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Hi! My name is Gizmo.

I am an Abyssinian Guinea Pig from Tallahassee.

Less than a year old



On top of my house in my cage staring at mommy waiting on my veggies!

Even with me going through tough medical times right now, my mommy is still there for me to take care of me and get me the medications I need to make my little heart tick right .. and I love her bunches for that! <3


Whatever celebrity is awesome!

No scratching on my back! I like smooth, soft petting on my back ..

Live the guinea pig way!

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  Long time no see!!!
Wanted to stop by and say hi!!!!! :) Left a vote...busyyyyyyy lol!!!!

Come visit me, Sugar & Cinnamon.

12/23/2011 08:54.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo!
Here's a vote!

Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

08/18/2011 06:37.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo
We are trying to get more active.
Sorry it has been like forever since
we have been on. Mozie our DogBro tries
to hog the computer. Today is a special
day so through much begging we are on...
It's our BIRTHDAY! We are turning three
we don't feel it, so on that note we are
going to hop around this channel. Leaving
votes for you.

Come visit me, Mocha and Shadow.

08/10/2011 06:24.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey friends! I'm so sorry that its been so long! I'm not gonna be able to get on too often, but boy will I try! Just for all of you!

And for those of you who don't know my official blogging policy - whenever I leave a blog, I will ALWAYS leave a vote! Even when I don't say so, know that I ALWAYS do! Hehe!

Anyway, Momma has very exciting news! Exactly 68 days ago (yes, we do count!), we welcomed two new furry friends into our family: Pepper and Bentley! Pepper is a tiny, black, and friendly purebred Holland lop. Her daddy does shows! And Bentley is a little Lionhead rascal that is curious and always getting into trouble. But we love them both and I get to go out in the grass with them sometimes!

Pepper is my Mommy's bunny. On the same day she got Pepper, her sister just HAD to get a bunny, too! So, we got little man Bentley, too! Just like how when Mommy got me, her sister got Spooner (who Mom will be making a page for). At least we get to expand our family!

Well my friend, after today, I will no longer be a one-man show. After today, 3 more furry friends will be added onto our SAC family! Oh boy, good luck! Hehe! Hope to see you around, and thanks ever so much for being my friend.

Hamster Huggles,

Come visit me, Paco #205159 *New Pics!*.

08/02/2011 02:41.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizzy!!!
Man, I haven't squeaked to my bestest gal pal in a long time! So sorry I have been gone! So what have you, Jinxie, and Big Momma doing?
Love and hugs,
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

06/12/2011 06:13.46 PM Report This Comment  
.¸¸.•*¨*•.hop¸¸.•*¨*•.pop¸¸. •*¨*•.¸¸.hop¸¸.•*¨*•.pop

(still poppin balloons-TOL!!)

Hello furiends! It's me, Topes! How are you today?
I hope this month of May, which is slipping away, has brought you good times and many laughs. Are ya'll ready fur summertime now? I was ready last fall. he,he.
It has been very beautiful here the last couple weeks. Just sunshine and more sunshine. We are enjoying seeing how the property around our new house looks now that all the snow is gone. The lake is more beautiful than mom ever imagined it would be. Every morning when the sun comes up it sparkles like diamonds. Almost a whole side of the house is big windows so we have a nice view of the lake. Mom can't wait to go swimming in it once it warms up a tad bit. I personally think she's crazy.
Thank you so very, very much to all who came by with birthday wishes for me on my special day (and after too). I was surprised how many remembered it and felt so special to get all those kind blogs. I had a great birthday and mom took lots of pics. They're all up and ready on my page so you can see. hehe. Oh and in case anyone is wondering if I actually ate the cake, well, I took one lick and was done with it so mom and the rest of the family ate it and all agreed it was one of the most delicious cakes any of them had ever had. I would have preferred a real carrot over one made of frosting. Silly mom. She forgets I'm not human.

Here's to a wonderful, fun-filled summer for you and all your loved ones....and 'course a big bOuNcE on that black bunny of yours.


Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

05/24/2011 08:19.32 PM Report This Comment  

*pause....pokes head around corner* Whew, I made it! Well this time I didn't take them hostage. They know my tricks now so that will never do, ya know how I got here this time? Well I had to steal the puters and hop off with it. TOL! They'll never catch this bunny wabbits. I better keep my ears open fur 'em though, you can bet those dogs are on my trail this very moment.
How has your spring been so far? Mine has been nice. We have had hardly any rain and lots of beautiful sunny days with blue skies. I have taken mom (hehehe) for wots of walks around the property. Last time we went out mom took some pics and I picked out a whooping 40 of them to upload. Just can't get enough of me. I don't know why mom wastes camera battery and card space, and that's not including her precious time, to photograph my canine and feline siblings. Ahh well. Oh and you know what's great? I didn't have to tie her up this time to sit down and type for me. :)
I hope all my friends' mommies and all the sweet moms everywhere who do so much for their families have a very happy and blessed Mother's Day tomorrow. I am especially looking forward to tomorrow because it is also my birthday and I will be 4 years old! I can't wait...but I guess I have to. Thump thump. Mom, can't we just say my birthday's today?! Or can we celebrate twice??? TOL.
Ah shucks, here come those two dogs. And always when I'm having fun...gotta hop.

Here's a big bOuNcE on that vote bunny of yours, my friend, and I'm wishing you a fabulous rest of the weekend.


P.S. Which one of you cuties is big momma?

Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

05/07/2011 06:49.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Vote 125!
Sounds fun!! Hehe! And she was pregnant!? Wooh, talk about surprising. Hehe! And Mommy's cat had kittens. They were soo cute! She kept one and gave the others to friends. Then the one she kept ended up being a kitten maker.. She'd go outside whenever she WASN'T pregnant and get pregnant.... All the time! Hehe! We finally spayed the big bellied kitty, but she wasn't very happy!

Hamster Huggles,

Come visit me, Paco #205159 *New Pics!*.

04/28/2011 04:27.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Vote 124!
Vote 124! :) whoa, really?! That's soo cool! Momma always wanted to have baby animals running amuck in our house! Hehe! She's very jealous:) but she is in the process of breeding Betta fish (bay-tah), aka siamese fighting fish. She has all the stuff, including yucky live microworms she ordered on ebay for the babies.hehe! Anyway, enough about mommas boring little life! :) you have a great day!

Hamster huggles,

Come visit me, Paco #205159 *New Pics!*.

04/27/2011 06:57.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Gizmo! :)
Vote 123! Hehe what a cool number eh? But I'm a teddy bear hamster. Hehe! I'm fuzzy and friendly, which is why mommy looked at me in the store! :) anyway, thanks a whole bunch for the easter wishes! Hope you had a great one too!

Hamster huggles,

Come visit me, Paco #205159 *New Pics!*.

04/25/2011 01:55.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Vote #122!
Hello! Aw, what a cute critter you are! My name is Paco. If your Mommy has any dogs, you may know Angel Diamond #121420 and family. Im from that ka-razy household! Giggle! Anyway, Here's droppin' by with a vote and happy Easter wishes! Hope to see you around, new friend! :)

Hamster Huggles,

Come visit me, Paco #205159 *New Pics!*.

04/23/2011 08:46.29 AM Report This Comment  
We had a great weekend! Mom wishes she had an outdoor area for me too. The weather here is great too. Mom got more pictures of Alice she has to put on. I keep telling her to, but she forgets! Hmph. I'm the Queen of the house! She has to remember what I say, right?! SOL. Pawing your bunny!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

04/10/2011 03:52.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo!!
I had a great time with my baby girl! Mom took a lot of pictures, I'll have to post them some time. Hope you are having a great day! WhAcKeD your bunny!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

