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Hi! My name is Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

I am Other from Harrisburg.

1 year old


Cupcake: Cuppy, Cupers, Sweetie, Cutie Moppsie Muffin: Moppers, Mop Lop, Fluffy, muffy, muffin Coinin: Coins, Little bits, baby, buby Star buck: Puff, Flower boy, Mr. bucker roo!

Outside With our owner and in our awesome hutches!

she Feeds us and cares a bunch for us!

Cupcake: Getting petted. Moppsie Muffin: Someone playing with my fur. Coinin: Jumping Star buck: Being with the girls

Cupcake: Climbing over our fence.

Moppsie Muffin: Running around like a maniac!

Coinin: Crazy attitude.

Star buck: I'm normal!!!!

We're our awesome selves!
that makes us a Celebrity!!!!

Cupcake: No TLC! Moppsie: Being left alone Coinin: Being in a cage 4 to long! Star buck: To much attention!

Cupcake: Eat before you think. Moppsie; Do what ever you want! Coinin: Jump one for me and one for all! Star Buck: do what it takes(Be lazy)

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  well i was starting to do alot better but then i passed away sadly a few weeks ago :(

your pal, Angel Roger

Come visit me, Bunny Club *bunny info/help*, Biggy ~R.I.P~ 4ever in my heart, † Legacy † R.I.P, †The Angels Emily, Joe, Buddha, Lucy, Abby, Tilly, † Angel Kisses † R.I.P, † Atley † R.I.P My Sweetheart :(, Dove *im back with my family again :)* & † Roger † R.I.P My Sweet Boy :(.

01/07/2013 08:52.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Shamrock Rabbit Gang
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Jack

Come visit me, Coul ~ In Loving Memory 7/14/15, Rodolfo ~ In Loving Memory 12/4/14, Bandit ~ In Loving Memory 5/22/15 & Jackson - In Loving Memory 12/23/14.

12/24/2012 05:15.04 AM Report This Comment  
  ~:♥:~My Sweet Coinin! ~:♥:~
I am sooooo sorry for being away the long, dear! How are you? And your bunny siblings? Mom got overwhelmed with all the pages she had on DC, CC and here, so she combines three bunnies' pages and the hamster & gerbil no longer blog. This should help! Starting 2013, we're going to try to be much more active on here.
WOW!! Your mom got a horse? That's HUGE! (literally, Lol) How are things going with it? Has she had a horse before? My mom's dream is to have a horse of her own! I am so happy for your mom.
Here's a vote for you, my sweet bunny, and I hope to get a visit from you soon :)

Love You, Tanya ♡

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

12/13/2012 01:33.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey, how are you doing? Are you staying dry? I sure hope so! It's so very wet over here and we have flooding in our valley. Poor Eddie, the BIG horse, has to use Pippin's pen because his is a lake now. Actually, he seems to like Pippin's pen better anyway.

Mama wants me to run for critter of the month since on New Year's it will be a year since I passed over to this side. I guess she thinks it's a nice way to honour me and the wonderful impact I had on their lives.

A couple of days ago I asked some of Melian's friends to help me because they know me too and consider me a part of their extended family. But, of course, it's friends like you who are cute and fuzzy like me, that mean the most to me.

Will you help me win cotm? Someone told me that you might disagree with me running. They told me that those who have been on this channel a long time don't like anyone running for cotm. Is that true? Mama has been on this channel since it first started and had no idea about this. If it's a problem then we won't do it. We don't want to lose our friends over this honour.

Let me know either way, will you? Leaving a vote of friendship. And I hope you're staying warm and dry!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/05/2012 11:42.00 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? Yesterday and today was raining so mama spent yesterday making pumpkin pies from her own pumpkins. She's very proud of her pumpkins. Silly mama.

Oh, talking of silly mama, she went driving a friend's horse on Thursday and while she was rubbing him down afterwards Melian, the dog, saw something and ran around the corner to investigate. Uh oh, she recognized the critter. She wanted mama to see it so she headed it in her direction. She growled, barked, and called mama to come quickly. Mama yelled at her, "Melian, that had better NOT be a …" and as she said the last word "SKUNK" she rounded the corner and the skunk ran right into her almost hitting her legs.

