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Hi! My name is Taz (R.I.P we love you and miss you, love Mom&Dad.

I am a Guinea Pig from merced.

3 years old



In My igloos or my tents. In my room I share with my cockatiel brother Little Eagle! He is a great friend!

I Love My Dad the most and Love to crawl up on his pillow with him. I like to be cuddled by my Mom and get hand fed parsley everynight.

EATING! Getting petted!

I like to crawl up on my Dad's pillow every day after he gets home from work when he lays on the floor and watches t.v. I Love to hear the refrigerator open and tell my mom I want food!


When I do not get any toast in the mornings! When I cannot have more than one almond a day!

I Love to Eat LOTS of veggies everyday that is the guinea pig way!

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
Hi, I own a rat, Bink, who has a tumor the size of a small bouncing ball and she is not going to live much more than a year, so I'd appreciate you can help get COTD for Bink. Please tell all your friends. PS: I love your G. Pig.

(* *)
(<> )

(") (")

Come visit me, Bandito( In Memory), Cocoa I Love You SO much. See you in Heaven!, Daisy I Love you a LOT! See you in Heaven!, Cocoa The Gerbil, Ink (Died 9/14/10) We Love you! See you in Heaven!, Maple, Daisy The Gerbil, Sugar & Bink (We Love You! Have a Great Life in Heaven!.

06/17/2010 04:46.10 PM Report This Comment  
My name is Snickers and I'm going for Critter of the Day July 17! Please help me!
I'm a 11 month old guinea pig who loves food!! My favorite kinds of food are carrots,celery,oranges,tomatoes,squash, and timothy hay! My main hobbies are sleeping, squeeking, and watching movies with mommy!!
i voted

- snickers

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

07/16/2009 08:59.31 AM Report This Comment  
  #59 HOW DEVINE!!!
HEY TAZ...Wanted to wish yer NAUGHTY HOTTIE MAMA, an AWESOME day without drama! She takes AWESOME care of you, and I HOPE all it well with yer family too! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! doook dook dooook((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

05/10/2009 10:22.07 AM Report This Comment  
  PS...OMGosh I forgot to ask...
How is 'Lil' Eagle???...Please say "HELLO" to yer lil' bro! ((*))~

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

04/30/2009 08:42.57 AM Report This Comment  
  #58 Yah darn straight!...
Tis a chaotic time fer me too, wishin' I could get me thoughts together and have more time with all of you! I missed ya bunches Taz me dear furiend, so NICE of you to visit AND GOOD TO KNOW YOU ARE WELL~ AMEN! To know that yer 'NJOYIN' time with yer mama makes me HAPPY and tis the best thing I could hear, I ALSO be tryin' to get more 'puter time and make sure I be sincere. Tis HARD to do in a rush don't ya know...fer me paws be tappin' 'way but sometimes the words just don't quite flow! Storms and CRAZY weather has been a constant pain, I type a healthy blog then *poof* it was all in vain! Yah tis a hoot...unless ya follow suit eh Taz! YaH...yer definitely award winnin' HANDSOME Hunk material ~ Taz Ma Raz! *wink* Thanx sweets, ya made me day! Well wishes to yer mama! G'Day Taz! yer furl furiend((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

04/30/2009 08:32.36 AM Report This Comment  
  #57 Where are ya handsome?
I'm sorry that ya got 'way from me! SpazM never forgets 'er furiends but sometimes we all get lost and we must make 'mmends! Sweet Taz ...the last time we blogged was way back when when me mind be in a fog. Friends and family be in the hospital and there be soo much bad news...tis nothin' I wanted to mull 'ver at least that's what I wouldn't choose. But YOU me dear furiend I don't want to lose, fer I be wantin' to THANK YA fer help 'leviatin' my blues. I HOPE yer well and I pray that yer beautiful family is too, if ya stop to check in from time to time PLEASE let me know how ya be...on me dime! dook Missin' ya TAZ! Thanx so much! with Loove...((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

04/01/2009 05:28.58 PM Report This Comment  
  hey some of my friends sayed to pass this on to other critters here it is.

Attention All critters!
Hey I am a white Lion head rabbit and there is only 9 days left and I have been trying soo hard to get COTM for April!
April is Mommies birthday and She really wants me to get COTM in April Please Vote for us daily we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Also Speckles is going for COTD on April 21 please vote for her she deserves it after all I didn’t get it like I wanted to on her Birthday so please help us also Buttons is going for Cotd on April 25 Please help us reach our goal! If you leave a message we will get back to you ASAP!
Love Bunnies,Bunny Hugs to you all!

