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Hi! My name is Kuda.

I am Other from winnipeg.

2 years old


Kudabear, stink, stinkerink, babygirl, winespritzer, limo-rat, kudy, tink.

Mostwee on mum and dads bed. I is pwincess so i get eberytin i want! Oder den dat in my cage and just expwooring new pwaces.

my mummy knows i princess and she tweats me wike wun ! =D raaWwrr!!

When we had pwants i wikey pway in dem..but mum got wid of dem. So now i wike expwoorin and jus hiding me toys in diffwent pwaces

i pik up peece of food den walk away and eat it in pwivet!!


When i have mind set on sumphin and twy and twy but mum keeps pikin me up n pullin me way.

i'm teeny tiny but i'll kick your hiney!

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  Thanks for stoppin by! What's up? Where's Mika? On vacation? What?
Angel Draco

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

04/06/2011 08:59.23 AM Report This Comment  
Vote Gracie for COTM!!!!!!!!!!! Hello you wrote me when i first became a member on SMA!!!!!!!!!!! You said i have the characteristics of a ferret!!!!

From Snuggles

Come visit me, Akira, Inky RIP, Cookie (RIP), Snuggles (i will always miss you!) & Luna.

01/25/2011 08:35.31 PM Report This Comment  
I SAW YOU IN CRITTERS USA!!! THAT PICTURE OF YOU??? YOUR EYES LOOK INCREDIBLE! Is Penny still running for COTM? If she is, I would be happy to vote for her!
Hope we can be furiends!!

Come visit me, Humphrey (Rest In Peace) ♥ LittleBear190871 & Tobi 161148.

01/17/2011 01:45.22 PM Report This Comment  
Hi! My name's Penny 160161 I am a 2 year old Silver Mitt ferret and I'm running for COTM January 2011! Will you help me? I LOVE sleeping in hammocks! I enjoy chewing on things that I'm not suppose to chew on, and sneezing in peoples faces! I also make poo in the corner sometimes, but my Mom & Dad (owners) still love me!! Ya can call me Pennykins, Pennypoo, Persistant Penny, or Pretty Penny I Love sleeping too! And I'd LOVE COTM! Please vote for me every day.
Penny *160161* Vote me COTM January 2011
PS My profile name is PENNY - tank yew to alll woo hewp me win COTD!<3 and I'm on Small Animal Channel

Hi! My name's Kuda (Penny's sister) I'm a 1 year old Albino ferret and I'm running for COTD January 12 2011!
Will you help me? I love sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed
and exploring! You can call me Kudabear, Babygirl, Tink, and more! I don't like it if I'm trying to do something and someone keeps pulling me away from my achievement!I'd LOVE COTD!!!
Kuda *160159* Vote me COTD January 12th 2011
PS My profile name is Kuda -iz famus!! in cwitters USA 2011, and I'm on SAC

Hi! My name's Puff, I'm a 6 year old Domestic Longhair from Middleburg FL! I am running for COTD December 31st 2010 and I was wondering if you would support me. I'm adored by my family. You can call me Poof. I can stand on my hind feet for a tasty treat! I'm a very picky feline and only eat The Good Life Recipe Greenies treats and Purina Healthful Life I enjoy looking out the window at the birds. It makes me chatter!. Please vote me COTD December 31st 2010 and remember "A Greenie a day will keep the tooth decay away!" - Puff 168123

Hi! My name's Puff, I'm a 6 year old Domestic Longhair from Middleburg FL! I am running for COTM Feburary of 2011 and I was wondering if you would support me. I'm adored by our family in my forever home.. You can call me Poof. Well, I'm not be very graceful, but I can stand on my hind feet for a tasty treat! and I'm a very picky feline and only eat The Good Life Recipe treats and Greenies. I enjoy sitting on my cat tree while looking out the window at the birds. It makes me chatter!. Please vote me COTM Feburary 2011 and remember "A Greenie a day will keep the tooth decay away!" - Puff 168123

Hi! My name is Moose Mooco 162309, a Mixed Breed from Middleburg, FL. I am running for DOTM March of 2011 and I was wondering if you would support me. You can call me Mooey, and Moo. It is the BEST when someone drops food! I eat it up! I am not a big fan of strangers.
Please vote me DOTM March 2011 and remember... If you drop turkey, I wont be a chicken- Moose Mooco 162309
MCS (Sports Team Page) on SAC Moose Mooco on DC Tiger on CC and Espranza on RC

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

12/29/2010 11:57.23 PM Report This Comment  
  10/16/2010 10:01.33 AM Report This Comment  
now I LOVES to splash in the water and even stands in it when I be outside and its hot. HAven't tried swimmin yet water hasn't been deep enough. I don't poo or nuttin I just don't like the tubs and want OUT!!!! Love my pan filled with water and to play in my water dish too. The Party will be on Merlins page cause its up at Dragon MOuntain where he lives now. All you have to do is post on his page and you are there and have all them days to enjoy all the things going on up there. Been so many friends that have crossed over lately that a bunch of us thought a party was needed to celebrates life. onna run form the 21st tp the 31st so that everyone has a chance to come and visit. Got to run casue Spaz M and I have to help finish the Haunted WOODS.