She sighed and the skunk took one look at her, turned around, and ran the opposite direction. Melian was keeping her distance but still, she thought mama would want to see it which is why she had directed it towards her. Mama yelled at Melian to get out of the way, which she did in a hurry, and the skunk high-tailed into the barn and hid behind a tractor. Melian was not allowed to check on it. Poor Melian! :(

Close call, huh? Anyway, that was our latest adventure. Maybe we'll have another one tomorrow. Here's a vote for you. Hope you had a great weekend!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

11/19/2012 12:11.36 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? Wow, has it been a long time since I blogged or what? Yep, I'm so busy up here with all the duties of a heavenly squirrel that I've not had much time for blogging and other earthly activities.

So, you got a horse? How exciting! We just got another so now we have too. Their HC pages are 11626 and 49022. I would love for our horses to be friends.

Mama had a bunch of saluki friends visit her over the weekend and one of them made a squirrel whirligig in honour of me. How sweet! Once mama has figured out the perfect spot for it she'll take a photo and post it on my page.

I won critter of the day on the 10th of September. Yep, I'm late with sending out my thanks!

Here's a vote for you and I hope you're doing fine. We're enjoyed a long Indian summer over here. Mama still hasn't had any frost yet!

PS If you get a chance, will you vote for Pippin my mini horse brother in these 2 contests? They end very soon and you only need to vote once. Thank you!

http://apps. contestshq/ contests/ 267994/ voteable_ entries/ 58608501 (remove spaces)

Here's the 2nd, Dover Saddlery. One vote and it ends in a few days.

http:// iframe.wizehive .com/voting / view/ doversaddlery photocontest- 2012/ 8158/ 786534/0 (remove spaces)

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

10/12/2012 12:42.51 AM Report This Comment  
You guys are huggable! Love your pictures. Here's a vote. :)

Come visit me, Nube & Ginger.

10/05/2012 08:43.04 PM Report This Comment  
  im sorry to hear that sweetie mom would be devistated if she lost one of us and she almost lost gucci gurl because when she had gucci and tilly out gucci thought it would be funny to crawl under the shed and it took mom hours to get her to come back out so for now on gucci has to be sectioned off with a baby gate though with her gettin so big she is able to jump over :/

well i have been doing good ive lost so much of my baby fu now that im older and my top mane is missing from karma pulling it out :/ mom says my son Ice man is looking just like me hehe same lazy sweet personalit and everything :)

love byron

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

08/14/2012 07:15.33 PM Report This Comment  
  hiya shamrock
is voted just so is can make youz bunny disapear don't get mad love ya babygirl-lilbit, is at the mountine today me and sister lady-V to see are hubbys they'v been on a fishing trip for 2 weeks an half. woo. well got run take care dook dook dooky xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Come visit me, lady winnieferd, RubyTuesday & BBgirl-lilbit.

08/04/2012 09:30.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there thanks for stopping by you have a nice looking family there . momma said we had a lp ear rabbit alot of years ago but we were not here yet, mom said we have a baby bunny in our yard he is so cute he eats moms flowers hehehe
be well

Come visit me, MarioRIP 12-12-12, Samantha-6-24-15 I live at the brige now, Brandi,RIP our sweet little girl,you will be sadly, Ozzy, (IN Loving Memory) Cujo, Ralph, Jack, Ben, (IN Loving Memory) Bandit, Jake in loving memory & Stewart RIp 1/22/2012.

07/28/2012 02:50.57 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a vote! I will do the same!

Come visit me, Princess Buffy, Ella, Charm, Bella, Cinderella & Stella.

07/27/2012 07:16.52 AM Report This Comment  
Tori i know how to get to the video uploader and it goes to 100 when it is loading but the video is never on

Come visit me, Maymay is back and running for COTD.

07/26/2012 11:03.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Shamrock & all!
07/26/2012 10:43.04 AM Report This Comment  
So sorry about Starbuck. I know how losing your animal friends can be.
We left ya a vote!

