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Hi! My name is Sparkles Sweet Angel RIP 3/2/2012.

I am a Gerbil from San Francisco.

2 years old


Sparky, The Sparkler, The Sparkplug, Sparklepuss, Sparky Malarkey


In the kitchen

They give me my favorite treats

Nipping my Mom's acrylic fingernails and chewing itty bitty holes in my Dad's Polo shirts!

I can chew an entire willow ball in less than 60 seconds!

When my wheel falls over just as I'm hitting warp speed!

No response IS a response!

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  Hi Sparkles!
I don't know if you remember us (Diamond and Oynx) but we're back on SAC! We earned our angel wings around the same time as you. We just wanted to stop by and say hello! Left a vote as well

Come visit me, Chibi, Daisy, Smokey, Loki, Nessa & Diamond and Oynx *Angels*.

06/04/2014 03:32.01 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I know it's been a very long time since I've blogged properly to everyone. In that time we rescued another grey squirrel. As you know, her name was Hazelnut and she lived for almost a year.

She was doing so well despite being a little nuts from falling out of her nest and even though we were able to release her into the wild of our property she depended on us for her food, water, and shelter.

Unfortunately, our new puppy managed to catch her and so ended the life of Hazel.

On a happier note, just this month we found a 5 week old California Ground Squirrel. Her name is Nugget and she has her very own profile and would love a visit from you.

She's a real sweetheart, very smart, very cute, and very friendly. We are currently feeding her milk formula and a huge variety of greens, veggies, and rat pellets.

We will be keeping her as a pet and have already purchased a nice 2 story ferret cage for her which she absolutely loves.

I'll be uploading some video of her soon. She's just too cute for words. I'm not planning on writing many more blogs but will let Nugget take over the writing. She always has a lot to say! I remember being like that!

I hope life is going well for you. Leaving a vote and my best for a wonderful summer.


Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

05/26/2014 12:47.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Well, after your sweet blog I couldn't resist a quick visit. I haven't been very active on here lately. Mama has been so busy and now one of our horses is running for hotm on the HC. So, lots of blogging!

Hazelnut has been preparing for the winter by making herself lots of luxury homes. I guess she's figuring the humans will provide for her winter food. And she's right! What a spoilt brat!

It was so nice to hear from you. Leaving you a vote.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

09/25/2013 11:08.34 PM Report This Comment  
on winning critter of the day. Wow, look at that! My vote put you in the spotlight. I'm so happy!

I hope you and Acorn had a wonderful time celebrating today.

Here's another vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

06/13/2013 11:16.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi There Sparkles!!
Congrats on being COTD!!
I left you a vote!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

06/13/2013 07:25.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you so very much for the kind welcome. What a way to join the SAC with such a lovely poem!

I'm leaving you vote 270 just like you asked!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

06/12/2013 12:06.51 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I know it's been a long time since I stopped by. Well, a lot has been going on. It was so cool running for critter of the month and then being in the spotlight for January.

I've been intending to stop by earlier with my thanks for your support and congratulations. Unfortunately, mama has been sick for 3 months now with one cold after another, a couple of bouts with the flu and now she's on her 3 consecutive bout of antibiotics. What a pain, huh?

Anyway, I told mama that enough is enough, It's time I stopped by and said hello to my friends. So, here I am!

Mama brought all her plants inside when winter set in. Well, I had one of my fellow squirrels plant an acorn (Yep, an ACORN) in the pot of her avocado tree. And now she has her own personal little oak tree. It's thriving in its own little pot now and mama will put it outside in spring.

Well, oak trees are not rare, after all, we live in a forest, but this one is special. Don't you think?

Well, I'll try to keep mama healthier so that I can stop by more often. Can't promise anything though.

I hope you're doing great and enjoying some nice spring weather. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

03/11/2013 11:52.46 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I had great plans on stopping by everyone's pages with greetings but I simply ran out of time. It seems we're always rushing from one thing to another and scrambling in between while juggling 10 different concurrent jobs! Hey, try saying that 10 times fast! :)

Anyway, what I was trying to say was a belated "Merry Christmas!" I hope you had a wonderful celebration and got tons extra yummy treats and presents. And now best wishes for the new year!

Thank you so much for supporting me this month with votes and blogs. I really appreciate everything you've done. Tomorrow will be my 1st anniversary of passing on. A bittersweet day which I hope will end with my new critter of the month award to ring in the new year.