04/06/2011 02:47.07 PM Report This Comment  
  You'll never guess
who this is...Well to keep you from guessing anymore I'll just tell ya....Topaz! Did you guess? I can't believe it has been since LAST YEAR I did my rounds...boy these ol' hoppers sure did need a stretch. Nope, I wasn't hibernating. I've been busy posin fur the camera, as you can see. But that's not WHY you haven't heard from me in ages and ages and ages (okay maybe not but it sure seemed like it). You see, I have the worst, and I mean absolute WORST mom in the whole wide world when it comes to being fare about who's blogs she does. Ever since December I have had to watch my dog siblings mess around with all their friends on DC and when I asked mom to do MINE or reminded her how painfully LONG it had been since I got to visit any of MY friends...she simply ignored me!! I also have to 'share' (yeah right!) the short-handed secretary with three cats, but the dogs hardly ever let them blog so they're not really an issue. In case you're wondering just HOW I got on today...Well I can proudly tell you that both dogs are being held hostage and mom is tied down to a chair with the computer until I get to visit each and every one of my critter friends and tell them I'm ALIVE and thumpin. So here I am. Did you miss me?...Or should I say, do you remember me? Now that you've heard the story...I shall begin with telling you...oh wait first, how ya been?! I hope all my friends did not died of worry or grief while I was away, TOL!! (thumpin out loud, and btw, I made that up). Now that you know I'm alive and before I go on to any hoppenings around here, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping over to celebrate my 3rd cotd on Dec 30th. I was so surprised and glad when I saw me own self lookin back at me from the gold frame. And an even bigger thank you to everyone who pawed my vote bunny the day before. I greatly appreciate all the times critters have come over and visited me. Your friendship means very much to me. Well now on to the news....My family bought a house in Nikiski (hour 45 min from Anchor Point, our previous location) and we moved in last week. The house is right on a beautiful lake (now covered with snow & ice of course) and there's a lawn running from the deck to the water. We are all enjoying the new house very much and I have been having loads of fun in mommy's room. The cats always hate it when I'm in there cuz I boss them around. hehe.
Well this blog sure has grown from a few sentences to one heck of a lengthy letter and I know you don't have all day to listen to me babblin so I'm gonna let you go. Thanks for listening. tol. I hope your spring is going well and I can tell you it won't be so long until you hear me hoppers again...I think this strategy is really workin...teeheehee. Here's a big bOuNcE on that black bunny o' yers...


Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

04/05/2011 06:40.18 PM Report This Comment  
Hehe I know right? (: Mom has to upload more pictures.

Awww silly Big Momma!!! Every time mom opens a jar or a package crinkles I automatically stick my nose thru the cage bars and reach out with my little paws!

Hope you all have a great day and better weather! ☀

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

03/30/2011 01:18.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sweet Gizmo!
Mommy uploaded one picture, it's of Alice on a pillow. (: She got mistaken that it was me, hehe! She's so big now.

It's raining here now too! It's Spring in Florida, for crying out loud. It's not supposed to rain! :(

Hope you have a pawsome Tuesday and left you a vote! (:

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

03/29/2011 08:50.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo!
I crack up every time I see your picture. It's so cute!

My weekend is going great! Mom cleaned my cage till it sparkled, I took a dust bath till I sparkled, and my baby girl is coming over tonight! I can't wait. (:

Aww it's raining? That stinks. It hot enough here to go swimming! I hope the piggies behave well when you try to give them a bath. Key word: Try. SOL!

I hope you guys have a super duper Sunday!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

03/27/2011 06:13.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo!
Awwww what an adorable picture of you! Mommy doesn't clip my nails, they are too short to be clipped. But she doesn't like clipping the doggy's nails. He's a big baby about it. He whines when mommy grabs the clipper!

I am SO excited to see my baby girl. (: Mommy can't wait too!

Mommy says the same thing about me! (Being happy, spoiled, and LaZy! Hehe!)

Hope you guys are having an awesome weeks and tomorrow's FRIDAY!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

03/24/2011 07:43.53 AM Report This Comment  
Aww how sweet! (: Sorry I haven't been on lately. Mom was sick for a while. I wasn't happy that she sick- no play time!

I'm glad you guys are doing well. Hehe, I guess Gizmo and I are both lazy! Mom says I'm chubby, but I tell her it's just my fur. I'm not chubby, I'm just fluffy!

I'm doing great! Oh guess what? You know how I had kits right? Well, they all got re-homed because mom didn't want three more little chins running around the house. Well, the owner of my only girl kit asked mom if she was willing to "chin sit" her! Of course mom said yes. I can't wait to see my little girl again. Her name was Layla, but her owners changed it to Alice. I'm so excited! (:

Left you a vote little Gizmo!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

03/20/2011 08:26.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Aww thank you!
That was so sweet of you. I'm glad to have you guys as friends. (: How are you lately? Leftca vote!
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

03/15/2011 05:18.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizzy and family!
Yep, thanks for telling me 'bout the sweet grass. I'm in love with it now, hehe. Yeah, raisins always do the trick, now I love going in the tunnel even without treats coaxing me inside. Can't wait to see the mousepad picture of the cute little piggies. (:
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/27/2011 06:32.55 PM Report This Comment  
Awww those cards must be so cute! Oh oh oh oh!!! I LOVE the sweet grass! Thanks so much for telling me about it. Hey Giz guess what mommy got me? She got a small leopard print cat tunnel for me! It has little holes on the top and I always peek through it! I love it! First I was afraid to go in it but then mommy put some raisins in it and I want afraid anymore! Hehe. Hope you guys have a great night!
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/26/2011 07:44.48 PM Report This Comment  
  hey gizmo!
you're adorable! here's a vote, i hope we can be friends!