Come visit me, Gizmo.

07/25/2012 07:33.29 PM Report This Comment  
about Starbuck. Glad that you did visit my page though. Hope the weather not be too bad where you lives. Been too hot here for me to go outside. Take care and be safe.

Come visit me, Shaman.

07/25/2012 03:49.15 PM Report This Comment  
so glad you are going to be on SAC sometimes voted

Come visit me, Maymay is back and running for COTD.

07/25/2012 02:41.55 PM Report This Comment  
  hi ya shamrock
heres a vote fer ya and yes wes can bes friends if you like, sorry we have not been on in awhile my mommy had to have surgery 3 weeks ago on her right arm she had surfs skin cancer and she had to have it removed very painful, but shes getting better. well got run take care xoxoxo love ya babygirl-lilbit

Come visit me, lady winnieferd, RubyTuesday & BBgirl-lilbit.

07/24/2012 01:35.24 PM Report This Comment  
i dont know if i asked u before but is starbuck a lionhead? he just looks like a NM or SM lionhead

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

07/18/2012 10:31.12 PM Report This Comment  
  my sweet moppsie muffin
its ok sweetie i understand mom hasent had much time to get on here either sense shes been quite busy with dogchannel an it has been rly upsetting her she is just hopeing SAC dont change *kisses an hugs* love byron

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

07/18/2012 10:29.44 PM Report This Comment  
voted come visit my lovely bunny

Come visit me, Maymay is back and running for COTD.

07/08/2012 05:50.14 AM Report This Comment  
tori is this weather to hot for maymay to be in the garage or should i put her outside in the fresh air for a few hours every day i might go to the barn with u tomorrow if its allright i will call u tomorrow around 9 o clock or if thats 2 early maybe 10 see ya left a vote i think i will go ahead and put maymay in the fresh air

Come visit me, Maymay is back and running for COTD.

07/07/2012 03:24.33 PM Report This Comment  
on winning critters of the day! How great to see you in the spotlight again! I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

06/28/2012 11:52.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi! Congratulations on COTD!!
Great pics you have...did you ever think of doing a calendar? Such beautiful little ones!

Come visit me, Gizmo.

06/28/2012 08:17.34 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

06/28/2012 03:01.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ya Topaz
heres a vote fer ya and just wanted to say hi, got to go cuz wes got a lot of things to do to help mommy get ready fer the back yard sale on friday & saturday. so take care xoxoxoxoxoxoxox love Babygirl-lilbit xoxoxox

Come visit me, lady winnieferd, RubyTuesday & BBgirl-lilbit.

06/27/2012 08:28.54 AM Report This Comment  
  My Sweet Moppsie
hello my lovly lady its great hearing from you an i understand about that :)

some sad news my sweet love mom is selling mostly all uss bunnies shes only keeping gucci, tilly, an the new buck though mom said she would keep up my page!

love Byron

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

06/20/2012 01:47.54 PM Report This Comment  
she was one of the 100 that actually got in, so we're proud of her:)

We'd love to hear from you guys again.

Lots & Lots of Love,
The Cape Cod Crew & Mom.

Come visit me, Freedom *Forever Our Little Man* 4/9/11 - 10/8/13, Peanut, Cluemaster, Mad-Hatter, Oswin, Riddler, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Harliequin & Duella Dent.

05/19/2012 11:13.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Vote 444:)
Remember us? Its Jazz & Felix, Freedom & The Betta Gang. Its been quite a while since the last time we were on here. Maybe back in December was the last time we blogged. Its almost the end of school for mom, so she thought she'd get back on here for us. We sure missed it. We have been updated though with all the emails being sent to mommas phone. But nothing is like the blogging:)