There numbers are #127191 #123123 and #128776 do you think you can pass this on thanks

Come visit me, † Angel Rose Petals † & Victoria Aster.

03/23/2009 06:10.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi taz
Do you want to be friends?
I need help next month to get
critter of the month! Please
please help me get it! I also
voted for you!
You are very very very cute!
Hope we can be friends!!!


Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

03/21/2009 10:56.15 AM Report This Comment  
  #55 Yer DOUBLY Terrific...
Ahh I still insist that yer true callin' 'xists...ya have to realize~you've got to know, those locks be awesome and should win the best in show! Aww yer a compassionate one and there ya be lookin' out fer me! Thanx sweety! Naw still the same fer a close furiend had a stroke and the other be family~on the words I choke~fer she be me sweet Aunt C that turns life into fantasy and makes lil' kids all giggly and ansy. She be the one with the 'lusive pain, the one with the symptoms and the collapsed veins. She be the spunky lady with the tongue that spits fire but yet beautiful enough to sit angelically among the choir. OHHH she's naughty she be, that be why it hurt meema ya see. Yah tis special prayers fer me sweet Aunt C! Oh sweet Taz I hope yer fine Yah I know yer mama's always busy and fer you she does pine! I be sorry that ya cannot spend a lot of time on here but I be HAPPY that you'd stop by sweet dear! Aww yer welcome 'NYTIME fer I will share whatever is mine and I keep carrots in stock in case furiends such as you have time to relax and talk! Alright QT I know ya must be on yer way so I look forward to the next time ya come me way to stay and play! Always a pleasure handsome guinea Taz say HellOOOOO to yer folks and thank 'em fer the time we had! 'Gain, thanx fer askin' 'bout our ill looved ones hun! Loove, yer furl furiend...((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

02/25/2009 12:17.35 AM Report This Comment  
  #53 AWW thanx Taz fer visitin' me!
I'm sorry I be gone soo long, I hope yer healthy and strong! I be helpin' meema while meepa be in the PAWY so I meema needed me 'tention that's why noone saw me! How be you sweet furiend so true...there be a V-Day Par T at Merlin's at 9 pm ...will I be seein' YOU? Let me know and I'll make sure ya get there...maybe by DRAGYNZ that fly through the air! WOOO HOOOOOO G'nite Taz! Well wishes to the family, from ME, SPAZZZY!

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

02/14/2009 12:04.13 AM Report This Comment  
wooooo HOOOOO !!! STEELERS!!!! wooo HOOOOOO

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

02/01/2009 07:54.13 PM Report This Comment  
  New Valentine Avatar Objects!
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01/28/2009 11:18.25 AM  
  #50 Encouragement would be nifty!
Willy the Warrior #72412 and 'is family are in need special prayers, fer today WILLY IS GOIN' IN FER REPAIRS! Please dear fuzzy furiends let us rally here, fer one of our own needs our loove and good tidins' to chase away 'is fear! Thanx to all fer yer show of compassion, fer this be the our fuzzy way and that special critter fashion! NO BOO HOOS JUST WOO HOOOS ((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

01/20/2009 05:42.15 AM Report This Comment  
  CLOVER’S BIOGRAPHY......... Hi there! How are you all doin’ today? I’m just bloggin’ around, lettin’ old furiends know I haven’t forgot them, and new furiends I never will. Well, to you new furiends (and some of the old ones, too), my name is Clover, who by the way is runnin’ fer COTM, and I’ll be tellin’ some ‘fun facts’ about me, a little panda bear hammie. It all started with mommy’s brother, he had a panda bear hammie, too! (‘cept she was fatter... hehe!) Mommy immediatly fell in love with that hammie. So, one day, they went to ‘Chili’s’ (a public resturant- ‘scuse me for the spellin’) and after mommy ate a FULL RACK O’ RIBS, she was goin’ to Petsmart to get some kitty litter and kitty food. Well, on the way back to the kitty aisle, is a hammie aisle. She happened to be with her big bro and mommy was goin’ on through, but her bro made her stop ‘cause he found som panda bear hammies, one that looked just like his! And mommy found some cute ones. After about 5 minutes of lookin’ down the aisle, she immediatly fell in ♥ with a little skinny baby hammie, all up in the corner, scared and alone. Guess who it was!??! ..................... Did you guess Da Clovester!?!? Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! Yep, it was me alright! So she bought me and some of my supplies. When we got home, she picked a name fer me, Clover, because, as you can see in my pictures, I have 3 black dots on my back in shape of a 3-leaf clover... Plus I love them clovers! Well, that’s my story for today, and I hope you all enjoyed it... Leaving all of you votes... God bless you. And I hope to hear from you soon! Stay true to yourself -Clover † PS- While I’m at it, can I ask 1 measly vote out of you, pleasers? Mommy’s friend Aoife, is going for HOTM on HC, Please vote for her... 49339