Come visit me, Lennon, Pinky *RIP.<3*, Tinkerbell *RIP.<3* & Rummage.

02/24/2011 07:43.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Gizmo!
Yeah me too but I have never seen a chin or guinea pig win in a LONG time! Oh, the book thing, that you're gonna make on Shutterfly? Awww I'm glad for Big Mamma! I was like that too when mommy finally let me out of the carrier and into my favorite cage when mommy got me. Ohh I've been meaning to tell you about these awwsome treats my mom got me. I think they are called Veggie Rings and Mmmm they are SO yummy! They're for all small critters. (; My mom is going to go to PetSmart over the weekend, and she's gonna get the sweet grass hay! I can't wait. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/23/2011 01:06.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo!
That would be so cute. Did you make the booky thing yet? It's probably so cute! Yes I had a great Valentines day so did mommy. I got these yummy pink treats. Mommy forgets what they were called, hehe. Awww yayyyyy for Gizmoo! I'm so happy she's getting better! SOL, yes I know! At least a bunny won COTD today. No offensense to ferrets, but it gets old seeing them in that lil window. Aw I have to tell mommy to get me some of that Sweet Grass hay! Do ya know if chinnies can eat it? Have a great Saturday!
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/19/2011 07:36.58 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Sugar & Cinnamon.

02/18/2011 06:39.04 AM Report This Comment  
Yeah I get spoiled the most. Hehe. Mommy just went shopping for me! She got me these new treats that I love and this edible couch. I told mom the couch will be gone in a couple days, SOL! Same! I hope Cin and Sugar get back on soon. Mom made an account on shutterfly, I will see what mom can do! Hehe. Oh, Happy Valentines Day!!!!
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/14/2011 01:51.26 PM Report This Comment  
Hey girl!!

Me and all my other fur siblings (doggies, a kitty, turtles...) are spoiled too! But me and my dog sister Sparkle are the most spoiled, hehe. We are little princesses. SOL. I'm glad our owners have time for us unlike other owners. I hope everything is alright with Sugar and her family too. Ooh that's so cool about the mousepads! You should totally do that. I'll tell my mommy to go on there and make one! Hehe. Hope you and the gang have a great weekend after tomorrow! (:
Grace ♥
P.S. Left a vote, we want you to get COTD! (:

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/10/2011 05:02.49 PM Report This Comment  
Yeah, my mom hates that when people don't take care of their pets. You should always make time for them, no matter how busy you are. Yes I do get all the lovin and cuddles in the world!!! And I'm LOVING it! Hehe.

Aww have fun at work. "/ And no, I haven't heard from Sugar or Cinnamon. :( I hope they are alright. Left you a vote Gizmo. (:

Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/06/2011 04:52.48 PM Report This Comment  
  ♥ Gizmo ♥ Vote #112
Oh yes I very much love my dust baths!! They are SO fun. Ooh that's great that Big Momma got her very own spankin' new C&C cage!!! I have a big green cage, three stories with a storage thingy on the bottom and it's a rolling cage! Mom got me from a girl that didn't have time for me anymore...and the labels have peeled off the cage so mom doesn't know what kind of cage I have. Enjoy your weekend guys!!
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/05/2011 08:18.22 AM Report This Comment  
Aw big momma has the perfect name! SOL. How was your day today? Mom cleaned my cage today and gave me a dust bath!! Yay!
Grace ♥

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

02/03/2011 02:24.13 PM Report This Comment  
  TGIF! ♥

My mom cleans my cage every other day, so it's nice and clean! Then she gives me a dust bath so everything is clean! (:

I'm going to post a blog about mom's friend below. Thanks so much for caring. (: You guys are great friends. Hope you have a joyful weekend too.

Hi friends! We just wanted to update you on mom's friend that got in the car wreck. She is out of the hospital! She had a lot of cuts that needed stitches. Her right arm was broken in 2 different places, one spot in the upper arm and one in the lower. She had to have surgery on it and now it is in a cast. Other than that, she is doing great. Mom and I thank you all for your prayers. 