Happy New Year! And here's a vote of friendship for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/30/2012 02:22.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sparkles!
Thank you for the visit & vote! And Tanya & Enya say thank you for your compliment on their pink attire. Hehe. How was your Christmas? We are excited for New Year's.
You are adorable. We have a gerbil brother whom we love a lot. His name is Fettucini and he's a real sweetie. We think gerbils' "smiles" are toooo cute.
Here's a vote for you, and thanks again fr coming by! :)

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & the girls

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

12/28/2012 03:22.53 PM Report This Comment  
  NO, you could never drive me nuts. And you could never drive mama nuts either because she already is! How are you doing? I'm sorry for not stopping by the past few days. Guess what! Mama was busy. Same old lame excuse, if you ask me.

It started snowing yesterday and now we have over a foot of snow and it's still snowing! Did you see the photo of my whirligig? Mama just posted another one of it with the snow. Do you like it?

And, when she posted the earlier photo she also posted a photo of our local herd of elk. She was out driving one of the horses and saw them. She's hoping to get really close next time and take better shots.

Maybe tomorrow we can make a snowman. And drive a sleigh! Have a great weekend. Leaving you a vote and thank you so much for yours!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/22/2012 12:42.16 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I'm sorry I haven't stopped by the past few days. Mama has been so busy and she worked right through my usual blogging time several nights in a row. So inconsiderate!

But she did do one thing right. This morning she finally put up my whirligig! Yep, the one her saluki friend made in my honour. She put it on the gate post to Pippin's pen. That way everyone can see it when they take out the horses or the cars. She didn't take a photo of it yet though because today was too grey and dreary. She'll take a photo of it tomorrow though, dreary or not! Hey, she can always use the flash!

So, I hope she'll post the photo tomorrow night. Thanks so much for your support. It means the world to us! Leaving a vote for you in much appreciation. And I LOVE reading your poetic blogs! You're so clever for a tiny gerbil.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/14/2012 01:00.46 AM Report This Comment  
  It was so wonderful to hear from you again. Thank you for your amazing blog. They're always a joy to read. Thank you also for your amazing support! Wow, I just love it when my extended family stops by to adore me! Of course, I am adorable so I know you can't help it. :) I really appreciate your friendship and support for me this month.

Even though it's been almost a year since I left this world I know that I left a legacy. I made in impact on the lives of those I knew. Mama likes to recount a story the neighbours told about me. I used to go over there too and beg for peanuts. They would offer me a handful and I'd take one but if I saw that I didn't take the biggest and the best I'd put that one back and choose another! Smart, huh?

Talking of making an impact, you won't believe what Melian did tonight. She likes to chase Pippin and bite at his butt and heels. Mama yells at her but she won't listen so mama usually holds her until he's in his pen. Well, tonight Melian came out of nowhere and was growling really loudly as she bit at him. She's not being aggressive, it's just a game to her, however Pippin gets quite annoyed. He kicked her and hit her right on the eye. Poor Melian started swelling up immediately and has a cut on her eyebrow. Mama gave her metacam and that brought down the swelling quite quickly but I bet she has a bad headache. I doubt she's learnt her lesson though. We'll see!

Thank you again for your daily votes for me this month. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Leaving a vote for you. Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. Please stop over by the HC too and vote for my friend's young son who is running for hotm. Trigger 227894

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/09/2012 01:23.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey, how are you doing? Are you staying dry? I sure hope so! It's so very wet over here and we have flooding in our valley. Poor Eddie, the BIG horse, has to use Pippin's pen because his is a lake now. Actually, he seems to like Pippin's pen better anyway.

Mama wants me to run for critter of the month since on New Year's it will be a year since I passed over to this side. I guess she thinks it's a nice way to honour me and the wonderful impact I had on their lives.

A couple of days ago I asked some of Melian's friends to help me because they know me too and consider me a part of their extended family. But, of course, it's friends like you who are cute and fuzzy like me, that mean the most to me.

Will you help me win cotm? Someone told me that you might disagree with me running. They told me that those who have been on this channel a long time don't like anyone running for cotm. Is that true? Mama has been on this channel since it first started and had no idea about this. If it's a problem then we won't do it. We don't want to lose our friends over this honour.

Let me know either way, will you? Leaving a vote of friendship. And I hope you're staying warm and dry!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/05/2012 11:42.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Just dropping by with a vote from Pippin. He says thank you so much for stopping by his page. He loves visits from his tiny gerbil friend.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

11/30/2012 12:56.44 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? Yesterday and today was raining so mama spent yesterday making pumpkin pies from her own pumpkins. She's very proud of her pumpkins. Silly mama.

