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Hi! My name is Chili (in loving memory <3).

I am a Syrian Hamster from Huntington Beach.

1 year old



I love my look-out tower with bedding!

My owner loves me soo much and feeds me

Running on my wheel or chewing on bars though my owner says it is bad to.

Chewing on bars

I'm too crazy for one

Being held by dirty hands

Squeak on!

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
Sorry about Chilly. I used to have chickens and budgies but they died.

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

06/29/2010 02:40.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Gone to Hamster Heaven
This is Chili's mom. I haven't been on for awhile. Chili has gone to hamster heaven. :( :( Rest in Peace.

Come visit me, Chili (in loving memory <3), Twister Tran & Oreo (in loving memory).

06/26/2010 11:04.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Bad news...
I had a stroke. Mom found me in a corner of the bottom of my cage. I was so tired i could not go up in my tower. My left leg wasnt working now it works but my toes are still paralyzed i cant climb anymore and run on my wheel :(

Come visit me, Chili (in loving memory <3), Twister Tran & Oreo (in loving memory).

04/03/2010 08:50.35 AM Report This Comment  
ok i will keep getting on . ill just sign my name as coco`s owner every time... lol. that way nobody gets confused

Come visit me, * Angel * Sasperilla, *Angel* Coco, *Angel* Gus & Powderpuff.

02/18/2010 04:55.37 PM Report This Comment  
yes i know how to private messege. my username is 1hayisforhorses1 ill private messege you. in a sec. brb

Come visit me, * Angel * Sasperilla, *Angel* Coco, *Angel* Gus & Powderpuff.

02/17/2010 11:00.12 AM Report This Comment  
  hi :) (this is coco`s owner talking)
i am sooooooo sorry i havent been on in forever!!!!! i have very sad news. Coco passed over to the other side of the rainbow :( :( :'( its soo sad :( so right now i dont have a pet... so do you think its ok if i still write?? even if i dont have a pet? im gonna be getting a rabbit when it gets warmer. but i have to find a bunny first too.. and its really hard finding a rabbit for sell here. i hope i can find one soon :) i am really sorry i havent been on in awhile. 10th grade is soo hard and it takes up alot of time!!! i have to go now. write back soon.

Come visit me, * Angel * Sasperilla, *Angel* Coco, *Angel* Gus & Powderpuff.

02/17/2010 10:58.40 AM Report This Comment  
12/25/2009 01:58.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh, my dear friends! I am sorry to say, but I am no longer going to be participating on SAC! My parents don't want me on an open chat website, and I highly respect them. So, I love you all, you can still look at my profile and stuff and I want to share with you one more thing.

Are you assured of where you will spend eternity? Do you know that it is a proven fact there is a Heaven and a Hell? Eternity lasts forever. Where will you spend it?

You may be scared of no assurance, or you may think you are good enough to enter Heaven. The truth is, no one is good enough. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect and holy son of the one true living God, came down to earth and sacrificed HIS life on a cross, suffering a horrible death just to save you and me from our nasty sins! All you have to do is accept HIM as your savior, admit that you are a sinner and can't get to heaven without HIS love and mercy! "For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE!" John 3:16 What joy!

After you do this, you may be thinking, What now? Well, get a Bible, dive deep in the Holy word of God! Start out reading the book of John. It shares the life of the one who saved you, Jesus! Read through the New Testament, then read Psalms and Proverbs, godly instructions, praises and mighty works of the one you now serve! Everything you do matters for your rewards in heaven. "For I go to prepare a place for you,if it were not so, I would have told you." God cares about the heart, use it to serve HIM!

I truly care about each of you! I want you to find the same REAL joy and rewards I have found through whole-heartedly serving God! And though we may never meet in person, I will see you in Heaven that glorious day!

If you have any questions, prayer requests, or praises,

I have heavily prayed over this message and hope you will share it with family and friends! I love you all dearly in the Lord!

Razzy Max and Mama!

Come visit me, Razberry.