Now for COTM. It is getting very close to the end of the month. Only three more days till February! Ahhh! I am getting so excited and nervous and also a bit sad. I have met so many friends and I have had so much fun during this run. I wish Sparky the best of luck too. We both tried so hard. Thank you ALL who voted for Sparky and I. We both appreciate it very much. You guys are the best. 
Lots of Love,
Grace ♥


***Guinea Pigs: A happy guinea pig may jump straight up and down; this is called "popcorning" in juvenile guinea pigs.***
***Mice: Mice usually have a poor vision, which is why their activity is constrained to smell, taste, touch and hearing.***
***Gerbils: Thumping" is an interesting gerbil behavior. The gerbil will pound both hind legs on the ground when he is excited or stressed.***
***Ferrets: Ferrets have a musk gland that allows them to release a strong odor when provoked, angry or afraid.***

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

01/28/2011 02:49.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Gizmo!! <3
Hehe I'm glad little Jinxie and Gizzy were happy to be in their big cage again! If my mom takes me out of my cage and puts me in another, I start freaking out because I have been in that cage since I stopped drinking milk from my momma. I don't ever want to be away from my home sweet home. M

Mom and I had a great weekend. (: The weather here is so so. First it's nice and sunny, then it's raining a LOT, then it's cold. Florida has weird weather! Oh boy, I am glad I don't live up north either! Way too cold!! Brrrr*!
Grace ♥


Sorry! These facts aren't all that interesting. 

***Hamsters: Hamsters can only see up to six inches in front of them.***
***Guinea Pigs: The guinea pig pet is not at all related to the pig as we know it.***
***Mice: A mouse can jump down 12 feet without injury.***
***Gerbils: The world's oldest gerbil died at the age of 12 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days.***
PS. Left a vote!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

01/24/2011 05:15.42 PM Report This Comment  
  ♥ GIZZY!
Good afternoon sweet girl!

Thank you for blogging and voting. I missed you so much, I'm soooo happy to be squeakin to you again!

Have a fantastic Sunday Gizzy and Family!
Grace ♥


***Gerbils: Gerbils rarely squeak, usually you can only hear them if they are fighting or frightened. Scientists have discovered that gerbils actually communicate quite frequently, but since it is ultrasonic, we cannot hear it.***
***Ferrets: Ferret “was derived from the Latin furonem which means thief.”***
***Rabbits:  The longest-lived rabbit was nearly 19 years old when he died.***
***Chinchillas: Whenever they get frightened, chinchillas release a patch of fur, mainly to escape the grasp of a predator. The hair grows back after sometime.***

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

01/23/2011 12:10.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Gizmo!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the get well wishes and your prayers. It means so much to my mom. Oh guys, I have missed you too! So much! Thanks for the votes. It means so much to me. (:
I'll keep you posted! Mom is going to the hospital later today so she is trying to do all my blogs now.
Gracie ♥


***Chinchillas: We come in many different colors, including white, ebony, beige, standard grey, sapphire, violet and many combinations of these. I am a Standard Grey. (Grace)***
***Hamsters: Hamsters can travel about 8 Miles in search of food.***
***Guinea Pigs: A young guinea pig can run when they are only three hours old.***
***Mice: In Ancient Greece, the God Apollo was sometimes called Apollo Smintheus, which means Apollo the Mouse. To honor him, white mice were kept in Apollo's temples under the altar.***
Left you a vote!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

01/22/2011 09:53.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Where oh where is my bestest buddy???
Hey guys! I am so terribly sorry I have been gone for a while. Thank you all who continued voting and caring about me. There was family emergencies when I was gone. My mom's friend got in a car accident and she is in the hospital slowly recovering. Please pray for her. Mom could really use me winning COTM now. Her friend is very dear to her and she doesn't want to see her in pain. Seeing me in that special window could lift her spirits just a bit more. I hope you all are doing well, let me know how you have been doing. I have missed you guys so much. I hope you all had a great Martin Luther King Day. Mom was visiting at the hospital on that day. But we still remembered that great moment in history. Sparky, I hope you have been doing good with your campaigns, it is getting close to the end of the month. You deserve to win. Draco, thanks for caring and voting for me. You are a true friend. Thanks for the facts also. I will use them at the end of this blog. Tobi, I miss you. Where has my bunny friend gone? To everyone else, I will reply to your blogs when I can. I love you all.
Gracie ♥

(Thanks to Draco & Tobi for these facts)
***Ferrets: The Panda ferret is often thought to be a black and white ferret with black smudges or a black mask, this however is not true, according to The American Ferret Association, the Panda ferret is a ferret whith a solid white head and neck and a body of any color.***
***Rabbits: Altough adorable the floppy ears on "Lop" breed rabbits can abstruct you pet's hearing, so if your lop eared rabbit doesn't respond so some noise it may not be his/her falt.... But because of his/her ears!***
***Gerbils: Some people think that if their gerbel is stomping his/her foot that it is upset however this behavior is an attempt to alert others of danger.***
***Rats: Though rats are said to have foul body odor, clean smelling male rats may smell like warm Nacho chips and clean females are said to have a tint of Grape soda or Lavender.***
P.S. Left a vote!

