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Roborovski Hamster from Richmond, VA, VA

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Hi! My name is The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

I am a Roborovski Hamster from Richmond, VA.

2 years old


In our little fuschia castle, running on our wheels, burrowing in the bedding & scurrying around inside our critter trail tubes.

When they hand feed us sunflower seeds!!

Watching my "Mom" type at the computer.

Sometimes we like to sit under our water bottle and let it drip down our back for a little bath :)

Blossom: Drew Barrymore; Bubbles: Uma Therman; Buttercup: Scarlet Johannson.

Having our house cleaned, being woke up when we're sleeping

Robopuffs Rule!!!

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  hi guys!
here is a vote!

Come visit me, Puffball.

06/13/2015 10:45.07 PM Report This Comment  
on winning critter of the day. Adorable.

Leaving a vote.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

04/10/2014 11:51.30 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Bunny.

04/10/2014 03:49.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi There Girls!!
Congrats on being COTD!!
I left you a vote!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

04/10/2014 03:27.04 PM Report This Comment  
  can I have you help
hey i have the same hamsters to thier names are chese and crackers they are so cute and cuddle hamsters but i need you help on somthing I put a pic of my dads gas tank how do I get it off and change the pic to cheese

PLEASE......................... HELP ME

Come visit me, cheese.

12/03/2013 04:34.13 AM Report This Comment  
  So cute! have 2 just like them! Personally, I dont think robo's get enough credit!

Come visit me, Delilah.

08/25/2012 08:25.34 AM Report This Comment  
your hamsters are soo cute!

Come visit me, buddy & baby boy.

07/30/2012 03:34.08 PM Report This Comment  
  how cute!!!!!
Your pet names are soo cute..I voted for You

Come visit me, Glimmer N Clove, Harley & Rue.

05/30/2012 06:48.49 PM Report This Comment  
09/10/2011 09:15.23 AM Report This Comment  
  I'm running for COTM
Vote for Lilly!

Come visit me, "The Cheeks" aka-Alvin & ~Angel*Lilly~.

05/11/2011 06:08.16 AM Report This Comment  
  I'm running for COTM
Vote for Lilly!

Come visit me, "The Cheeks" aka-Alvin & ~Angel*Lilly~.

05/11/2011 06:08.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Love Them!!!!!!!!! How did you get the background? please go to Ebenezer's page and tell me. Thanks!!!

Come visit me, Timothy, SnowBall, Ebenezer, Jasmine, Budercup'n friends & Dusty.

03/30/2011 07:18.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Please vote Penny 160161 the ferret COTD (Critter of the day) October 9th 2010. Her pic shows her while getting washed. Penny is a cute ferret with a big dream. to win cotm, but before she can dot that of course, she needs to win cotd. we are on a mission to help her achieve that goal, and YOU can help! Penny and her family are havin a hard time Penny's sister Mika is new ta the family and had an infection at the Petland store where she was purchased.She is better now. Penny has wonted COTD & COTM for 2 & 1/2 years. please vote often daily if possible for her. Here's a link ta her page

http://www. smallanimalchannel. com/blog/ViewBio. aspx?apid=160161

J- - - - ust click on the rabbit with the word *VOTE* on it to vote for her. Please tell your friends if ya can.