12/23/2009 07:11.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Big news... this is a shocker...
Hey! I'm sorry your not getting a bun, but that's awesome your getting a dog!!!!!!!!!!!! They are fun too!!!

Ok, here's the big news... your not going to believe this... my mama figured this out over two months ago and did not want to tell any one, but now she is excited so... scroll down...





IM A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! It is so much fun being a boy! Mama's brother had to teach me how to play football because i was raised as a girl! lol! I also changed my name from Razberry Sugar Susan to Razberry Max Nicholas! Well, yoour new BROTHER in Christ,

Razzy Max

Come visit me, Razberry.

12/09/2009 11:58.32 AM Report This Comment  
11/30/2009 04:42.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Dear Friends...
Dear Friends,

I'm afraid to tell you that we have some bad news. Midnight, our black bear hamster, died last Friday. He lived a good life and appeared to have no pain leading up to his death. Thank you for all the votes and blogs we have recieved.

Midnight's family

Come visit me, Scamper Midnight Socks (In Loving Memory) & Midnight Scamper Speedy (In Loving Memory).

11/29/2009 10:42.53 AM Report This Comment  
11/27/2009 03:37.34 PM Report This Comment  
  To you,
Psalm 95:2 "Let us come into HIS presence with thanksgiving, let us sing HIM a song of praise!"

HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friend!! May the Lord bless your Holiday season!

Razberry Sugar Susan

p.s. MISS YA!!! Did you ever get that bunny??? Check out my entry in the "What is your critter thankful for?" contest! it is a poem. please blog back!!!

Come visit me, Razberry.

11/26/2009 03:04.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Miss you
11/17/2009 03:08.36 PM Report This Comment  
11/15/2009 02:56.29 PM Report This Comment  
  I left a vote and I hope you leave one for me too.I want to try to get COTM on November 21 for my B-day!That would B the greatest gift in the whole world!!~Kovu
(P.S. Could you tell your friends to vote for me the day before November 21?Thanks so much.)

Thunderclan, Bangor, ME.

11/15/2009 02:22.29 PM Report This Comment  
11/14/2009 12:30.52 PM Report This Comment  
11/11/2009 03:28.30 PM Report This Comment  
11/10/2009 05:03.57 PM Report This Comment  
11/10/2009 04:54.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey there
11/09/2009 11:07.39 AM Report This Comment  
mom works at a cat rescue. The group is no-kill, but her fav cat recently got sick and died =[

How bout your mom?

♥ Cookie boy! (CB)

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

10/31/2009 11:46.45 AM Report This Comment  
<My name is Cookie and i am running for Critter Of The Day! i really want the award for two reasons: i'm a rare breed of a rabbit that is extra pluffy, and i got a SUPER CUTE picture up! please vote for me! thank you for your support! (my name is Cookie and i aprove this message)>

(end of message)

please just go to my page and click on the avatar in my park (the one all the way to the right)!! thank you

snickers ♥

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

10/20/2009 03:21.19 PM Report This Comment  
  10/19/2009 06:36.29 PM Report This Comment  
  ♥ yayayayayay
Thank you so so so much for jitterbugs cotd :D :D
how are you?
momma gave me treats for jitterbug but it isnt the same ;( oh well :) thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I voted

- Snickers

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

10/06/2009 10:36.32 AM Report This Comment  
im a hamster that died june 21 09!
my momma is terribly sad and im thinking
that cotd for me might help some :-/
do you think you could stop by each day
and help me win?

im jitterbugs step-sis snickers!
please help us get cotd for jitters :)
maybe we can be friends too :D
thanks for your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
squeak back soon,

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

10/05/2009 12:42.40 PM Report This Comment  
  please help
my name is jitterbug and im in hammy heaven.. i died june 21st 09 and my momma was troubly sad ;(
in my memory she is trying to get cotd for me :)
do you think you could help me get cotd?
you could just vote but i love to talk to! just stop by and bring a conversation with you :D
what have you been doing? momma wanted to replace me but she couldnt so she got a guinea pig named snickers! she is only 1 and like me, she loves to talk :) could you leave her a message!?
thank you SO much for your help when i died ;(
please vote for me..

i voted,
jitterbug and snickers

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

10/04/2009 01:31.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Mom has a picture of us together she will try to post. She thinks it was taken when I was only 3 months old!! isn't that crazy?

