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Ferret from Kittrell, NC

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Hi! My name is Shadow.

I am a Ferret from Kittrell.

1 year old


Wolfin,when I attack my food and anything near it!

With my three sisters.

She saved me from the mall petshop where they didn't know nuttin about me!

I love to eat bunny !

I now weigh 1 lb 4oz.I'm also eating hamburger,turke- y burger,and raw rabbit.

Mystic ferret my new sister in-law, of The Jem Castle Ferrets! B-day 7-4-2011

Uneducated Hoomans! about ferrets

Eat more beef!

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  Hi Shadow!
Dook dook dook dookity dook dook! loves, Chevy

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

01/04/2014 03:47.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Shadow!
It's been forever... we're so sorry! We've had quite the year.. persay. Unsure if you've saw or if i've said elsewhere, but our big boy Hagrid passed away in december.. Mom didn't com on SAC for a while. It sometimes hurts too much to see our passed friends on here.. But it's good for their memory. How have you been? You can't possibly still be a year old ;)

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

10/28/2013 05:27.59 PM Report This Comment  
Hey friends, we just hit CC and DC, so on the SAC! Its Snowing here, so mom is home and chilling with all of us. Sow and May 3rd! Believe it or not.

Come visit me, Beloved Angel Max, Angel Anya COTD 2/10/14 THANK YOU ALL!, Angel Abby-- goodby our sweet girl! & Angel Starfire-- went to join Abby.

05/03/2013 11:48.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi wee one
I am so pleased to meet u. Yep it was sooo nice for your buddy to be able to be here. There r a few here and they get be wif de ferrets. They be good to all. Heavens BBGirl has a Dragon Buddy named Gold Heart. They has lots of funs to gever. I talk to u later sweet wee girl. Dookity dooks.

Come visit me, Verushka I also am Happy my Brothers are wif me, Jupiter, Pooh - Bear Watson, Ruby-Tuesday & Willie is "The Great Ferret Warrior" and Lady Veru.

01/23/2013 12:17.58 PM Report This Comment  
Dook Dook Dook Dook Dook Dook Dook
Dook Dook Dook Dook Dook, Dook
Dook Dook Dook Dook Dook Dook
Dook Dook Dook . I very sorry I not gotten
back to any frets momma been super busy!
I Luvz every fertz! Me,Shadow

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

01/09/2013 06:58.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey, how are you doing? Are you staying dry? I sure hope so! It's so very wet over here and we have flooding in our valley. Poor Eddie, the BIG horse, has to use Pippin's pen because his is a lake now. Actually, he seems to like Pippin's pen better anyway.

Mama wants me to run for critter of the month since on New Year's it will be a year since I passed over to this side. I guess she thinks it's a nice way to honour me and the wonderful impact I had on their lives.

A couple of days ago I asked some of Melian's friends to help me because they know me too and consider me a part of their extended family. But, of course, it's friends like you who are cute and fuzzy like me, that mean the most to me.

Will you help me win cotm? Someone told me that you might disagree with me running. They told me that those who have been on this channel a long time don't like anyone running for cotm. Is that true? Mama has been on this channel since it first started and had no idea about this. If it's a problem then we won't do it. We don't want to lose our friends over this honour.

Let me know either way, will you? Leaving a vote of friendship. And I hope you're staying warm and dry!

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/05/2012 11:38.01 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? Yesterday and today was raining so mama spent yesterday making pumpkin pies from her own pumpkins. She's very proud of her pumpkins. Silly mama.

Oh, talking of silly mama, she went driving a friend's horse on Thursday and while she was rubbing him down afterwards Melian, the dog, saw something and ran around the corner to investigate. Uh oh, she recognized the critter. She wanted mama to see it so she headed it in her direction. She growled, barked, and called mama to come quickly. Mama yelled at her, "Melian, that had better NOT be a …" and as she said the last word "SKUNK" she rounded the corner and the skunk ran right into her almost hitting her legs.