Her mom went into a pet store to get food for her pets and went to look at the ferrets she had rescued Kuda Penny's sister from the same store. When she looked in the cage there was NO BEDDING exepet for a FILTHY TATTERD hammock the same UNWASHED RAG of a hammock which had been there THREE YEARS ago,there was only A CUPLE CRUMS left for SEVEN ferrets,and NO WATER at all exepet a bottle JUST OUT OF REACH for the kits the pan looked like it hadn't been cleaned in DAYS to A WEEK, and WORST there was a ferret who's leg was all swollen up and filthy the mom told the worker to give the ferrets a bath and that they would take her to the vet, the mom loved this baby girl so much and wanted to buy her, but the worker told her that since she was sick they would not sell her the ferret, the mom said that she wanted the girl because of her condition, and said she would evan pay her vet bill if they would sell her the kit, the worker said to check back later. so she did 3 days later the ferrets were STILL FILTHY and NOTHING HAD CHANGED the kit was getting WORSE, those workers HAD NOT helped her.
WEEKS went by and NO change then 1 week they took her to the vet and she had surgery, soon she was better and ready to be taken home the mom loved that kit so much but when she came to the pet store...... THEY HAD GIVEN HER TO A WORKER WHO HAD NOT DONE A THING TO HELP HER WHILE SHE WAS SICK AND NEEDED HELP! ONE OF THE WORKERS WHO HAD FORGOTTEN HER FOOD AND WATER. A WORKER WHO DID NOT TRULY LOVE ANIMALS! AS THE MOM DID!
This sad story is VERY sad but true. Penny hasn't logged in since. She is so sad that this INDESCRIBABLE kit did not get the home she deserved that she hasn't felt like going on SAC. Please Believe.Please go to her page, and leave her a vote on October 9th 2010, and help cheer her up.
I Know she will login when she is COTD.

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

10/05/2010 11:41.24 AM Report This Comment  
  left a vote please vote for me

lilly6flower, anderson, SC.

09/28/2010 02:24.16 PM Report This Comment  
09/06/2010 03:13.21 PM Report This Comment  
  hi i'm new and i want more votes please help :)

PS left u a vote

Come visit me, Chester, Daisy & Dusty.

08/14/2010 12:51.40 PM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
  Such Cuties!!
Cute little Robos. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Prudence, Meadow, Priscilla - In Loving Memory & Brewster.

07/30/2010 06:53.43 PM Report This Comment  
  you have some cute puffs in your family!

Come visit me, gruffy, bunnerfred bunbun & cookie.

07/28/2010 04:42.32 PM Report This Comment  
  hey you gals are so cute
i left you avote
come by and see me soon

Come visit me, gruffy, bunnerfred bunbun & cookie.

07/28/2010 04:41.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, i'm sam. Your pet is VERY cute! I am a Satin hamster from sarasota FL.
I am trying to run for COTD but before you decide let me tell you more about myself.
I am a girl, my name is short for Samantha
There IS a difference between a Satin and a Teddy Bear hamster, the difference is teddy bears have LONG straight fur and us Satins have long POOFY fur, and I feel very plush and snuggly! Sort of like a snuggie.
Back to the point, My mommy loves to Spoil me rotten!
but, hamsters arent allowed sweets so the best way she can spoil me is to get me COTD or even better COTM!
I would REALLY appreciate it, and i PROMISE to vote for anyone who votes for me!
Oh, and please leave a vote on my ***Sam***Plz Leave A Vote*** page, so my mommy makes sure she got me COTD! Thank you so very much, I hope this has not been to long of a lecture.
Shazam! Sam the Great

Come visit me, **Sunny** rest in peace i miss you!, Dunkin **one of friskys babies** R.i.p baby boy, PJ ** one of friskys babies ** R.i.p Dude, Thumper, *~Frisky~* In Loving Memory, *** FAN CLUB FOR THE ROCKIN SAM ***, HAMSTER BALL DERBY PAGE!!!!, Bling bling **one of friskys babies**r.i.p buddy, DJ one of Friskys Babies **In loving memorie**, ****Lily In loving memory ****, *~Daisy~* **one of friskys babies** r.i.p bud, ***Sam***Rip baby!***, The Critternators! Baseball Team! & *~Sandy~* one of friskys babies *R.i.p*.

03/27/2010 06:16.28 PM Report This Comment  
03/13/2010 03:09.27 PM Report This Comment  
I left you a vote because the robo puff girls are adorable!! I hope you come visit me!

Come visit me, Clover.

02/20/2010 08:08.24 AM Report This Comment  
I am jealous! You guys live in a MANSION!! Voted for you!

-Remi, come vote for me!


Come visit me, Humphrey (Rest In Peace) ♥ LittleBear190871 & Tobi 161148.

01/22/2010 11:35.05 AM Report This Comment  
  WOW you guys live in a mantion that hammy cage is HUGE. left ya a vote

~Angel Rose Petals~

Come visit me, † Angel Rose Petals † & Victoria Aster.

