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Hi! My name is Tundra.

I am a Ferret from Cambridge.

5 years old



Dark Sable

everywhere I can get to

she does loves me so much


teasing my hubby Gryphon and runnings away too fast for hims haha

My sister Shawnee RIP doll

being closed in cage time

go fast never slow sleep long

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Chickie Soup with spooky tone
HAUNTED STEW ( made with rarebutts and lots of surprises)
Fish chowder ( watch out for the eyeballs)
Honkin Meatballs
Gobllers Surprise with filling
Spooky fries
Barking hot dogs , with or without chilli
Mooing burgers , with or without cheese
Meatloaf Surprise ( you will be surprised if it stays on your plate)
Fruit and Chees plate IF the fruit and Cheese stop fighting with each other
Tossed salad , or is that ""TOSSING"" Salad
Cotton Candy with eyes
Spooky Surprise cake with whipped topping ( a tasty surprise in every slice)
Whoopin Whoopie pies , chocolate, banana, vanilla and vanilla raisen with either peanut
or vanila creme filling ( noisey little devils)
Marshmellow creatures all good enough to eat after you lose your fear of them
Halloween cookies all shapes, colors and flavors
Carmel and Candy Apples if we can get the APPLES TO CO OPERATE


Raisen wine
Blue Birch Beer
Root Beer ( no idea what roots its made of )
13 UP ( 7 UP plus 6 )
Spooky Apple Juice
Weasel Ale
Dandilion Wine
Berry Punch ( watch out it doesn't punch you )
Green Tea ( hope they strain off the mold)
Spring Water ( BOY does it have lots of SPRING in it)
Pumkin Ale
The NZ GANG led by Joey and Gryphon will be hosting a HAUNTED
NZ BARBEQUE with all the trimmins and a map of the future
NZ COLONY which will be built on the Big Island in the lake will be on display.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

10/16/2011 04:45.20 PM Report This Comment  
1. The train ride will operate with an ENGINERLESS engine and well who knows the engine
might even talk.
2. A HAUNTED HOUSE DARK RIDE where Critters will ride in carts/buggys thru different levels and rooms such as a SKULL room, a dungeon, graveyard, skeleton playing an organ, spider room , ETC
3. A HAUNTED TUNNEL OF LOVE/FRIGHT with loads of surprises both from the sides and the water. Boats will be shaped like:: Trout, Orca, Paerie dog, black n white cow, parrot, dragon, crocidile, and ghost.
4. The little horses will pull a hay wagon from the meadow to Pirates Cove where the Angel Pirates will give tours of the HAUNTED DRAGON PIRATE SHIP. Who knows what those GHOULISH Pirates will have in store for those brave enough to take the tour. Refreshments will also be available at Pirate Cove and then a return hayride to the meadow will be provided.
5. A HAUNTED WOODS will be done between the FALLS, the creek and the MEADOW. Spazz M has offered to be the GUIDE complete with mask and chainsaw. Miss Rosemary and her entouroge will do the ghost on the guide wire routine. Rumors of the ""NIGHTMARE"" being somewhere in the woods and the presence of some WHEREFERRETS are being circulated as I type. A large pit of sand will need to be crossed and well ANYTHING could POP UP. Bats sweeping out of the cave near the falls, spiders dangling from trees, a moss covered tree swamp with a cool whip ( instead of quicksand) area to cross. OWLS that are always saying WHO!!!! or asking WHO???? OH well you get the idea. DOOK DOOK DOOK
6. The roller coaster will be dark and will have GHOST cars. ( hope they stay on th track)
7 THE HAUNTED CARASOUEL will have talking horses that travel the opposite direction of the revolving base.


Angel Toast and his FIre Birgade will be giving HAUNTED FIre Engine rides to and from Pirate Cove.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

10/16/2011 04:31.55 PM Report This Comment  
06/26/2011 06:39.17 AM Report This Comment  
if you could send dome of your heat over our way. DOOK DOOK DOOK Moms sister would like that so some of the snow around her house and roof would melt. She has over 4 feet of it and now another storm is to be headed her way. Mom tells her she lives in the wrong state. Mom and I be warm and all be OK heres. She just be real busy and well I do demand my attention from her too. Take care and stay COOL.

Come visit me, Shaman.

01/30/2011 07:12.03 PM Report This Comment  
Addy and us been wondering what was going on over there. SO glad that all be oK and that the AC be working too. Where Mom lives she not been getting alot of snows. an inch here and there but it has gotten pretty cold at times. She be busy volunteering at the center and organizing class luncheons and stuff. We all ne fine over here. Just countin down the days till SPRING gets here.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

01/30/2011 06:59.27 PM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
your MUM is soon gonna be feeling better. It isn't any fun when they be hurtin cause then they don't want to play for long periods of time. Still be real hot over here and well we finally getting some rain but not as much as we really need. YEAH be great runnin the upstairs of the house( be where MOm and I live) but Mom knows most of my stash spots. Its OK cause she gets my toys out and then throws them for me to cahse and rehide everyday so its lots of fun. Hope all stays well over there and you all stay warm too.