She sighed and the skunk took one look at her, turned around, and ran the opposite direction. Melian was keeping her distance but still, she thought mama would want to see it which is why she had directed it towards her. Mama yelled at Melian to get out of the way, which she did in a hurry, and the skunk high-tailed into the barn and hid behind a tractor. Melian was not allowed to check on it. Poor Melian! :(

Close call, huh? Anyway, that was our latest adventure. Maybe we'll have another one tomorrow. Here's a vote for you. Hope you had a great weekend!

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

11/19/2012 12:13.33 AM Report This Comment  
Shadow - thanks for the visit.. reminds me that I need to update my picture - I'm a big boy now at 6 months! Dook!

Come visit me, McMahon, Fwin & Karu.

11/01/2012 01:47.51 PM Report This Comment  
Shadow - thanks for the visit! We voted for you for COTD :)

Come visit me, McMahon, Fwin & Karu.

11/01/2012 01:45.54 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Shadow - thanks for the visit & message!!

Come visit me, McMahon, Fwin & Karu.

11/01/2012 01:44.09 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

10/31/2012 10:42.47 AM Report This Comment  
  HEllo Sweetie
This be Mystic. I finally convinced me mamma to let me get on SAC. I sure did miss me family. When you come up to the HAlloween party I sure does want some time to spend with me lil sis. We can dance around in the haunted woods, and look for your Uncle Tim Timmey. I do think he has found ANgel Rocky and Angel Barley. HE just loves telling all the new Angels about the joy of hearing. In fact sometimes now he never shuts up. Oh well it be nice to see the Twins now all grown up. They be such a special part of my heart. Speaking of which give me momma in law lots of snuggly hugs for me.

Come visit me, Angel Sweetie Pie RIP 3-13-09, Angel Mrs. AJ Wendy Woohoo-THe White, Angel Rocky & Angel Lady Jasmine, Angel Mystic loves her Mister & twins SO MUCH!, Rosemary RIP 8-22-11, Timmie luvs Lil-M RIP 7-29-12, Mr. Foxy Sebastian RIP 9-9-11, Angel Mrs. Sabrina Snowball RIP 7-08-09, Butters adores Andie RIP 3-22-14 & Mrs. Fauna Bandit rip 6-6-09.

10/23/2012 02:09.36 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing, cutie pie? I just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy weekend. Weekends are great for catching up on all the fun things you can't do during the week. Of course, up here I get to do fun things non stop! It's so much fun!

Leaving a vote for you.

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

10/19/2012 11:37.50 PM Report This Comment  
Not to worries about them ear thingies. Mom be treating them MUCH TO MY DISPLEASURES but they seems to be lots better. She says if nots after the third treatment she will take me to see my Doctors. Got to go and gets a message to Rockys so all fo you FURLS take care. Miss all of you.

Come visit me, Shaman.

10/14/2012 04:22.23 PM Report This Comment  
Nacho and I does miss all of you TOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh not to worry cause nobodys told the Moms anythings. Sure does miss all the kisses and attention you Furls did gives us both too. Mom is trying to get her nephew to kill us a deer and if so then maybe I can come down to visit all of you for awhiles. Deer season be right after the Thanksgiving Day thingie. If he don't have to work al the times he said he would get us one. Her rother is building a deer stand condo in the one field. Gonna have a couch and chairs and all kinds of stuff in it. Well gots to go. I be MAD at me MOMS cause she be treating my ears for them mites thingies.

Come visit me, Shaman.

10/13/2012 07:09.28 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? Wow, has it been a long time since I blogged or what? Yep, I'm so busy up here with all the duties of a heavenly squirrel that I've not had much time for blogging and other earthly activities.

Mama had a bunch of saluki friends visit her over the weekend and one of them made a squirrel whirligig in honour of me. How sweet! Once mama has figured out the perfect spot for it she'll take a photo and post it on my page.

I won critter of the day on the 10th of September. Yep, I'm late with sending out my thanks!

Here's a vote for you and I hope you're doing fine. We're enjoyed a long Indian summer over here. Mama still hasn't had any frost yet!