Come visit me, Little Clover, R.I.P.-June 6. :( Sorry, Been Busy!.

01/19/2009 11:53.31 AM Report This Comment  
  #48 Hey there long hair!
WHERE in the world have ya been, oh the agony I've been in! Me mind has been racin'~ me heart palpatatin', all this becuz you've kept me waitin'!!! awww doook I MISS YA TAZ!!! Hope all is well with you and yers! wiff wuv, ((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

01/11/2009 11:48.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Please vote Angel Caramel to be Feb. COTM...
Dearest SAC members,
I have been on SAC for quite a while now, and have over 450 votes. I have many friends, and love to make more. I love to tell what is going on with me and my family (for example, mom spent new years eve at a friends house, then came home and made it till midnight, past HER mom!) and I love to hear what you have to say. I have helped some piggies out and given info, because mom has read 15 count books on guinea pigs (she was really determined to get me). I was bought at a little place called pet palace in March. I had long, silky hair. I died in the vets office at around 3:00 PM on July 31, 2008. I currently wait (impatiently) for mom to join me, but I know that It will be a while, and she has to help out other animals that need love (for example, soon after I died, she nursed a baby bird, and it had been kicked out of the nest because it was sick, and th parents didn't want the others sick. We didn't know she was sick, and she got pretty healthy, and then stopped eating...) Mom is working hard and volenteers at a wildlife sanctuary every other Sunday, she has a new piggie, Oreo, who is another good little boy. Now, about me: I was about 2 years old, and I am a boy. My nicknames were mostly Care and Caamello. I have no idea what celeb I resemble. I used to run like crazy in my cage, where I chewed the bars, but I stayed still for pictures outside. I didn't like bath (what piggie does?) but I also didn't like strangers, I only bit mom once, and everyone else repeatedly lol! Please vote for your Angel friend, and I will return the favor. Caramel

Come visit me, Oreo, Zipper, Giselle & Caramel.

01/01/2009 11:26.09 AM Report This Comment  
  omgosh there's more...
I MISS EACH AND 'VERY ONE OF YOU, O'PLEASE DON'T BE ANNOYED~O'PLEASE I BEG EACH ONE OF YOU~FORGIVE ME FER BEIN' VOID! I wish y'all the bestest and I thank you fer checkin' up on me and even votin' while I be gone sooo long, I still get **HHHHhhhhHHHH** irritated at meema and meepa fer leavin' me~ IT BE JUST PLAIN WRONG!!! I prayed like I said I would, to help all that I felt I could! I pray all is well amongst the site, and I pray no one has left while I've been contrite! Oh I hope there be joyous memories and goood news, fer these will take away me blues! I hope things went the way y'all wanted, fer I received special gifts before this ordeal taunted! I received a tent, so big~three rooms I could rent! I received some kitty treats, they're not bad cuz it's the kind that ol' prissyfurballbutt Tiger eats. We both got the softest fleece blankets~2 each~we received, we think that sharin' would have been ill conceived! I played with paper and I played with me big bell, but nothin' was more depressin' than bein' left knell. Thanx fer lettin' me know I be loved and missed, I truly am the luckiest ferret amidst!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO wuvz,...yer furl friend ((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/31/2008 09:12.35 AM Report This Comment  
  #46 Taz,did yer mama take lotsa Holiday Pix?
I'm gonna send ya quite a loong note along with a vote cuz I had a looong time to think of alll this I wrote! So here's me quips and quotes and I'm very sorry I be behind on votes! Me dear sweet friends I'm sorry for causin' ya to fret and worry, meema and meepa had to unexpectedly leave me in a hurry. I've had sooo much time to scurry and seek, but ended up hybernatin' fer that was me holiday peak! I read all the sweet comments today, a visit to 'VERYONE I must pay! So I've prepared all I had to say, fer I only can do it in my own way. If only someone would have allowed me on me page, I could have at least givin' word in a blog to engage. I MISSED ME FURIENDS TERRIBLY!!! ***AAAAAGGGHHHHH*** and I made such a fuss, when the family came back~ their rooms were a muss! I thought they would be angry after seein' me tantrum and me wrath, fer I DID get alittle inquisitive and they saw my destructive path. I felt lost and betrayed with frustration and dismay that they abruptly left me with no one to turn to!!! IF only I could have some me peace of mind, **HHHhhhHHH** OH I thought they left me behind!!!...That thought left me bouncin' off the walls and I kept frantically chewin', constantly be wonderin' where~how~what all me furiends were doin' !!! Meema and meepa and family are fine and that's all that matters,~family be flyin' in~ then 'veryone scatters. I thought of all me furiends and hoped 'veryone be well, but all I could do was miss you~BUT there was NO ONE I could tell!!! *sigh* Meema says please forgive 'er cuz it was 'er fault indeed, fer they be rushin' out the door not thinkin' this act would impede. I AM SOOOO HAPPPPY THAT I BE BAAAACK TO ME FURIENDS!!!! O'JOY O'JOY O'JOY!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO...