Oh, talking of silly mama, she went driving a friend's horse on Thursday and while she was rubbing him down afterwards Melian, the dog, saw something and ran around the corner to investigate. Uh oh, she recognized the critter. She wanted mama to see it so she headed it in her direction. She growled, barked, and called mama to come quickly. Mama yelled at her, "Melian, that had better NOT be a …" and as she said the last word "SKUNK" she rounded the corner and the skunk ran right into her almost hitting her legs.

She sighed and the skunk took one look at her, turned around, and ran the opposite direction. Melian was keeping her distance but still, she thought mama would want to see it which is why she had directed it towards her. Mama yelled at Melian to get out of the way, which she did in a hurry, and the skunk high-tailed into the barn and hid behind a tractor. Melian was not allowed to check on it. Poor Melian! :(

Close call, huh? Anyway, that was our latest adventure. Maybe we'll have another one tomorrow. Here's a vote for you. Hope you had a great weekend!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

11/19/2012 12:11.50 AM Report This Comment  
  I just wanted to stop by and see how your mama and family are doing. I know that you and I are doing fine because we have all kinds of adventures together. So much fun, huh?

Thanks so much for stopping by Pippin's page. He always loves your visits. You can jump on his back and run to and fro in his mane.

Here's a vote in your memory.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

10/22/2012 11:48.28 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? Wow, has it been a long time since I blogged or what? Yep, I'm so busy up here with you, Sparkles, and all the duties of a heavenly squirrel that I've not had much time for blogging and other earthly activities.

I always enjoy your rhyming blogs and your messages. They make me and mama smile! I'm just sorry that we've not been by lately. Thank you for not forgetting me!

Mama had a bunch of saluki friends visit her over the weekend and one of them made a squirrel whirligig in honour of me. How sweet! Once mama has figured out the perfect spot for it she'll take a photo and post it on my page.

I won critter of the day on the 10th of September. Yep, I'm late with sending out my thanks!

Here's a vote for you and I hope you're doing fine. We're enjoyed a long Indian summer over here. Mama still hasn't had any frost yet!

PS If you get a chance, will you vote for Pippin my mini horse brother in these 2 contests? They end very soon and you only need to vote once. Thank you!

http://apps. contestshq/ contests/ 267994/ voteable_ entries/ 58608501 (remove spaces)

Here's the 2nd, Dover Saddlery. One vote and it ends in a few days.

http:// iframe.wizehive .com/voting / view/ doversaddlery photocontest- 2012/ 8158/ 786534/0 (remove spaces)

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

10/12/2012 12:31.45 AM Report This Comment  
09/15/2012 09:12.40 AM Report This Comment  
07/28/2012 03:06.16 PM Report This Comment  
07/25/2012 07:12.24 PM Report This Comment  
  From Tootsie
Please vote Tootsie # 235338 COTD!

Come visit me, Sir Buckley Kip & Monsieur Pascal Bo.

06/04/2012 10:15.22 AM Report This Comment  
  I hope you're all doing fine. I got a very late start tonight with my blogging. After 1am and I haven't even started! Thank goodness I'm a horse and don't need to sleep much. If I were a human I'd be really tired by now. We horses only sleep about 4 hours a day so I'm up most of the night secretly playing with my huge wooden spool and my ball. The humans have NO idea at all that I do that. hehe I always ensure that the coast is clear before I attempt any serious play. In the morning they find my toys in different positions from the night before but they still haven't figured it out! Silly ones!

Since it is so late I'm going to make this short. Last night I thought about the fact that so many of you didn't get the pleasure of knowing Joanna and I thought that perhaps you could learn a little bit from your own experience. Perhaps you haven't thought about it, but Pixie Dust's profile has remained untouched since Joanna passed away. That means that all of the information on her pages is written by her!

Take a moment and read the "How we met" section at the top of Pixie Dust's page. And see for yourselves how Joanna felt about horses and especially Pixie.

And if anyone has missed one of my blogs and wants to read them, I've posted them each day on Pixie Dust's page.

Take care everyone and thank you so much for your support!

Oh, and I almost forgot! The most important thing of all. Tomorrow, the 18th, is my birthday! I will be 7 years old. What a great age! Mama says I'm in my prime. Personally I've always considered myself in my prime. I'm not entirely sure what she means…

I have a feeling I know what she's going to get me. She gets me the same gift every year! My annual shots! :( Can you believe it? At least I'll also get some extra treats too. I love food. Food is yummy. Food is good. Mmm, I'd better go and check and see if I missed anything in my manger.

Thank you to all who already stopped by with birthday wishes for me. I really appreciate it! I'll blog personally when I get a chance.

Leaving a vote of appreciation.

