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Hi! My name is BBgirl-lilbit.

I am Other from New Brighton.

8 years old


Baby girl, priness,angel,bad girl,babygirl-lilbit


she saved mes from the shelter, and gave mes a new home and lots of Love. AND LOVES TO HOLD ME IN THE EVENING WHILE I AM SLEEPING.


getting on the coffee table.

not being able to get the treat bag open and help myself to the goodies.

eatting,bitting feet to get a treat, and checking everything and making sure all my toys are where I lioft them.

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on winning critter of the day! I hope you had a wonderful day in the spotlight! And I hope you had a nice Easter.

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

04/21/2014 11:50.45 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Bunny.

04/21/2014 08:13.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi There BBgirl-lilbit!!
Congrats on being COTD!!
I left you a vote!!

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

04/21/2014 04:19.18 PM Report This Comment  
Congrats on COTD
Jesus loves you

Come visit me, Fluffy & Thumper.

04/21/2014 11:47.27 AM Report This Comment  
  #610...'Nythin' fer YOU, me Furiend!!!
Just a note to say "Thank YOU"
Hopin' that yer Mama be doin' OKAY too!!!
Keepin' ya'll in me Prayers
Remindin' ya'll ~ Someone in KS Cares!!!

((*))~ SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

11/26/2013 11:54.34 PM Report This Comment  
☆ ★ ☆ Congratulations on COTD ☆ ★ ☆

Here's a congratulatory vote :)

.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.Topaz & the girls

Come visit me, ♥ Topaz ♥ In Most Loving Memory, In Loving memory of a special lil Fettucini ;) & In Loving Memory of Quem & the AK Angels.

12/30/2012 10:38.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi BBGirl
Momsie I be here to say Congrates for Fert of the Day. Momsie I nows be proud of you. Mema sends u kissiesXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Miss u sweetie Angel. Hopes u had lots of fun a Sled Riding Party.

Come visit me, Verushka I also am Happy my Brothers are wif me, Jupiter, Pooh - Bear Watson, Ruby-Tuesday & Willie is "The Great Ferret Warrior" and Lady Veru.

12/30/2012 04:29.50 PM Report This Comment  
Just left you a vote as you are really cute!

Come visit me, Gizmo.

12/30/2012 03:15.08 PM Report This Comment  
on winning critter of the day! How wonderful to see you honoured in the spotlight. I hope you had a nice day.

Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

12/30/2012 02:23.18 PM Report This Comment  
12/30/2012 02:03.44 PM Report This Comment  
Congratulations on cotd! You look so beautiful in the window of honor:)

Come visit me, Coul, Rodolfo, Bandit & Jackson.

12/30/2012 01:54.04 PM Report This Comment  
  #584...DOL!!!...a could use one more!!!
WELL WELL WELL sleddin' PAR Ts BE yer forte...
We watched yer agile moves and kitlike play!!!
Good fer YOU BBgirl YOU'VE got the knack...HUGS 'n KISSES'n wild DOOK attacks!!!
CONGRATS to you on yet 'nother AWESOME COTD...I KNOW that yer Hopeful Mama be grinnin' sheepishly!!! :P
Wuvz ya FurlFuriend furever~

*HOT TODDYZ 'n DCRum bein' served*
Let us toast the COTD ~ OUR Precious Angel BBgirl lilbit!!! WOO HOOOoooOOoooOoOoOooOOOOOoooOOoOo!!!
((*))~ SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/30/2012 07:09.36 AM Report This Comment  
  #581...So COLD be the snow but warm be the Sun!!!
Ain't Life Grand BBGirl!?!?! Watchin' the wee ones whirl'n twirl. Skatin' n'sleddin' n havin' a BALL...SHYAH tis an earthly Bliss~one I fondly recall!!!
Ya need to shake yer hiney out there 'n show 'em how it's done...Yer NEVER too old~we're not 'ffected by the cold so get out 'n have one heckabad sled run!!!
I'm gonna warm up some DCRum 'n make us some hot toddys...nothin' like a DCRum spike to loosen up our bodies!!! MMMmmmMMM some honey'n tea'n brandy'n lemon could warm us up meethinks...but meeDCRum will warm yer bum~ when it's hot it works out all the kinks!!!
*rubs two sticks together*
((*))~ SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/29/2012 08:15.47 PM Report This Comment  
and that all of your family could make it up to the BASH.The Halloween Ball at the Castle was really big this year to say the least. AND the fireworks display was great. Sure did welcome a bunch of new Angels with a bang. Take care and have fun.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

11/01/2012 10:57.12 AM Report This Comment  
that you all could make it. Hopes you don't get to SCARED in the Haunted Woods!! DOOK DOOK DOOK The SpazM be in there with her chain saw, the ghoist be flying around, be the famous whip cream Pit ( be very careful when you start to get out), be Ichabod the headless ferret riding around oh and well you will never know when or where Rocky gonna POP up to get you. Have fun and remember be loads of food too.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