We've been awfully busy bees.. sorta. hehe. Many events had happened while we were away. Im not sure if we had mentioned it but in November a friend of moms had died. She was a neighbor of hers. We miss her dearly. The winter was very bitter, but we barley got snow! Jazz didnt like the snow. Felix thought it was the greatest thing in the world. It took us hours to coax him back inside! He enjoyed catching the snow in his mouth too! Moms cousin came home from Korea for Christmas. His flight was delayed, but he got here on Christmas Day:) We recently got news that he is gonna be a father soon which is very exciting for us. Tobeys 2nd Rainbow Bridge Day was the 22nd of December. Thank you for all of those sweet messages we got, we appreciate you guys remembered <3 Moms birthday was back in February, again, thank you all for stopping by & saying happy birthday! It means a lot to mom. She was in Fort Lauderdale, FL for her birthday, so we didnt see her! :(

Jazz & Felix have all new(ish) pictures up! They're new to you guys, since they were tooken when we while we were away. Mom says we will all get new & better pictures coming soon. Also, Felix has a video of him getting the paper that should be up in the video section soon:) His 3rd birthday/1st Gotcha Day is June 27th, we cant believe its almost been a year with him already! Hes changed so much since we had adopted him. Hes such a handsome fella <3

Freedom seems to have started a bond with mom (finally). His birthday was in April, the 19th. He turned 4 years old (it was also his 1st Gotcha Day too!). Freedom is back sleeping in his outside hutch since the weather has been nice & warm. Mom still has his indoor cage up, just incase it rains or is to chilly for him! Freedom is like moms little puppy. He will jump up next to her on the couch (if Jazz & Felix dont nip at him first) & he will even follow her around. He is still skittish whens held, but hes getting better.

As for the Bettas, mom still needs to update their page on FC. Tomorrow mom plans to clean the bowls, so she will take all pictures of them when the water is clean. Our beautiful green betta, Huxley died on March 30th. He jumped out of his bowl which shocked mom, since his bowl was the only one with a cover. She left a little space open so she could drop his food down in the water. He was one smart fish to figure that out. We miss him dearly.

As for mom, shes been okay. She is dealing with her brain disorder. Shes cooping as best she can. Good news is she got into a techanical school. She went today for testing. Out of 300 applicants

Come visit me, Freedom *Forever Our Little Man* 4/9/11 - 10/8/13, Peanut, Cluemaster, Mad-Hatter, Oswin, Riddler, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Harliequin & Duella Dent.

05/19/2012 11:13.44 PM Report This Comment  
  my lovly Moppsie
i missed u sooooo much momma has been sooo busy with school and us hehe though moms a lil upset her camera died b4 she got pix of me an the other boys 2gether

love byron

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

04/25/2012 03:21.39 PM Report This Comment  
  • ♥ • Hi Sweet Coinin! • ♥ •
How are you doing, handsome? Is it spring there yet? We have 43°F and light rain today. There's more rain in the forecast but we have 5 feet of snow so it will be a long time before it's all melted! Especially the gigantic berms on the sides of the roads. We are looking forward to when it's all melted on the lawn so we can play in the grass again :)
Yesterday when Topaz jumped off his hutch he broke his entire dew claw off :( It bled quite a bit but it looks much better today. whew....

Pawing a vote for you! XOXOXO

• ♦ • Tanya • ♦ •

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

04/15/2012 03:26.19 PM Report This Comment  
  coming over
i will see you at 5:00 cant wait do you want me to bring riding cloths i didnt know what you meant when you said i could see your horse tomorrow but ill go ahead and bring them any way i cant wait

Come visit me, Maymay is back and running for COTD.

04/10/2012 01:55.55 PM Report This Comment  
heres a vote fer ya and yes wes can bes friends mommy has hard time still when she comes in here since I'm an angle now at the rainbow bridge mommy still crys cuz she misses mes so much. but youz all have anice easter and stay safe so youz don't gets hurts okay. love babygirl-lilbit xoxoxox

Come visit me, lady winnieferd, RubyTuesday & BBgirl-lilbit.

04/06/2012 05:05.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Remembering Joanna
Remembering Joanna

All through the month of April we on the Horse Channel want to honour a dear friend who passed away last year. In February her beloved pony, Pixie Dust, also passed away to join her in the next life.

Please come and support Joanna (RIP) and her pony, Pixie Dust (RIP) 101958 on the Horse Channel for horse of the month. We would greatly appreciate your daily votes for her. And don't forget that you can blog on the HC without an account.