PS If you get a chance, will you vote for Pippin my mini horse brother in these 2 contests? They end very soon and you only need to vote once. Thank you!

http://apps. contestshq/ contests/ 267994/ voteable_ entries/ 58608501 (remove spaces)

Here's the 2nd, Dover Saddlery. One vote and it ends in a few days.

http:// iframe.wizehive .com/voting / view/ doversaddlery photocontest- 2012/ 8158/ 786534/0 (remove spaces)

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

10/12/2012 12:27.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Shadow!!!
Again,it's been a few MONTHS!!?!?! what?!?!?
We still eat the meats!
BUT NOW we eat freeze dried to! momma just brought home some samples and Hagrid and Tubesock keep STEALING the lamb chunks! I don't care but Coda likes espigen kibbles. I don't like any of the freeze dried stuff! bleck! It took me a while to learn that meat was good for me and i liked it, then i played a trick with my brother and sisters to follow momma around the house even when she did not have any meats. we got treats!
hope you are doing OK!!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

06/15/2012 10:06.36 PM Report This Comment  
  SHADOW !!!
I be watchin you! Stay off the top of that cage!!You to lil to be climbin that high! I know-I know it's a better view from up there and I know you also can climb back down when you ready to get down, but you gonna give mom toooo many worryzz bout fallin!!Herman

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

06/10/2012 11:24.43 AM Report This Comment  
  HI and SO sorry!!1
Momma has been SOOOO BUSY and has not had a chance to let us get on!!!!
Just an update, Hagrid got SOO FLUFFY AND FAT and Stiv Bators lost all his winter fat. Momma thinks Hagrid was born in winter. She also went to Greater Chicago Ferret Association today because she volunteers there, and since Hagrid And Me(tubesock) are both in the GCFA system, we both know how old we are!!!
I am exactly 2 years and 2 months old and Hagrid is 4 years and 3 months old!

Another thing! Me and Coda are being entered into a ferret show! Coda is going into the Champagne class and i of course am going into the Albino class. I ain't got no pigment!! Momma says i have perfect furs!

Lastly, we might have another cagemate one day. Momma keeps having dreams where this little black sable girl keeps appearing in. Also a silver boy that had a yellow undercoat. Who knows!
Whats two more cagemates?
Good luck!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

04/28/2012 03:18.13 PM Report This Comment  
  hi my name is gucci gurl and im a broken frosted pearl french lop girl born may 1st, 2012 im tiny right now but will grow up to be a big girl :) anyways im looking for some friends and was wondering if you would like to be one?

from Gucci Gurl

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

04/26/2012 08:30.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Well ahoy Shadow! You sure is a purdy lil thang!
Ob course I play wid you's... an no... I no drags lil gals arouns... I know wot dat's likes bein da youngest here. Mummsy is gettin me introducted to da udder pirates here... slowly but surely... I weally luvs me Uncle Loki, he vary nice to me an I be his new Cabin Boy. Cappan Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is very good to me toos an so is Sir SnowBall an Miss Calliope. I gets along goods wid dem... da udders, gonna takes a lil while longer. So I very happys to play wid you. I knows you haf a Easter Luncheon but afferwards... let's all ob us sneaks off an haf lots ob fun! Dookity Dook Dook!
XOX JollyMon XOX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

04/07/2012 11:36.17 PM Report This Comment  
We are having a FURLS ONLY LUNCHEON on April 7 from 1 to5 . BUTS the carnival gonna be open and the tube park and the water park too. THEN at 6pm we gonna have a giant Easter egg hunt in the Field of FLowers. Gonna be plastic eggs with goodies insides, crochet eggs to play withs,regular hard boiled ones to eats and other goodies too. THEN at 8pm gonna be a big dinner and a dance to follows. Then Easter Sunday the carnivala nd parks all be open for everyones and a big Easter feast too.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

03/29/2012 02:08.50 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by. I hope the new year is going well for you. I wanted to have Acorn stop by and wish all her friends a happy new year but our year started out very very sadly and I haven't been able to bring myself to spread the harsh news.