Pippin 11626

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

04/18/2012 01:36.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Remembering Joanna
How are you doing? Still missing Sparkles, I bet.

Remembering Joanna

All through the month of April we on the Horse Channel want to honour a dear friend who passed away last year. In February her beloved pony, Pixie Dust, also passed away to join her in the next life.

Please come and support Joanna (RIP) and her pony, Pixie Dust (RIP) 101958 on the Horse Channel for horse of the month. We would greatly appreciate your daily votes for her. And don't forget that you can blog on the HC without an account.

Perhaps some of you remember me mentioning Joanna last year when she died. She was a very special friend. She was bedridden for many years but didn't lose her happy spirit. She was on the HC for 3 years and blogged regularly, always having a kind word for those in trouble. Not once did any of us suspect that she wasn't well! At the age of 34 she passed away peacefully at home.

On my pages I have photos of Joanna in bed being visited by Pixie Dust. She had a wonderful relationship with her pony and made friends easily with all those who were blessed to have her in their lives.

Vote Pixie Dust daily in April! HC 101958

Thank you! And here's a vote for your page!

Pippin HC 11626
Melian DC 141414
Tom CC 66957
Acorn SAC 188686
Pond Creature FC 49444
Kermit RC 47121 (Just won rotm!)

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

04/01/2012 10:57.40 PM Report This Comment  
  We Miss You!
03/29/2012 12:28.24 PM Report This Comment  
Oh, I am so very sorry to hear the sad news of my favourite gerbil. Such a friendship we had but it is not over as I will take care of you up here and we shall be together forever! And warm. Oh so cozy and warm.

I managed to sneak some time on the computer to blog my friends. You wouldn't believe how busy we can get up here! I've been working on making the weather really nice and warm for mama. I've given her a few nice spring days. Really I had to do something because I made a big mistake!

A couple of weeks ago I wasn't paying attention and someone made it snow! Yep, a huge snowstorm and here they thought they were going to get away with a snow free winter!

Anyway, to make up for my oversight I gave her a few spring days. However that was hard work so now I'm resting and enjoying all the treats that are up here for me to munch on. And yep, you guessed it, it's raining and snowing again. I see the wind is already bringing in a storm but I'm just too tired and perhaps a tad lazy to do anything about it.

How is the weather down there? Are you planning on some nice warm days for your humans? I hope so!

Here's a vote for you and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Spring is just around the corner. Which does hint of a touch of sadness since mama was looking forward to meeting my babies this spring. Ah, it was not to be. And now I know it was not for you to see spring either.

P.S. A note from Acorn's mama. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I shed a few tears with yours for your beloved Sparkles. We sure do get so attached to our furry little friends, don't we?

I feel some comfort and I hope you do too, that he opened his eyes one last time and so died peacefully in your hands. If I were a gerbil that's the way I'd want to go.

Rest in peace, sweet Sparkles.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

03/15/2012 07:46.09 PM Report This Comment  
03/02/2012 04:34.52 PM Report This Comment  
  HI SPARKLES!!! It's me Charlie, thanks for the cool writings of the poetic type. You is very clever!!
Prickly Love,
Charlie and the gang!!

Come visit me, Mary, Charlie, Basil, Quigley, Ketchup, Shannon, Bandit, Jesse & Mayonaisse.

02/28/2012 01:03.44 PM Report This Comment  
  P.S. I'm a girl!

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

02/11/2012 12:29.53 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing now, Sparkles? I'm so sorry that you were cared for (or not cared for as is the case) by people who weren't trustworthy! But I'm glad you're doing better and not planning on joining me too soon. Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my passing. Yes, it's me, Acorn, writing! Mama wasn't sure what she was going to do. She's never let her animals who have passed on blog because it makes her too sad but she decided to make an exception for me. And good thing too! What would SHE write about on here?

So, here I am, writing from the other side. And I've instilled some of my cheekiness in my squirrel friends that I left behind. Mama was driving home a couple of days ago and a squirrel was crossing the driveway. Unlike her neighbour, she stopped and didn't run it over!

The squirrel had a huge peanut in its mouth. One of mine, I know. Mama has been putting out my peanuts and acorns for the other squirrels. Anyway, not to begrudge food I can no longer eat, the squirrel scampered a few feet and sat down. Mama drove a few more feet. The squirrel hopped a couple more and stopped. Mama drove a couple more… you get the picture.

Finally, the squirrel ran into the carport. Mama drove halfway in and the squirrel stopped and started burying the peanut right there in the gravel while mama sat patiently with the engine running watching the little sneak!