Perhaps some of you remember me mentioning Joanna last year when she died. She was a very special friend. She was bedridden for many years but didn't lose her happy spirit. She was on the HC for 3 years and blogged regularly, always having a kind word for those in trouble. Not once did any of us suspect that she wasn't well! At the age of 34 she passed away peacefully at home.

On my pages I have photos of Joanna in bed being visited by Pixie Dust. She had a wonderful relationship with her pony and made friends easily with all those who were blessed to have her in their lives.

Vote Pixie Dust daily in April! HC 101958

Thank you! And here's a vote for your page!

Pippin HC 11626
Melian DC 141414
Tom CC 66957
Acorn SAC 188686
Pond Creature FC 49444
Kermit RC 47121 (Just won rotm!)

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

04/01/2012 10:59.07 PM Report This Comment  
HELP ME. mom wants to make me up to be the EASTER BUNNY. she wants me to hunt for eggs. i don't even like eggs. someone help me....KATIE GIRL

Come visit me, Katie.

04/01/2012 04:11.49 PM Report This Comment  
whats a fast way to get points

Come visit me, Maymay is back and running for COTD.

03/27/2012 03:26.38 PM Report This Comment  
  its been so busy around here im sorry i havent been on an crongrats 2 ur mommy! hehe my mommy is 16 gonna be 17 in july :)

*kisses and hugs*

love byron

Come visit me, Vice, Tilly *NEW PIX*, Goliath *4 NEW PIX*, Atley *IM BACK*, Gucci Gurl *NEW PIX*, Blue Byron ♥ Moppsie *3NEW PIX*, † Sugar & Basil † ~R.I.P~ & Spice.

03/25/2012 10:33.01 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I'm so sorry about the stillborn babies. Did any of them survive? I managed to sneak some time on the computer to blog my friends. You wouldn't believe how busy we can get up here! I've been working on making the weather really nice and warm for mama. I've given her a few nice spring days. Really I had to do something because I made a big mistake!

A couple of weeks ago I wasn't paying attention and someone made it snow! Yep, a huge snowstorm and here they thought they were going to get away with a snow free winter!

Anyway, to make up for my oversight I gave her a few spring days. However that was hard work so I'm planning on resting the next week and enjoying all the treats that are up here for me to munch on. And yep, you guessed it, it's probably going to snow and/or rain all week. I see the wind is already bringing in a storm but I'm just too tired and perhaps a tad lazy to do anything about it.

How is the weather there? Anyone sending you nice warm days? I hope so!

Here's a vote for you and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Spring is just around the corner. Which does hint of a touch of sadness since mama was looking forward to meeting my babies this spring. Ah, it was not to be.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

03/11/2012 12:27.43 AM Report This Comment  
I just saw the newest picture you made of us. It's so sweet!

Love, Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

03/09/2012 11:29.29 PM Report This Comment  
  ♣ ♥ Coinin ♥ ♣
Hi my adorable little Easter bunny wabbit boy. hehehe.
I am so sorry for not coming by in a while. How are you doing, sweetie? Is there much snow where you live? We've got 4 feet up here in Alaska. Mom hasn't taken me out to play in it for a while because it's just too deep! If my ears were a little longer she could just follow them since the rest of me would be under the snow. hehehe. Guess what? Mom and her brother each got a gerbil. Their names are Tortellini & Fettucini....The noodle heads are doing well and mom and her brother sure are enjoying them. I got to meet them too and they're pretty friendly :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Pawing a vote.

xoxoxo Tanya ♥

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

03/09/2012 11:27.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ya Shamrock
stoped by to vote fer ya and say hi I'm Babygirl-lilbit I'm an angle at the rainbow bridge wif my brothers willy the great ferret worrier , pooh Bear, lady-v my sister in-law, my hubby Jupiter, sister in law flora Watson. have a good day. love ya xoxoxoxox bb-girl-lilbit

Come visit me, lady winnieferd, RubyTuesday & BBgirl-lilbit.

03/08/2012 04:49.01 PM Report This Comment  
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