On New Year's Eve, her life was cut short by a careless driver. We found her on our driveway. Single lane, wooded, private, gravel road. No one should be driving fast enough on it to hit anything! Our driveway is the right of way for several neighbours. We lost a dog years ago exactly the same way.

It makes me both simultaneously very sad and very angry. I can't believe how attached we were to that cute little squirrel. She taught me that squirrels are extremely smart and adept at twisting people around their little fingers. We fed her breakfast every morning and often throughout the day she'd climb on us and beg for a treat.

It was just so awful. At 1.5 years old she was in the prime of her life and I was prepared to have her around for at least another 14 years. And her first babies would have been born this spring! I miss her. It's hard to write this without a few tears.

I hope things are better for you than they are for us. Wishing you all the best in the new year. Can you believe that January is already half over?

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

01/16/2012 12:30.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy new year Shadow and friends!!!!
I hope you have a super happy new year! i know the ferrets will, with all the crinkly toys and the horns and all making tons of noise!
Hopefully it will snow tonight so we have a new year and a white one also! we have been hoping for snow for EVER now an ddidn't get any on christmas :(
happy new year!!!!!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

12/31/2011 07:44.01 AM Report This Comment  
You are so lucky! a real house!!!! with your own bedroom and bathroom!!! my goodness, you should learn how to use the toilet then run over and use it when your mom walks in!
what is patient?
I have seen quite a bit about the "FML" what is that? and how do i get there :D

Our momma loves us very much! wee get new bed blankets and sleep sacks and hammocks every day! and our poo gets cleaned every day too! and we always have food and water so we know she loves us. and also, when we are out to play she plays with us! some ferrents don't like to play with their children, they just do work and make money. makes no sense to me! i don't need money, why do they??
Well, heres a vote, just stopped by to reply!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

11/18/2011 01:42.01 PM Report This Comment  
Looks like you have not been on in a while :)
Just and update with us ferrets. I got us some pictures taken in the past week! except for coda's picture, she needs one that shows her face :D Her picture was taken last month. Me(hagrid) and tubesock LOVE the meat. but Stiv and Coda still won't eat it unless it is in -soup form- GRR but we love us some meat! especially chicken!
Mom is going to save up a lot of money and go on a meat buying spree so we can try all new kinds of meats and flavors!

We are changing colors again!
Coda is turning yellow but she is still champagne:)
Hagrid is turning into a black sable! momma says she has never seen a ferret go from normal sable to black sable before! that is a HUGE color difference! seriously! he still has a good portion of white around his head but he is getting a good hood!
Stiv has turned Thick sable point or just V mask
Tubesock is well... white. i wonder why???

Lastly i would like to ask. are you on any of the following forums??
Momma's username for them is Stivsferretbuizzness :D if you see us around say hi!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

11/16/2011 02:53.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Shadow
I'm sorry it tooked me so long to get back to ya but Mommy has been busy. We're sellin bikes at the store and that's always a good thing but this is posta be the slow time of the year, go figure. dooky dook I just love your new picture! Did ya climb up there all by yourself? Your avatar is cute too and it makes me giggle! Pita is learnin to be a ferret... she steals things now! Daddy can't believe it and he just shakes his head! She still plays rough with us and my brothers put up with it but not me, I hafta put her in her place. She is MY puppy after all. dook dook I'm glad ya hadda good time at my party and I wanna thank ya for comin by cuz it really meant alot to have all me bestest friends there. I hope ya are havin a great day, lotsa big fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya and give gobs to your sweet Mommy for me, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

11/09/2011 02:02.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Shadow!
I love the new picture!
We got stiv and coda to eat raw soupies with me! did i tell you yet? i don't remember :p
We eat kibbles at night and then when we sleep, momma takes our food when she wakes up. then when we all wake up she gives us chicken soup! she thought we were adorable this morning when she saw all four of us crowded around where the kibble bowl USED to be, she took it out for the first few days of trying raw soup so we would not get full and not eat it! now since Stiv and Coda have learned that soup is yummy, and they will eat it willingly like me and Tubesock, we can have our kibbles back at night time! well, just sayin hi! here is a vote!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