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

09/20/2009 10:45.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Mom has a picture of us together she will try to post. She thinks it was taken when I was only 3 months old!! isn't that crazy?

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

09/20/2009 10:45.14 AM Report This Comment  
  I know!!!
Mom keeps calling from work and school to makee sure we're okay! How are things going for you? If you can, stop by and see my new pictures. I've grown.Cookie Boy!♥

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

09/13/2009 06:24.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Want to be friends?

Come visit me, Angel Oreo Mogri & Angel Snowball Mogri,I love you Angel Patrick.

09/02/2009 08:00.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Please stop calling me oreo

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

08/23/2009 04:39.53 PM Report This Comment  
Where have you been? i miss you! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Come visit me, Razberry.

08/19/2009 05:16.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Everyone!!!!
Vote for Ranger #148715 for COTD!!! Ranger is an American Guinea pig.

Come visit me, Ginger, Smokey, Tator Tot, Patches, Oreo & Nibbles.

08/18/2009 07:27.26 AM Report This Comment  
thats alright... nobody came except for rosepetals

Come visit me, * Angel * Sasperilla, *Angel* Coco, *Angel* Gus & Powderpuff.

08/17/2009 12:40.48 PM Report This Comment  
ok we are editing the Critters Club to make it more exciting!
The reporters will not advertise anymore, Reporters will be doing what reporters do. So if you want to be a reporter please tell me. The critters that were reporters will now be advertisers!

There will now be more jobs and we will be sending a weekly newsletter.
Jobs that are open are: The club welcomer , which welcoms the new members of the Critters Club,and the paper passers,which pass out the news.
There will me more jobs when more members join.

WE will also be having a CCCOTM
which stands for the critters club critter of the month
the will be getting advertise to get more votes and will get some votes from the president and the vice president

we have 2 new members!
Bugs(148997) and Thumper (110557) so if can stop by and leave them a warm welcome!!

CLUB HAPPENINGS:Please enter the club's Art contest! We'll really need someone to enter, so if you want contest details, please just ask and I'll send them over. Thanks! We have also changed the date and the Art Contest will end on the 23 of August

That's it for the week, have a great week! Shakira

Come visit me, ♥Cherry, Fluffy in loving memory♥, The Piggie Trio~Charlie, Telma and Louis, Shakira, The Critters Club © & Paco.

08/16/2009 03:39.55 PM Report This Comment  
ur really really late!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, * Angel * Sasperilla, *Angel* Coco, *Angel* Gus & Powderpuff.

08/15/2009 03:29.54 PM Report This Comment  
  COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
i added you to my friends list

Be there at 6:OO

Hey, Please write your pet and NOT yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I (snickers) am having a DOUBLE party with CoCo my cage buddy! If you could go to the site mentions above we would LOVE to have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!
Momma (owner) already gave me a harness, but doesn't mean you can't bring more, LOL!!
WE WILL BE THERE AT 6:OO EASTERN TIME PM SO IF YOU ARE NOT THERE WE WILL NOT STOP THE PARTY (lol don't take this harshly, lol)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank YOU so so so so much for voting for me and being my friendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I better see you at the party (lol :D Just Kidding)

If you can't come, no biggy!!
♥ ♥ ♥

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

08/15/2009 10:48.53 AM Report This Comment  
INITATION------ today is the double birthday party of coco and snickers (the guinea pigs) we would love for you to come.... the party is at 6 oclock easturn time... please come!!! the address for the party is We will have music and instant chat. Just pets please!! hope to see you there. bye

Come visit me, * Angel * Sasperilla, *Angel* Coco, *Angel* Gus & Powderpuff.

08/15/2009 10:47.31 AM Report This Comment  
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