Come visit me, Shaman.

07/21/2010 05:06.14 PM Report This Comment  
  good Day to you Ms Tuni!
We are Mika & Monte, MrMister and Mystic's new Lil BFF's We just wanted to stop by and say . Hello. Hello!DOOK DOOK DOOK DOOKITY DOOK!

Come visit me, Tasha, MrMister, Mika & Monte Yes! We are Black Footed Ferrets, BOO!, Jasmin & Tinkerbell.

07/20/2010 07:21.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Huggles !

Come visit me, Tasha, MrMister, Mika & Monte Yes! We are Black Footed Ferrets, BOO!, Jasmin & Tinkerbell.

07/14/2010 08:10.11 PM Report This Comment  
I got her wrapped right around my paw for sure. DOOK DOOK DOOK Heck she can't even get out of her chair to go to the hooman potty room without me being right behind her. Oh well it be nap time so I can play somemore later on.

Come visit me, Shaman.

07/10/2010 11:05.08 AM Report This Comment  
I sort of like it better with just mom and Me. I can get all her undivided attention and she is home more cause she isn't taken the KID out to do things. NOW SHE WAS FUN to play with mind you BUT well I likes be MOMS only distraction DOOK DOOK DOOK. Have a great day.

Come visit me, Shaman.

07/09/2010 12:53.25 PM Report This Comment  
HI TUNDRA be ADY AND NUMBI here. Oh we all be ahvin a blast up here with swimmin and picnics and fishin. Merlin gonna talk to the Great Dragon and see if we can't make a community for all the NZ ferrets on the one big island in the upper end of the lake. Would be grand to have all of us in one place DOOK DOOK DOOK. OH dear all the parties that we could have. Take care Sweetie and play ahrd down there.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/09/2010 12:27.12 PM Report This Comment  
that must have been painfull to have his tooth pulled. 20 FERRETS!!! Now that be alot to play with for sure. Be just Mom and me again since her Granddaughter left to go home today. We did have one last playtime together before she left. Gonna miss my SQEALIE TOY but I like bein with my Mom to. Yeah send us some cold and some rain we need both.

Come visit me, Shaman.

07/08/2010 03:24.15 PM Report This Comment  
So you be the wife of that handsome devil with the hat on Gryphon. You sure be a cutie. Hope you are able to keep him walking the straight and narrow line. DOOK DOOK DOOK DOOK Addy and Numbi be saying Hi to you also.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

07/08/2010 03:06.38 PM Report This Comment  
know that were friends do ya wanna join our ferret baseball team? That would be nice!
Well gotta go! Draco

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

06/13/2010 09:03.20 AM Report This Comment  
dook! I'm Draco! Wanna be friends?

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

06/11/2010 08:10.38 PM Report This Comment  
hey thanks for stopping by. heres a vote! Gotta hop now! bye!!!

Come visit me, baby.

06/10/2010 11:58.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Tundra !
Let me say Welcome to the wife of Griffon!I berry limited on the time on puter lately an I been realy missing eberyone!!!So I saw you an hadda come say Hi!I hopes Griffon didn't looz his niffty hat, That kind is really neet to dances round!!Hugs ~~~~^..^~~~~

Come visit me, Tasha, MrMister, Mika & Monte Yes! We are Black Footed Ferrets, BOO!, Jasmin & Tinkerbell.

06/10/2010 11:11.22 AM Report This Comment  
  hi tuni
we sent mom some great honeymoon pix that she posted for us :) they be on our wedding page if you wanna see em

we havin a great time but cant wait to get home


Come visit me, lannie, milli vanilli, Duke, ernie, tucker, sampson, shazza, Vin Weasel & bert.

06/09/2010 05:38.24 AM Report This Comment  
you are too cute! heres a vote!!!

Come visit me, baby.

06/07/2010 04:06.30 PM Report This Comment  
we cant tell you how happy we are to see you :) we had a really good friend in NZ but then she moved here to the states so no more nz for us, but, we be down in the south seas this week for our honeymoon so we be really close to you :) what a great lookin bunch you are too!!! moms eyeballs is poppin out dook dook dook

yes I know mr pink went back to our meadow at the bridge to make sure everyone was havin a great time!!! thanks for mentioning that :)

sam and jubi

Come visit me, lannie, milli vanilli, Duke, ernie, tucker, sampson, shazza, Vin Weasel & bert.

06/06/2010 11:41.09 AM Report This Comment  
U have a cute button nose =)

Come visit me, Penny, Kuda, -Diesel- & Piper.

06/05/2010 12:51.03 AM Report This Comment  
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