11/05/2011 07:53.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Shadow!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

11/05/2011 07:50.16 PM Report This Comment  
  So guess what?!?!?!?
Momma decided that we are REAL ferrets and that kibbles are bad! so here is what went down
momma babysat a puppy to make a lil extra money, then she went to the store and begged the people for raw hearts (ew!) they did not give her any but they did find a bucket of livers! the she bought a whole chicken and cut it into peices and egg shells she made powders into and put it in the blender with one liver 8oz of chicken( or what felt like a half pound O.O ) and blended it until there were no more chunkies! then she put it on a plate and gave it to us, it was so yummy! I, Hagrid, loved it! so did my wife Tubesock, Coda decided she would be dainty and ONLY eat it off of mommas finger and Stiv, well stiv did not want to eat ANY even if it had ferretone on it! i guess he is not a real ferret. how are you ferrets doin?

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

11/03/2011 02:18.30 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you? I finally managed to grab mama and stop her from going to bed for a few minutes to attempt some proper blogging. I have something that I do which is really cute. Actually, just like you, I'm small and furry, so everything I do is cute! Anyway, I like to hang by my toes and swing and stretch out my little fingers. Mama says it's irresistible. She doesn't realize it but it's how I prepare my fingers to do some blogging! hehe

I'm doing great, got a whole stash of acorns prepared for the winter plus the apples whose whereabouts I'm not telling anyone! Mama and her friends collected the acorns for me. Whenever they go hiking they can't resist picking them up. But mama did take all the rest of the apples off the tree and just left me some small ones. :(

Mama went for her usual run yesterday evening with two of the dogs. The two of them went ahead of her and suddenly they pounced. With their curious noses buried in something white and fluffy with some suspicious black stripes immediately mama's danger senses sent out loud warnings. Skunk! She yelled at them in her most powerful panicky voice and fortunately they both froze and backed away. Phew! The skunk slid into a culvert and didn't spray. Close call!

I don't meet skunks. They come out after I've already gone to bed. Good thing too because I'd have a few words to share with them! Mama wants a pet skunk too. She's crazy.

Do you ever get dewormed? Mama dewormed me today. She uses a topical kitten dewormer and I was NOT at all happy. I remembered that she did that several months ago and I told her so. I tried to escape but she was sneaky and drew my attention to a big peanut and by the time I figured out her ruse it was too late!

Well, it's getting late but I'm glad I finally got some time to stop by and say hello to you. Here's a vote and enjoy the coming weekend!

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

10/21/2011 12:37.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you so much!
We the biznus told Rob to say hi to your little angels also! i think he will chew flip flops to his hearts content(that is what we thought the blockage was:( ) Momma is so sad because there was no warning. all she got to do was say " good luck, ill see you in two days" and gave him a kiss on the head. she really hoped that they could just take the blockage out and he would be all better! he would have his stitches out in two weeks. now he has no stitches and got cremated and spread at a cemetary. Tell your little babies to show him the works and have fun.

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

10/17/2011 05:03.15 PM Report This Comment  
I can hiss too...I can! Hiss Hisssss Hiiiisssssss! dooky dook dook I think ya needa chill out and have some bunny soupie, kay? dook dook Fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