Come visit me, Shaman.

10/03/2010 04:18.58 PM Report This Comment  
Kuda, for being in the Critters USA 2011!... Do you see me? I entered some really cute photos but haven't bought the magazine yet. I'm probably not in there, but I had to ask. he,he.

Pawing your voter, Topaz

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

10/03/2010 12:29.09 AM Report This Comment  
Gosh I can't believes that your whole family likes to have BATHS!!!! YUCKS. Well ahve a great day.

Come visit me, Shaman.

10/02/2010 04:28.55 PM Report This Comment  
Please vote Penny the Ferret for COTD!!
She deserves that "dream come true" moment.
160161 is the number, here is the link.
http://www. smallanimalchannel. com/blog/ViewBio/aspx?api- d=160161
She can't get it without you!
<3, sammie

Come visit me, THE CLUBHOUSE, Sammie, we placed ninth in the nation at finals!!!, Little Bear & Angel Joey.

09/24/2010 02:55.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kuda
You are so cute and I read about you in CRITTERS USA! That is so exiting! Mom is gonna send pics of us to Rabbits USA next year. I hope we win! Wanna be friends? I've talked with Penny before, she is so pretty.
♥ Daisy Mae

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

08/30/2010 12:12.33 PM Report This Comment  
  08/10/2010 11:51.50 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Kuda,
thanks for my vote. We are a lot alike, we are both white and we are the same age! Isn't that cool. I gave you a vote too.

Come visit me, Mack, William, Polly, Marty & Lilly.

08/08/2010 10:33.17 AM Report This Comment  
  08/05/2010 05:25.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Oooh! Alllso wut uder kinds of tweats do they hab fer furkids in washingmaton??? We onwee hab cmicken and bacon bandit tweats hwere and nbones sumtimes. Mum see sum berrytweats fo kids but she say noo wey josee. I sey cmannnn!! Who caress!! We eat awlll tweats. She put dem back on shelf....stubburn bat. Anywho dat all. It earwee....daddy jus weave fo werk. Diesel dookin all ober pwace. Mmmm bweakyfast time! -kuda. Xo

Come visit me, Penny, Kuda, -Diesel- & Piper.

08/05/2010 06:43.44 AM Report This Comment  

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  07/10/2010 01:42.45 AM Report This Comment  
  HEY TEENY-TINEY BUT YOU'LL KICK MY HINEY!!!! You're definitely a cutie with a bootie haha! I love how you're all white-are you albino and do you have red eyes too? By the way vote for me in the contest I entered please...I need as many votes as I can get cuz I'm new to this whole website!!!

Come visit me, Shiloh.

07/09/2010 06:45.14 PM Report This Comment  
  07/07/2010 02:00.01 AM Report This Comment  
  07/06/2010 02:32.51 AM Report This Comment  
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  06/19/2010 08:24.54 PM Report This Comment  
  My human named me Stinky because I looked like a skunk when I was younger. As I've gotten older, I have gotten a little more white hair so I don't look that way so much anymore. When we go campin' our human takes our corral so that we can play in that, but our harnesses stay on all the time and when we're out of the corral we're ALWAYS on a leash! She does a lot to make sure we're safe...and we always sleep in our carrier inside the tent with her to stay warm and safe. And she brings some handwarmers and puts them inside a special pouch for us so we can snuggle up to them if we're cold. Well anyway...gotta go! I'll dook ya later! ~Stinky

Come visit me, Smudge & Stinky.

06/19/2010 11:51.52 AM Report This Comment  
  06/18/2010 02:49.09 AM Report This Comment  
  06/17/2010 01:16.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Kuda
Thanks for the compliments, ya are very sweet. dook oops! Aladdin is in Wyoming and I put that on my page cuz I wanna live there but right now I live in New Mexico. I always vote on every page that I visit cuz everybody knows that I am the bestest bunny disappearer on the whole channel. dook dook When there is a family, I vote on all their pages too. dook dook Have a great day, fuzzy hugs, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

06/16/2010 11:56.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Kuda
Ya are a bino, just like me! dook dook Thanks for stoppin by my page and visitin me, that was nice of ya! My Mommy let me have some blue frostin offa some cake and I got it all over my face cuz I like frostin! dook dook Maybe she should only give me white frostin. I hope ya are havin a good day and I left votes on all your pages, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

06/15/2010 02:50.43 PM Report This Comment  
  06/15/2010 01:26.54 AM Report This Comment  
  06/12/2010 12:58.40 PM Report This Comment  
  06/07/2010 11:52.43 PM Report This Comment  
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  06/05/2010 11:53.32 PM Report This Comment  
I am really good when I go with mom shopping, she usually makes sure she has a pocket on her shirt I can go in if I want. She leaves her purse open too and has treats and chew toys in there for me! So I can take them out as I please. I do wear a harness though just to be safe!

Come visit me, Squishy, Garbanzo, Calypso, Chewy, Butter, Java, Lupini & Bean *RIP*.

05/31/2010 05:50.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kuda
05/22/2010 12:11.12 AM Report This Comment  
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