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Hi! My name is Kate....... May she rest in peace....

I am a Hamster from Pleasanton.

Less than a year old


Sweetie and Katherine! My hubby's nickname is mr. poopsie because everytime mommy picks him up you leaves a present. haha

Underneath my bedding with William, in my food bowl, and on my excercise wheel!

When I bite her she's says I'll always <3 you no matter what!

Running on my wheel and grooming my hubby Will!

Haven't got one... well i'll take it back. My quirky habit is grooming Will while I'm practically asleep! :3

Mommy picking me up when I'm trying to sleep! Or mommy putting on loud music when I'm sleeping.

My hubby is the best!!!

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  Remembering Joanna
Remembering Joanna

All through the month of April we on the Horse Channel want to honour a dear friend who passed away last year. In February her beloved pony, Pixie Dust, also passed away to join her in the next life.

Please come and support Joanna (RIP) and her pony, Pixie Dust (RIP) 101958 on the Horse Channel for horse of the month. We would greatly appreciate your daily votes for her. And don't forget that you can blog on the HC without an account.

Perhaps some of you remember me mentioning Joanna last year when she died. She was a very special friend. She was bedridden for many years but didn't lose her happy spirit. She was on the HC for 3 years and blogged regularly, always having a kind word for those in trouble. Not once did any of us suspect that she wasn't well! At the age of 34 she passed away peacefully at home.

On my pages I have photos of Joanna in bed being visited by Pixie Dust. She had a wonderful relationship with her pony and made friends easily with all those who were blessed to have her in their lives.

Vote Pixie Dust daily in April! HC 101958

Thank you! And here's a vote for your page!

Pippin HC 11626
Melian DC 141414
Tom CC 66957
Acorn SAC 188686
Pond Creature FC 49444
Kermit RC 47121 (Just won rotm!)

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

04/01/2012 11:09.35 PM Report This Comment  
  i dont know
when kate passed but i am sorry to have missed it. i am so glad to have been friends with her. i could not be more honored to eventually, one day join such a sweet soul at the bridge.....
<3, sammie

Come visit me, THE CLUBHOUSE, Sammie, we placed ninth in the nation at finals!!!, Little Bear & Angel Joey.

10/23/2011 05:15.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi William & Angel Kate!
How ya been? It was past time for our hoppers to get a good streeeetch so we had to come by fur a visit. Our apologies for so many moons gone by since we last popped over. We'll have to get our hoppers back in shape and stay more up to date. hehe. Have you been enjoying your fall? It is very pretty here right now with all the bright yellows, oranges and reds. Cooler temps too.
We are doing very well. Tanya's hutch is almost finished. Mom's just gotta find time to paint it and then build the roof piece, paint that, and then...viola! Lil Tanya's new house is all ready. She's been in a good-sized cage in mom's room but she's ready for an up-scale dorm like Ol' Topes'. hehe. Topes' (Topaz's) coat is doing it's annual shedding right now. Almost over, thank goodness. Mom doesn't like picking him up as much when it isn't possible to breathe without the loose fluffy fur going up your nose. Hahaha! Well we hope to be back fur another visit soon...and to hear whatcha been up to these days.

bOuNcE bOuNcE (there goes your bunny...)

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

10/18/2011 11:48.02 PM Report This Comment  
Hey come meet me! My name is Moppsie Muffin I'm Cupcake's new sister! Sadly she didn't get COTM but she told me that the best gift is to get new friends so shes happy how it is.
Love Moppsie Muffin

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

10/01/2011 03:07.16 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? Are you all prepared for the winter? Well, I know that you are. You have a nice warm house and a loving family. What more do you need?

Mama and her friends have collected a whole pile of big, beautiful green acorns. They can't resist picking them up when they're out hiking. They say I'm special. I get imported acorns!

But... you won't believe what else mama did. She picked half my apples! And tomorrow she's planning on picking the rest. She finally got fed up of how many I was taking. I told he I'd share a couple of the smaller wormy ones with her. I just don't understand it...

I wanted to mention something sad that happened on HC. A good friend and regular blogger from there died last Friday. She was young but had been bedridden for the past 10 years with some congenital disease. No one had any idea that she was like this and it all came as a shock to us, her friends. Mama said she never complained once which is why we had no idea. It just shows that you never can judge what a person is going through.

Here's a vote for you. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

09/28/2011 11:58.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Shiver me timbers! I be sharin' me bottle o' rum and tin o' grub with yer, merry shipmates ye be. Any being gutless lily livered curs that be aimin' to instigate a skirmish with me and me mates, beware! Aye, I be abetting you in time of adversity and any mangy cur that comes between me and thee take heed! We be savvy hearties forever! Arrr!

Argh! I be takin' me pieces o' eight. (In other words, I am leaving you a vote.)