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/31/2008 09:11.52 AM Report This Comment  
  #44 ...and plenty more!
Just a vote and a quick note but I'll always make time fer you!! It be -2 and icy~oh pooo~and this weather is makin' me feel blue, I can't believe there's no reprieve from this snow bound jail igloo! Oh it's crazy~this snow~fer there's nowhere to go, I be starin' out waitin' fer grass to grow!!! Soooo Slow!!! Nutz, I hope I'm not bringin' ya down, dear Taz, fer I'm usually bein' a razzin' I should really get off this dopey kick,things could be much worse and that would be tragic! woo I say woo hoo that's the way woO hoOOO I pray this way I will stay!!! SPAZ that's me...spazzzy I be...Taz me furiend, ya did it again!!!...I knew~tis true~on YOU I can depend! WOOO HOOOOO Wuvz you...stay safe! ((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/21/2008 10:51.04 PM Report This Comment  
Here is a early MARRY CHRISTMAS! and vote.

Come visit me, amira.

12/20/2008 05:10.37 PM Report This Comment  
  I likez yer hat
I saw yer note to me on my page, and decided to chek u out ... I think our hatz are both kool. Tankx fer the vote (I gave u one too).

Come visit me, Mack & Tweek.

12/20/2008 02:42.20 PM Report This Comment  
This truly is a magical train! Since I started up the old "Crazy Train", 4 of my faithful passengers received their COTD badges! Give a big congrats to Samantha,Baby, Penelope, and now Baxter! YIPPPEEEEEE! I see a few more came on board this "Crazy Train" ride too, with the help of Merlin's dragon Fafnir! Our Hostess with the Mostest little Aggie Doodle now has Penelope helping her taking care of the passenger's needs, Conductor Mingo has his paws full with guiding the new passengers to there cars and shoveling coal, and Driver Thor is moving this train right along with no stops in between so we can make it to the final COTM stop on time! I have plenty of fuzzy hugs and votes of love to pass around, so hang on tight with all your might cuz we're moving now! ~LUV~ Angel Ozzy


12/20/2008 09:33.20 AM Report This Comment  
It's full steam ahead with 12 more days to go riding the "Crazy Train" to COTM! Time is flying by and I hope you're enjoying the ride! Here's a GREAT BIG FUZZY HUG and a vote filled with love to all of my dear SAC furiends who is giving me such fantastic support in helping me reach my goal of COTM! ~LUV~ Angel Ozzy