10/22/2012 07:35.29 AM Report This Comment  
  #566...shyah tis true~the mind can play tricks!!!
Tis like I tell meeFamily
I be never that far 'way...
The Rainbow Bridge be a Happy Place
tis an AWESOME Place to stay.
I be between realms
I FEEL yer Looove 'n loss...
there be much to do up here
sadly you must bear this Cross.
We be not sad nor mad at you
We Know ya bear the Pain...
Ya let us go~yes yes we Know
twas not at all in vain.
we Bring thoughts 'n Feelins' of the past...
So breathe don't seethe ~ REJOICE don't grieve
Beyond ~ Dreams be Revealed everlast!!!
MeeHeart goes out to yer LovelyHearted Mama
Hoomans' Pain be like no other...
Their Heart 'n mind be like the Devine's
A true Bond like Child 'n Mother!!!
MeeMa cries too when she be Feelin' blue
Just think of it this way...
Watch fer a Sign when ya Feel yer Heart pine
Thanx fer the update 'bout yer Mama's 'rm
Prayers fer Healin' 'n Protection from harm!!!
I LOOOVE YOU BBgirl lilbit 'n yer HeavyHearted Mama tooo.
*BELIEVE* and ya will receive~ Blessins'~
Yer furlFuriend~
((*))~ SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

08/21/2012 07:27.11 PM Report This Comment  
  #553...HEY THERE FUUUURL ~ Where U B???
ya gotta get off yer fanny CAUSE I SAID SO!!!
We be PAR Tn HARD and hardly drinkin' Kea tea...
we do not want to puke'n get all dirty!!!
baaahhhgghaahaahaaa...dook dooook doooook

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

03/17/2012 11:41.29 AM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
  Hiya Baby Girl Lilbit
I know ya are on your honemoon with Juppie but I can still visit ya and make your bunny disappear! dookity dook dooky dook I like your new pictures too, ya are so cute! Fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

04/14/2010 12:55.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Baby Girl Lilbit
How is Juppie doin? I been thinkin bout him lots and sayin my prayers too. Guess what? I found out what brothers are good for! I did! They are good for sleepin on! dook dook I gotta new profile picture and Mommy put some other ones of me and my brothers on my page too. She has been takin pictures of us sleepin cuz that's the only time we'll stay still for her! dook dook She really likes the one with Rocky's little paw round me, he does that sometimes and she finally got a picture! I hope ya are havin a good day, fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya and your Mommy, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

04/01/2010 03:28.07 PM Report This Comment  
I know it be hards on you to be aways from Jupiters but you Moms be worried abouts them stichey things he has in hims. They not want him to bump into you when you be sleeping or for you to be checkin him outs and ACCIDENTLYS loosen them ups and he get an infections. So hang in there womans HE KNOWS YOU LOVES HIMS. Be better than himm having to stay in that darn ole hospitals and you not be with hims at alls.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

03/25/2010 02:38.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh tanks fer allowin mez to comes to
me first weddin eber! It wuz kinda borin when I's had to sit stills an be quiets but da weception wuz so muches funs..... DOOK ddddoook! I woulds vary much likes to be friends. A lil gal needs all da friends in da world! I's hopes you's haz a nice honeymoons woteber dat is.... see ya's! XOX Twinkle Starr XOX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/22/2010 04:39.04 PM Report This Comment  
If it gets to bad comeon up to the cabins and we can drinks osme of Addys homemade wines and has some of them cream filled whoppie pies. Well everyones Addy and me is gonna take another spin on some of the rides and go up to the cabins. OH be a bunch of tents sent up in that grove of trees for those who wnat to stays the night or be to tired to go home. LATERS ALL and enjoys yourslefs.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

03/20/2010 03:12.50 PM Report This Comment  
  HERMAN waves by to the departing SpazzM
See you all another day!Well Merlin I think I will wander on down to the fishin hole an try my luck!Tis been a marvlus day for sure.congrats to the happy couple,I think the happy couple snuck off hours ago! Have a good night.OH if Bubbles an Giggles get to loud---Send a dragon over an they will quiet down dook -dook.night all!

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

03/20/2010 02:17.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Spaz M receives a call...
(SpazM and Repsol bow before the Dragynz) We bid you adieu and all a G'day but we have been summoned home fer Meefolks have somethin' that can't wait to say. It must be 'mportant... Tis a serious tone... I will catch ya on the flip side...Repsol will be with me so I won't be 'lone.
CONGRATULATIONS BabyGirlLilbit and Jupiter!!! We leave ya with some DCRum fer our swashbucklin'Furiends and here be a Special 'lixer made by me...I have named it "Abyssinthe" Tis a very complex flavor of 'mmeasurable light and lingerin' Sweetness~ like you two! Deep~ meaningful~ and Precious Furever. I be Proud of this one cause it leaves this fresh sweet lingerin' flavor on yer tongue. Mmmm 'NJOY!
Thanx sooo much fer 'nvitin' us to share this GRAND DAY with you!!! WOO HOOOOooooOOOooOOoo...
G'Day ALL!!!
(Repsol carefully helps Spaz M onto the waiting Dragon. Repsol hoists himself up and locks his paws around Spaz M's waist and kisses her cheek reassuring her that he will be there to lean on)
Loove ya'll (Blowing kisses as they lift off)