12/11/2009 10:38.04 AM Report This Comment  
  11/17/2009 06:02.39 PM Report This Comment  
I've been doing well..
This morning it was 45 degrees!
Today mama is helping me get
some friends, so stop by and leave
a note!
Tomorrow is mama's sister's 15
birthday so mama doesn't have to
have school! That's because mama is
homeschool by her mama :)
heres a vote
stop by soon

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

11/16/2009 11:23.31 AM Report This Comment  
11/09/2009 10:38.56 AM Report This Comment  
  hello sence you ben on here a lot do you know who "M, E,and CA." is?

Thunderclan, Bangor, ME.

11/01/2009 08:31.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Aw! you guys are sooooo cute!
hey! sorry to hear about buttercup, you guys are so awesome!

Come visit me, **Sunny** rest in peace i miss you!, Dunkin **one of friskys babies** R.i.p baby boy, PJ ** one of friskys babies ** R.i.p Dude, Thumper, *~Frisky~* In Loving Memory, *** FAN CLUB FOR THE ROCKIN SAM ***, HAMSTER BALL DERBY PAGE!!!!, Bling bling **one of friskys babies**r.i.p buddy, DJ one of Friskys Babies **In loving memorie**, ****Lily In loving memory ****, *~Daisy~* **one of friskys babies** r.i.p bud, ***Sam***Rip baby!***, The Critternators! Baseball Team! & *~Sandy~* one of friskys babies *R.i.p*.

10/06/2009 05:58.02 PM Report This Comment  
  So Sorry
Very sorry to hear about Buttercup.

Come visit me, Buri.

08/31/2009 09:17.08 PM Report This Comment  
  R.I.P. Buttercup RoboPuff
Somewhere in the early morning of August 24th Buttercup passed peacefully into the realm of infinity. She was almost 2 and a venerable and wise RoboPuff. Her sinister and sly contributions to the successful domination of the world by the RoboPuffs will be missed. (Yes, we do dominate the world. Did you not notice? Exactly! Our plan has worked to perfection! Heeheehee!!!)
Buttercup was laid to rest at the foot of a great oak in the woods where the wild creatures will endlessly entertain her and do her every bidding. Rest well Buttercup!!! Party on in Buttercup's memory, dudes!!!

Come visit me, The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

08/30/2009 04:49.43 PM Report This Comment  
Hi! We love sunflower seeds too! Here's a vote!

Come visit me, Zoom & Peanut.

08/05/2009 07:14.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Avatar Costume Contest
Check out the Avatar Shop for Camp Critter items and some free accessories to make a costume. Bend and transform and create something fantastic! Enter the costume contest before camp ends!

Come visit me, Buri.

08/04/2009 10:18.31 PM Report This Comment  
Camp Critter totem obtained and deployed. Awaiting activity. Party on Dudes!!!

Come visit me, The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

07/17/2009 05:34.08 PM Report This Comment  
Go get the wood from your avatar shop. It's free! You don't want to miss the transformation :-)

Come visit me, Buri.

07/16/2009 11:33.08 PM Report This Comment  
  please vote
My name is Snickers, and I'm going for Critter of the Day!! Please vote for me on July 16th!! This is very important to me and my owner!
I hope we become quick friends!!
My birthday is August 4th, I will be turning 1 year old! Please help me celebrate that in a few weeks!! Special Thanks to my pals CoCo,Gus,RosePetals, and Sparky! I enjoy the company, thanks every one! I voted!! xooxoxox

- Snickers

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

07/15/2009 01:18.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Whittling Fun
Aren't you going to get the wood from Camp Critter and put it in your park? It will transform every week!

Come visit me, Buri.

07/13/2009 12:03.00 PM Report This Comment  
  The Edge
Of course it is! The light bulbs are burned out on this one though, so we need to replace them. Wire all funds directly into our account if you wish to donate to the cause. Party on dudes !!!

Come visit me, The RoboPuff Girls³: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup.

06/21/2009 08:33.34 AM Report This Comment  
So, is that pink circle a portal to the City On The Edge Of Forever?

Come visit me, Buri.

06/06/2009 11:03.29 AM Report This Comment  
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