all is well with you. Yea it's hard to type without Mom's help, I definately understand your absence. Here's another vote!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/18/2008 03:00.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Tazman & family!
DOOK! Hi! My name is PEANUT and I want to introduce myself and my roomie PRETZEL to you. We discovered this meeting place just a couple days ago when we pounced onto our Dad's keyboard while he was asleep. We're new here and would love to meet other critters of all species. We come from a loving family that has had a variety of creatures both large and small but we are the first 2 ferrets in this home. Check out our descriptive profiles and pics and if you feel that we are cute and loveable enough, perhaps you could give us a vote. Over time, we will be adding new photos to share our lives with you. We'll be back here at least on a weekly basis while Dad's asleep. We look forward to meeting you and having you visit us! Thanks. {{{HUGz}}} Peanut, Pretzel & Ken

Come visit me, Peanut (P & P) & Pretzel (P & P).

04/17/2008 10:05.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Where have you been?
Long time no talk Tazman! We left you a vote buddy!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/17/2008 09:45.45 PM Report This Comment  
  New Pictures
Hi Taz! Come check out the new pictures my Dad added today. My mom is always making him take pictures because she thinks we are so photogenic, lol! Here's a vote for you buddy! ~~U-Turn & Pumpkin

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/13/2008 06:44.31 PM Report This Comment  
I am honored by the Privilege of being today's critter of the day!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/12/2008 02:30.28 PM Report This Comment  
I am honored by the Privilege of being today's critter of the day, I bet my sister's jealous! Feel free to visit anytime.

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/12/2008 02:29.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Tazman
Hope all is well with you, you are still one of my favorite ferrets here!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/10/2008 06:08.41 PM Report This Comment  
  i like your name!

Come visit me, ~Josie~, ~Moose~, ~Bailey~ & ~Coraline~.

04/08/2008 02:35.50 PM Report This Comment  
Just like the saying "Life is Good" now! He does still have some medical issues such as a Salivary Gland Tumor and Hepatic Lipidosis which is Fatty Liver Disease from the starvation. But, he is still going strong and LOVES to sleep in most of the time. But if he could talk I am sure he is greatful and appreciative for the things that my husband and I have done. He weights up to 3.5 lbs which is great because when he was rescued he only was .5 lbs. We love the little guy and I am sure he loves us too!

Come visit me, Tazman, Cortana, Honey, Vassili, Houdini, Mushu & Phoenix.

04/07/2008 04:54.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Wow Miracle Ferret
Hello and welcome to small animal channel! Ten years young ~ you are definately a miracle ferret, especially after such a horrible start to life! I hope my babies will be with me as long as you've been with your mommy! Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, Earl, Pumpkin & U-Turn.

04/05/2008 06:18.29 PM Report This Comment  
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