10/17/2011 04:34.23 PM Report This Comment  
1. The train ride will operate with an ENGINERLESS engine and well who knows the engine
might even talk.
2. A HAUNTED HOUSE DARK RIDE where Critters will ride in carts/buggys thru different levels and rooms such as a SKULL room, a dungeon, graveyard, skeleton playing an organ, spider room , ETC
3. A HAUNTED TUNNEL OF LOVE/FRIGHT with loads of surprises both from the sides and the water. Boats will be shaped like:: Trout, Orca, Paerie dog, black n white cow, parrot, dragon, crocidile, and ghost.
4. The little horses will pull a hay wagon from the meadow to Pirates Cove where the Angel Pirates will give tours of the HAUNTED DRAGON PIRATE SHIP. Who knows what those GHOULISH Pirates will have in store for those brave enough to take the tour. Refreshments will also be available at Pirate Cove and then a return hayride to the meadow will be provided.
5. A HAUNTED WOODS will be done between the FALLS, the creek and the MEADOW. Spazz M has offered to be the GUIDE complete with mask and chainsaw. Miss Rosemary and her entouroge will do the ghost on the guide wire routine. Rumors of the ""NIGHTMARE"" being somewhere in the woods and the presence of some WHEREFERRETS are being circulated as I type. A large pit of sand will need to be crossed and well ANYTHING could POP UP. Bats sweeping out of the cave near the falls, spiders dangling from trees, a moss covered tree swamp with a cool whip ( instead of quicksand) area to cross. OWLS that are always saying WHO!!!! or asking WHO???? OH well you get the idea. DOOK DOOK DOOK
6. The roller coaster will be dark and will have GHOST cars. ( hope they stay on th track)
7 THE HAUNTED CARASOUEL will have talking horses that travel the opposite direction of the revolving base.


Angel Toast and his FIre Birgade will be giving HAUNTED FIre Engine rides to and from Pirate Cove.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

10/16/2011 04:25.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Aww i just noticed your name!
I just noticed your name, is that for MY william?

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

10/14/2011 05:29.11 PM Report This Comment  
  :( Sorry
I am sorry i did not reply in a long few days. Rob was very sick. we took him to the vet and they found a mass in his stomach, so we were so happy it was a "blockage" and schedualed surgery the next morning. my mother took him in and i was not there with him. i texted my mother around 11:00 they said he went in at 12:00pm at about 12:30 i texted her to ask how the surgery went and she replied that the blockage in fact was a tumor the size of a golf ball. they diagnosed him with Agressive Juvenile Lymphoma and put him to sleep on the operating table. I did not reply for a while because it was so hard for me to keep on typing it over and over. it was on tuesday. i miss him so much, and i finally took down his poop filled cage( i know its gross, i could not bring myself to clean it up) and washed his bedding. oh i miss him!!!

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

10/14/2011 05:27.15 PM Report This Comment  
  #110...HELLOooo Sweet Furiend!!!
*kisses* to the MRS
Hopin' all be doin' well
It's been hits and misses
I've been away as you could tell.
You've been pretty busy
yer the glue to the crew
Rallyin' the others
Givin' yer Mama things to do!!!
...missin' ya'll...
((*))~ SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

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  HIYA shadow&herman&Jimmy&giggles&Bubbles
heres a vote fer ya, and tanks alot will youz all bes my friend I sure would like that alot. please pretty please, kays tankyous well my mommy is comming I's just wanted to stop by and say hi and vote fer ya. take care see ya soon love winnie xox

Come visit me, lady winnieferd, RubyTuesday & BBgirl-lilbit.

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  Rob is not doing well:(
Hi shadow! i had almost got rob with my boys integrated...but he got sick. I don't know what he has! he stopped eating and drinking so i immediatly put him on soupies. he has lost 10 ounces in the past 3 days! he went from 2.4 pounds - 1.2 pounds. i don't know what to do!
I hope you are having a good fall! ready for halloween?

Come visit me, Mimzy and Frank, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Rip William 10-1-2011, Coda, R.I.P Hagrid 12-19-12, Leia, Rob RIP 10-11-2011 & Lydia.

10/09/2011 02:58.11 PM Report This Comment  
  I will write properly later but mama just wanted to me drop a quick note before we went to bed to ask a giant favour of you.

She entered a photo of Eddie, big percheron horse, in Dover Saddlery's online photo contest. I would love to have your vote and you only need to vote once. The contest ends soon so the sooner you can vote the better. And if you would pass it along to your friends I'd appreciate that so much.

The contest is at No spaces or dashes. He is the 2nd photo on page 10 in the Best Black & White category. The title is, "Tall, Dark, and Hansom."

Thank you!!! And I posted the photo on my page for easy identification.

Leaving a vote of appreciation on your page.

Come visit me, Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

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