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

09/19/2011 11:25.12 PM Report This Comment  
That is to bad she was sooooo cute!

Come visit me, Twubby :D.

09/15/2011 03:25.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Whats your dogs names? I'm on DC to! Left a vote!

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

09/12/2011 04:58.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you so much for stopping by to congratulate me on my surprise critter of the day win. Wow, it was so cool to see my own face in the spotlight. I love being in the spotlight and I picked myself a few more apples with which to celebrate.

Oh, and guess what! I figured out exactly what the maximum size of apple is that I can carry up the tree. If I choose one about twice the size of my head I can carry it. Smart, huh? I think so.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the weekend. Today is a special day for humans as they remember the tragic events of 9/11/01.

Take care and here is a vote of thanks.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

09/11/2011 02:02.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Ok thats fine. Here's a vote for you! I keep trying to write Aggie but she never writes back! Mybe she doesn't like me! Have a great day see ya!

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

09/10/2011 06:57.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks so much for the vote!
Thanks! Here's a vote for you! Do you know any one who may help me get COTM? Thanks for your help!
Love Cupcake!

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

09/09/2011 03:28.30 PM Report This Comment  
  I couldn't help but read that Kate has babies I wish you luck with them! Fly high over the rainbow bridge Kate! left you all a vote!

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

09/05/2011 05:57.17 AM Report This Comment  
  hi! You are just to cute! I think all us critters are cute so I'm not trying to leave any one out. I'm running for COTM and would love it if you could vote for me! I will vote for you back!
Love Cupcake!

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

09/05/2011 05:54.35 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I'm so sorry that you lost your little Kate. I know, I know it's a been a loooooong time since I've written. I've been busy finding food, playing, sleeping, basically doing all the things that a squirrel does best. What has mama been doing? Well, she's been hitting her head.

Sigh! In July she was a in bike accident. She somersaulted and landed directly on her head. After losing her hearing for a bit she was okay but had a concussion that affected her for almost 2 weeks.

And then guess what she did last month! Her horse went crazy and bucked her off. She landed on her head (is there a magnet in there?) again and this time was knocked out for about half an hour. She was rushed to the ER and is still having some trouble from that brain injury.

So, no riding for her for at least 2 months. She'll drive the horses instead. I think she should forget horses and stick to squirrels. In fact, did you know that today the 5th, it is exactly one year since mama found me? I was a tiny baby with a broken paw. If you don't know my story you can read it on my page under, "Celebrity I Most Resemble."

I do live in a kind of paradise. There are squirrel fruit trees everywhere. Squirrel fruits in the garden, squirrel nuts buried in the ground. Mama says they're called, apples, pears, melons, etc. I call them squirrel food. She's not too thrilled that I have to pick 5 or 6 apples and then pick the best ones for myself. Isn't that why she grows them?

Well, what have you been up to? Not hitting your head, I hope. Here's a vote for you and happy anniversary to me!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

09/05/2011 12:23.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Good afternoon William
Why'd you say "Well, then u should get a hamster"?? We already have a hamster siblings. His name's Oliver and mom loves him to bits. Here's a vote. :)

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

09/02/2011 02:01.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya William
I was thinkin bout ya so I thought I would stop by and say hiya! How are the babies doin? Are they ok since Kate went to the bridge? I been sayin my prayers and hopin all is good with ya and them. Lotsa fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

08/30/2011 05:09.03 PM Report This Comment  
  VOTED! I am from DC! I saw that you where on SAC!

Come visit me, Cocoa rest in peace ol boy, Minnie, Huffy, Pepper, Cooky, Clover & Pippin (Please help me get June COTM) VOTE NOW.

08/29/2011 02:28.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Dat is GREAT!!!!
Is excited to hears dat!!! Dat is a miracle!!! Wonderful news!!! Yous a good daddy and yous mama is a happy one!!! We be dancing a happy dance at the Bridge fos sures!!!!

Come visit me, Toast da AngelFerret.

08/29/2011 08:32.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi William! Oh that's too bad Kate had a short life... Are you serious?? 16 years for a HAMSTER! That's amazing! Mom had no idea they could live that long. Russian Dwarf hammies sure are cute. Actually, we think all hamster are nocturnal...aren't they? And mom doesn't think it's cool, because if she ever wants to take them out she has to wake them up. Lol! Here's vote #130 :)

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/27/2011 12:08.48 PM Report This Comment  
Is sooooo sorry!!!! Is gots chills reading dat!!! Is gonna cry!!!! Pease knows she was such a good mommie!!! Is pwary dat da babies and yous gonna be OK!!! Is sorry!!!! Do take care and keeps me updated on everyting pwease!!!

Come visit me, Toast da AngelFerret.