Come visit me, ~◊~Grace's Photo Gallery~◊~ & ♥ GRACE ♥ Offline..Family problems...

01/21/2011 02:55.03 PM Report This Comment  
  stopped by to say hello... left a vote for you

Come visit me, Zoey.

01/20/2011 05:05.16 PM Report This Comment  
First COTM Campaign Blog

Wow! New Year all ready! 2011! It feels like we just started 2010! 
Hey, does anyone believe that the "World will come to an end in 2012"? I don't! Thats just a big myth that tries to scare us. 
As it is also the begininng of a New Year, it is also the beginning of my COTM run! If you don't already know me, my name is Grace, I'm a chinchilla, and I'm running for COTM January in Honor of my Angels, my mate, Angel Harvey, and my kit, Angel Mickey. My critter number is 185389. Please vote for me all through January! My theme is "Small Animals". After every blog I write, there will be an interesting fact or quote about the most common breeds of small animals, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. There might be a quote about your breed! 
For the beginning of the New Year, I will try to make it a happy and joyful one for all who I know, and for critters who I don't know. This will be an exciting run and I hope a happy one too. Also thank you all who supported my furiend Tobi #161148 during his COTM December run. It couldn't have been even possible without you! 
I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's and I am looking forward to meeting many new furiends during my COTM run! 
 Gracie ♥

Ferrets: Ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years; in fact, on the walls of some Egyptian tombs there are pictures of ferret-like creatures on leashes. 
Rabbits: The world record for the highest rabbit jump is 1 meter, and the record for the long jump is 3 meters, over 9 feet! 
Chinchillas: Chinchillas are believed to have the softest fur in the world, as much as thirty times softer than human hair. 
Hamsters: Hamsters can store food into their cheeks up to 20% of their body weight. 

Tomorrow there will be facts/quotes about Guinea Pigs, Mice, Gerbils, and Ferrets again! 

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I did have an AMAZING Christmas! I agree, the gift of friendship is the best present!
Oh Gizmo, I got half way through the box already! Teehee.
Grace ♥

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  ~:•:~Gizmo Girl~:•:~
Hello cutie, I was just doin' some visits an wanted to send my blog to you, too. How are ya? Hope things are goin well wiff you, Jinxie, and family.

hOp HoP hOp HoP bOuNcE bOuNcE bOuNcE...

whew, sure makes ya tired. But I made it. he,he. Been eatin' the goods an trimmin' the branches and now I gonna flop down fur a nice nap under me Christmas tree.

I hope your Christmas celebrations have been wonderful. Mom gave me a soft new bed & a yummy wabbit granola bar, and I gave her lots of kisses. he,he. We had a very nice Christmas and are so grateful for all the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us this year. Even amidst the sadness and despair throughout the world, there will always be some kind of joy and comfort to be found, if one will look for it.
When mom took her dad to the airport in Homer today, (he was going back to work in Bethal), she brought me. The ticket agents thought I was real cute n' han'sm and the ladies just aDoReD me. he,he. They liked my bling collar too. After we watched dad's plane fly away mom took me out to play in the snow. I went under a big tree and wondered why mom didn't get one like THAT to bring in the house. he,he. Just more yummy braches fur me to chew on.
While mom did some quick grocery shopping I waited in my comfy carrier and then we snuggled on the drive back home. Just a good, fun day. =)

Thank you to everyone who sent kind thoughts and hope to mom's little brother. I am very glad to tell you that he is doing MUCH better. His face was totally swollen but now he's a lot more back to normal and we can recognize him again. he,he.

I hope you have a wOnDeRfUr New Year ...'tis really coming up now! May many blessings be with you this New Year and throughout all the ones to come, family to guide you, friends to cheer you, God's loving hand to protect you.
'case some'in makes me hoppers trip an I not be able to tell ya this on the night of the last day of 2010...

~:o:~H!o!P!p!Y! n!E!w! Y!e!A!r!~:o:~

bOuNcIn yer bunny, never to be funny.

. • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • .Topaz

Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

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