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

03/20/2010 02:04.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Tanks so much fer lettin us bez apart ob
yer special day... da first day ob Spring, an da first day ob da west ob yer journey ob Lub... Wez SuskyHanny Weesles are gonna stay till da vary end ob dis shindig but our Mommsy needs to goes starts supper an tend to her family.... she haz giben us permission to stay heres... in her absence.... she mite peek in again if she is ables latter on to check on tings. Our Mommsy wonts to wish you's a fond good-byes an much hoppiness in yer futures LilBit an Jupiter.

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 02:00.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Now yer Talkin Toast! Dat's me Furl!
An YES!!!!! Twinkles is a LOT LIKE YOU'S! Now off Wez goes! Crackerjack slaps Toast playfully on da BUTT an runs off...." Catches mez if ya cans! DOOK DOOK DOOK!!! CrackerJack

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 01:54.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Grael.... I's weally woulds luv to bez yer
friend an learns mores abouts yous...especially ridin ya'sssssss..... Dats da mostest fun I's eber hads in me life.... witch hasna been vary longs but.... wells, I canst tinks ob much toppin dats! Twinkles looks up at him an flashes him her big brite teeth in a grin.

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 01:53.07 PM Report This Comment  
  The ceremony
was beautiful Babygirl & Jupi, I went to the gazing pool and watched it. Sebastian and I look forward to having you over to our cabin while you're up here at the mountain. Foxy

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

03/20/2010 01:44.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Cracker Jack
climbing with you is my favorite, favorite, favorite thing to do in the whole world! Let's go...!!!! Toast

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

03/20/2010 01:36.19 PM Report This Comment  
says to Twinkles, No offense was taken litle Furl since you didn't understand how we manage our relationships. You are young and have lots to learn aboout many things. AND SHAMAN I am very impressed with the knowledge that you ahve at such a young age. Surely you will do well . Lets go to the top of the Mountain where you can see the WHOLE LAND.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

03/20/2010 01:35.44 PM Report This Comment  
  That lil Star
is a lil weasel after my own heart. What a little rascalette! Toast

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

03/20/2010 01:31.34 PM Report This Comment  
  OO Oooooohhh Are ye mad at me Toast?
You no wont to climb da mountain wit me? CrackerJack looks down at his feet dejectedly. CrackerJack

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 01:30.03 PM Report This Comment  
  cracker Jack
you are too silly...but i just love how you get me dook dook

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

03/20/2010 01:28.42 PM Report This Comment  
  I do 'nderstand Toast and yer coat be swell
if ya smelled like cinnamon toast too then yer Mama should bottle that smell!!!
Mmmm yah I'd buy it as well!!!

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

03/20/2010 01:26.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Chumbawamba looks up at his
Lil sisser widin on da Gween Dwagon an says... "OH ME GOSH!!!!! SHEez eben Cwazier dan I wuz at her age!!!!! Dat Twinkles sure is a hand full! It gonna take a strong Fert to tame her spirit sumday!" Chumby

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 01:24.49 PM Report This Comment  
YOU CAN NOT CATCH A DRAGON LIKE THAT!!!! Dragons canbe very feirce if you don't respect them and they don't respect you. It would be much better to ask one to be your friend and guide . Manners go a long way when you want to work with the dragons. They are OUR friends and guides and protectors but only if they trust us and know that we are pure of heart. Besides they already helps the pirate ships out silly furls.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

03/20/2010 01:21.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh MEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee DOOKS!!!
DIS is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNN!!!!!!111 I's luvs Dwagons!!!!!!!!!!! Twinkles is holdin on tite. Wowsie Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Dis is eben better dan DA TUNNELS on da ROLLER COASTIE!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww- wwwww! Twinkles

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 01:21.41 PM Report This Comment  
Shaman has lots to learn but he is sure a quick learner. Oh he be a healer too cause he did help Mom heals real fast. YUPPERS he gonna be a great teacher and spiritual guide when he grows ups IF HE EVER GROWS UPS DOOK DOOK DOOK COmes with us and lets go get someting to eat.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

03/20/2010 01:19.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Ya knows Shaman....
When I's bigs enuff to bez a full-fledged pirate furl... I's gonna catch mez a Dwagon ob me own an Twains him an rides him all da time... a Dwagon coulds bez a big helps fer a Pirate fleet.... a good scout... a good look out.... a good weapon if wez sets upons by enemies..... Donna ya tink dat bez a good ideas???? Huh Huh Huh DOOK DOOK! Twinkle Starr

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/20/2010 01:18.40 PM Report This Comment  
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