She had two dogs with her in the car, Melian and Kermit, who were going insane. As soon as she let them out they took off into the forest like flying banshees. Good thing the squirrel was long gone by then! They knew me but who knows what they would do with a strange squirrel.

Anyway, it's good to be back online. Even if it's only in the spirit. I hope you have a great weekend! And here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

02/11/2012 12:28.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya Sparkles
02/10/2012 11:35.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sparkles
01/30/2012 06:43.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh, I am glad to hear that you're hanging in there, Sparkles! Just a quick vote and note tonight to let you know we're thinking of you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

01/29/2012 11:28.46 PM Report This Comment  
01/22/2012 07:01.19 PM Report This Comment  
  I's be on da lookout!!!!
I's be on da lookout fos dat sweet Sparkles and will give her da bestest ride on my firetruck she ever had!!! She such a sweet ting!! Is know and feel your pain! And da pain of dat nasty big "C"! Is too had dat! A different "C" of course but it is such a bad word! It would be such an awesome ting if dere was no "C" word! One day it won't be a "C" word, dats fos sure! Is knows dat Dragon and all of us heres will give hers da best welcomes anyone could evers wants!!! Yous jest say de word! Is know yous scared and hurts right now, but just feel da love and feel da hugs of us holding you coz we be doing dat right now!!! We feel your love so we be dere wiff you!!! (((((HUGS))))) Is sorry too dat yous and sparkles has to go thru all dis!

Come visit me, Toast da AngelFerret.

01/22/2012 01:07.17 PM Report This Comment  
  your words
i read what you left for acorn and it brought me to tears we are all praying for sparkles

Come visit me, r.i.p oryan.

01/19/2012 10:15.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh, I'm so sorry that little Sparkles is so sick. We are thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Leaving a get well vote.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

01/17/2012 11:17.16 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? I hope the new year is going well for you. I wanted to have Acorn stop by and wish all her friends a happy new year but our year started out very very sadly and I haven't been able to bring myself to spread the harsh news. Thank you for your kind words about Acorn's untimely death. It helps a lot and your beautiful poem made tears run down my face. I didn't know that Acorn was your first friend. The first is always special.

Now I'm ready to say what happened. On New Year's Eve, her life was cut short by a careless driver. We found her on our driveway. Single lane, wooded, private, gravel road. No one should be driving fast enough on it to hit anything! Our driveway is the right of way for several neighbours. We lost a dog years ago exactly the same way.

It makes me both simultaneously very sad and very angry. I can't believe how attached we were to that cute little squirrel. She taught me that squirrels are extremely smart and adept at twisting people around their little fingers. We fed her breakfast every morning and often throughout the day she'd climb on us and beg for a treat.

It was just so awful. At 1.5 years old she was in the prime of her life and I was prepared to have her around for at least another 14 years. And her first babies would have been born this spring! I miss her. It's hard to write this without a few tears.

I hope things are better for you than they are for us. Have you seen Nutz again? What a special boy. Wishing you all the best in the new year. Can you believe that January is already half over?

Here's a vote for you.

P.S. I still haven't found the results of the poetry contest. I wrote my poem about Acorn the day before she died.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

01/16/2012 12:45.19 AM Report This Comment  
Hi! My Name is Sandstorm Icklebockien and I'm running for February COTM on SAC I hope you'll support me during my run. I'm a 7 year old Champagne Mitt ferret from Middleburg FL, I enjoyed playing with my friends Mario, Blacktail, Luigi, & Draco I was a happy ferret until Draco left for the rainbow bridge March 5th 2011 we planned to go to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, but I left to go to the rainbow bridge November 10th so I didn't get to go to North Carolina. The others left for North Carolina on November 19th I watched it all- They packed the night before, got up at 3:00 AM left by 4:30 AM when they got to Atlanta GA they stopped they were gone less than 7 minuets but when they came back The window was broken and a pet bag was gone so was some ferret bedding but the rest of it went well but they said they wished I had been able to come. Please vote for me daily in February so I can win in March, to search by page number switch the numbers at the end to 158589 and you'll get to my page!

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

01/15/2012 12:21.49 PM Report This Comment  
  I don't have a lot of time to write but I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your kind words about Acorn's passing. I miss her so much and it's a little painful to write on here but I will eventually send out a blog and tell all of her friends about this terrible tragedy.

Thank you for your congratulations on my poem win. Did I really win? I can't find it anywhere on the website. I wrote that poem just the day before she was killed. I loved your poem entry too!

Leaving a vote for one of my favourite friends.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

01/09/2012 12:10.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Omg! Sparkles
01/07/2012 05:26.36 PM Report This Comment  
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