08/27/2011 12:05.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya William
I am so sorry to hear bout Kate and how sad for ya to lose her so soon after she had her babies too. May the memories stay strong and the pain fade quickly. I'm gonna keep ya and your family wrapped tightly in my thoughts and prayers. Fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

08/26/2011 03:35.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Gid day, William
Does your mommy know about how old Kate was when she passed away? Because hamsters usually each live only a couple to few years. It's too bad. Mom has grown very attached to all her hammies and it's really sad when they die. She's had 6. Never little ones like you and Kate though. What breed are you? Mom would like to get a little hamster so it could run through those cool tubes. She bought tons of them for her syrian hamsters but the tubes were too small. Here's a vote!

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/26/2011 12:37.51 PM Report This Comment  
  So glad we can be friends :))))
I'm sorry to hear that you are now at the Rainbow Bridge. We are praying for your family, that they recover from their loss. I'm sure they know you are in a nice place. Wanna go cloud jumping? Its really fun :)

Sorry this is a quick C/P~
Hi! Heres a vote for you today, thank you so much for voting for us. ~Yesterday was high humility, and very much as the day went on. It was about 95* F, so mom decided to keep her cats inside the cool house. They were actually very pleased and comfortable. Today mom watched the Kuni kids (our neighbors) at 1:20, for $10 an hour (until 4 o'clock). Although she has to share with her older brother who is helping she is kinda bummed MOL! What is up with you today? Doing anything fun? I hope that whatever you ARE doing is fun. Anyways, I hope your all well!

Come visit me, Angel Samme ((*.*)) RIP sweet Acorn 188686.

08/25/2011 08:12.21 PM Report This Comment  
  A pleasant surprise though, right? hehe. Well, not if it wasn't time for Kate yet. Hadn't it been a while since the last litter though? Where did the little ones go? Mom was planning on selling hers to petzoo but when she tried breeding her hamsters, babies never happened. :P If she had some now though she's probably sell them herself. Here's a vote! (#124) And thanks for yours. :)

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/24/2011 06:57.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi William
Did you and Kate live together in the same cage? It would have been very likely for you to breed again (and again) and hard for your mom to prevent it if you did. Here's a vote!

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Tanya & Topaz

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/23/2011 06:21.16 PM Report This Comment  
Willliam. I knows that your Mom will do all she cans for them babies and well I think you will be a good Daddy to them too. Havin babies so close togehters can really be hard on the Moms. You take cares of yourselfs.

Come visit me, Shaman.

08/23/2011 10:12.06 AM Report This Comment  
your wife Willaim. Be a sad thing but she did has them babies pretty close togethers. Hope they were old enough to at least have a chance with your Mommas care. Hope that all goes well for you Williams and I will look for Katie at the Bridge and bring her over to the mOuntains for a visits.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

08/23/2011 09:36.05 AM Report This Comment  
  ~!~ A HELLO FROM HC ~!~
Hello. I left a vote from over here on HC. Have a nice night~

Please vote for our HOTM candidate for September: Vote daily in August~
Cross Creek Horses (#91397)

Please vote for our HOTD candidate~ August 22 for August 23:
Ginger (#210509)

Please pray for the follow~
•Paula & Lena (#216601)~ Paula's dad died. Please keep her in your prayers, and show her that HC is there for her always. For her and her horse family are dear to us here on HC.
•Mischief (#214813)~ Mischief's owner's friend, Sara, suffers from a blood disease that causes her platelet numbers to drop. She is in full swing now. Normal is 200,000, her normal is 50 - 80,000 she is at 3000.
•TJ (#203792)~ TJ's owner has the flu. Please pray that she gets well soon.

~You can read our blogs on the COA (#194616) page on

((QUINCY #157057~ Your January 2011 HOTM))

Alli, BEND ♥, OR.

08/22/2011 11:17.04 PM Report This Comment  
We are so sorry about Kate. We hope the babies will make it through without her and will thrive on the special attention your mom is giving them. Did you and Kate ever fight when you were let together to breed? Mom tried breeding hamsters for years but every time she let the two together (in a quiet neutral territory) they fought and once Oliver got bit real bad on the nose from a female. After that (the female also got hurt, on the foot) mom decided to keep it safe and forget about breeding. Here's a vote!

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/22/2011 04:02.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Kate
Congrats on the new babies, that's great news! How are they doin? I'm sorry it tooked me so long to get back to ya but my Mommy and Daddy hadda good friend pass away on Sunday and we been too sad to play. Then I got word that my ferret friend Baby Girl LilBit hadda go to the bridge today and we're sad all over again. I think too many friends have gone to the bridge lately and I'm gonna be sayin my prayers for everybody. I hope ya are havin a good afternoon, lotsa big fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

08/19/2011 03:41.47 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Katie
Hi! I just am here to ask if you would like to be friends...? I left you a vote today. Hope your well :) A. Samme

Come visit me, Angel Samme ((*.*)) RIP sweet Acorn 188686.

08/19/2011 11:40.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kate!
Congratulations on your new babies! How are they doin?
Tanya is getting to be a big girl! She still looks tiny beside me (lol) but big compared to the day we brought her home. What have you been up to? We've been enjoying sunny perfect weather, well up until today, when the sunshine said bye-bye and the rain said Hi. Oh well, the lawn and plants outside needed it.
Tanya has been living in mom's room until her big outside hutch is built. But she plays outside in her little pen on the lawn. The other day she was in her pen and mom brought our doggy sister, Peaka outside on a leash. Peaka must have scared Tanya because all of the sudden she literally BURST the pen open and started running around. Peaka thought Tanya was inviting her for a game of tag and she'd never say no to one of those so she started pulling at the leash. Luckily mom's brother was there to hold Peaka back while mom caught Tanya. But Tanya had other plans...she ran down to the beach and then hopped around in circles. (mom ended up playing Peaka's part in the game of tag). Mom was walking calmly behind Tanya waiting for a good chance to put her hand over her and try to pick her up. When mom finally did get a hold of her, Tanya let out the LOUDEST shrieks mom had ever heard. It sounded like a little girl being terrorized by a monster or something. Mom was just holding her gently and slowly stroking her trying to calm her down. Tanya stopped after a while and then mom's brother came running down to see what was the matter. Mom felt bad because any animal making that noise must be scared out of its wits. Rabbits are usually silent, in fact that was the first time Tanya ever made a vocal sound. Topaz made a similar sound one time when he jerked his leash from mom's hand and then it got stuck on something and he panicked. Us bunnies are weird...Tol (thumpin out loud). Mom fixed Tanya's pen now so she won't be able to break out of it again. Although mom felt really bad when Tanya screamed, the whole scene was kinda hysterical. Poor Tanya...

Here's a bOuNcE on your vote bunny!

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & Tanya

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/18/2011 06:37.16 PM Report This Comment  
on being a MOM agains. Hope you and the babies have a great day.

Come visit me, Shaman.

08/14/2011 11:09.54 AM Report This Comment  
you had more babies!!!! Well congratulations . Hope you take a break afore you have the next litters. Don't want you to get wore out. HAve a great day.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

08/14/2011 10:59.01 AM Report This Comment  
Awwww does babies are da cutest!!! Congrats!!! Is bet dey just keeps yous so busy! Take care now!!!

Come visit me, Toast da AngelFerret.

08/14/2011 07:30.49 AM Report This Comment  
I saw your comment on Bella's page and I hate to be rude, but how do you know Pony jack? I know her to! Your hamster is very cute! Left a vote!

Come visit me, Shamrock rabbit gang! online monthly.

08/14/2011 06:37.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hay there, Katie!
Hello furiends. Golly, is it just me or has it been a wee little too long of a whiles since I last dropped (hopped?) by. I hope thee and thine have been well since my last social call! Tol. ("thumpin out loud" for those less familiar with Ol' Topes' own language)
First of all, I'm going to ask that lame OLD (not to mention extremely overused) question "How R U?" hahaha. Well, I hope, but now on to me. TOL, TOL, TOL.
Guess what? I got myself a cute lil baby girl bunny now. Yup, mom finally did it. She brought home a new bunny!!! Her name's Tanya, since I told mom it HAD to start with a T. hehe. She is super duper cute but the only thing is...that she acts just like Me! I'm not quite sure how to take it. Cause mom said I'm special. Then she brought home a new bunny.....that acts just like Me! Oh well.
Anyway, there are lots of pics of the little Princess on MY page for ya'll to see. I know, I was like, WHAT THE HECK?! When I found out mom was going to make ME share MY page with another bunny! Well, at least she's a cute one, but that means she steals attention from me!!!! Yikes!
My doggy sister Peaka is running for Dog of the Month on DC so mom has been busy helping her send out her daily blogs. Everyone loves the facts, stories, and fun things she has been sharing and she is having a blast doing it. Things are very different on DC and asking for votes isn't minded like it sometimes is here on SAC.

Hope you are having a great Saturday! Come by when ya can.

Here's a bOuNcE on your bunny!


Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

08/06/2011 01:47.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kate!
Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! Your pics are made and in my Gallery. (:

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline :(.

08/01/2011 09:40.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Kate
Where did ya go? dook dook My Mommy has been really busy and it's gettin harder for me to stay caught up with my friends. I hope all is good with ya and William and your kids too. Fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

07/20/2011 01:45.36 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Katie.

07/18/2011 06:45.34 PM Report This Comment  
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