12/19/2008 08:11.22 AM Report This Comment  
  #39 Woo Hoo Christmasy design!
Wonderful and sweet now Santa can bring ya yer own lil' treat! WOOOO HOOOOO I've gotta respond to a few older notes so I'll get back with ya later but fer now here's a vote and a quick note! I hope that's alright!!!...Hopin' all is well and wishin' ya and Lil' Eagle a G'nite! *KISS* yer furl furiend, ((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/19/2008 01:31.36 AM Report This Comment  
  #38 Yer mama did great!
Awww yer truly unique and yer mama be creative and parts fer yer avatar she must seek! So I give her credit where it is do tis hard to recreate a beauty such as you!!! No dookin'!!! So ya looove to eat mmmmm mmmmm WOOO HOOOO I do toooo! I loooove to be "whipped" and yummm Dark Choco Rum...chickychews are delicious NOW I'M HUNGRY FER SOME!!! I miss meepa soooo much when he's away, so I check by the door often for a visit he may pay! He be in the PAWY but not fer long, he be retirin' soon if nothin' goes wrong! The weather here be screwy yesterday was -1 below, so cold it was, I be hybernatin' so I was a no-show! I'm glad to see ya stopped by just fer me and I 'preciate the vote!...
Ya asked 'bout yer avatar, the stockins' and the tree?? I'm not quite sure of the problem there but 50's the limit it be. But yer far from 50 so that's not it...? Ya need a stockin' so please don't quit...if worse comes to worst then you will find a stockin' fer you on me page, here have mine! Fer furiends share their stash and I'm HAPPY to share cuz I wuvz ya Taz that's how much I care!
Maybe the avatar just didn't save? Hope it's as simple as that...? It's bein' like me 'puter, as tempermental as ol'grouchybritches bigprissSis cat!
Little Eagle yer bro is in the know 'bout what might be in the boxes?? I be wonderin' too so what are they and to WHO? It can't be food...naw that would smell!...It might be that's harder to tell! Yer bro's bird's eye view is an awesome vantage! I don't have that here so Taz, YOU'D be in the clear so get Lil' Eagle to get the goods...TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!! doooook Wow yer really NOT a show guinea? I can't believe that yer not! I really loooove yer coat Obviously it's not store bought! I can't go outside fer me coat is not so hot! I be super tiny so no coats will fit me hiney! *SIGH* I'd looove to see yer Harley vest pic. Ask yer mama to post in on yer page ohhhh yeahhh that'd be sic! Have a great day toooo Taz!!! Yer furl furiend,...((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/18/2008 09:54.42 AM Report This Comment  
HI, i have been busy so i vote for you. So here's one now.

Come visit me, amira.

12/13/2008 12:55.27 PM Report This Comment  
  #36 Wowee Taz what awesome pix!
That pic with yer ma & pa (nice couple I can tell yer spoiled rotten) beats any description! WOO HOOOO yer one heck of a Guinea! Yer absolutely beautiful! and yer tweety siblin' is perty cute too! I 'preciate the update and naw, it's okay, we all don't get to play on the 'puter 'very day! So hey, if ya stop and visit then that's what makes me day! At least ya didn't forget me eh? I hope all is well with you and yer family and I hope ya get more time to visit! Where's yer avatar Taz? Ya shy? doook doook! At least add yer tree and a gift or two fer me? awww doook doook I just doookin'...but a stockin' fer yerself at least! That way Santa has somethin' to put yer gift in eh? Yer welcome anytime to stop and have some fresh carrots or some Dark Choco Rum (they're a big hit) on me page! Add me to yer park (mind ya though I may get a bit wild)...Whatever yer lil' heart desires QT! Thanx fer stoppin' by furiend!...If ya want a pic made go to me page and find Olive and Photo Maker, tell 'em that you know me and they are the awesomest of awesome!!! They'll make ya a design that'll blow yer mind...they do trix with yer pix eh? doook doook I'm gonna let me other furiends know to take a look at yer pix...I never seen such fur on a guinea before!!! Are ya a show Guinea? Hmmm ya should be!!! no dookin'!!! Nice chattin' with ya and thanx fer stoppin' and votin' Taz!!! G'day! Yer furl furiend, ~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

12/10/2008 08:39.58 AM Report This Comment  
Now that you're all aboard my "Crazy Train", the journey to my destination for COTM begins! I hope you packed your bags full cuz we won't be back until December 31st! Don't worry about the food cuz there's plenty on this ride! I made sure of it! Here's some fuzzy hugs and votes of apple cider, along with carrots, lettuce, cheerios, jerky treats and a big bottle of ferretone to start us on our way! AWAY WE GO DEAR FURIENDS! ENJOY THE RIDE WITH ME! ~LUV~ Angel Ozzy


12/10/2008 08:13.42 AM Report This Comment  
I want to show my appreciation to all of my wonderful furiends by saying thanks for supporting and helping me get my badge! This trip isn't over yet, so hop aboard my "CRAZY TRAIN" and ride the rails with me towards COTM! Here's some fuzzy hugs and a ticket vote just for you! ~LUV~ Angel Ozzy


12/09/2008 09:25.15 AM Report This Comment  
  New Holiday Avatar Objects!
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12/05/2008 12:34.20 PM  
  Thanks so much for COTD and your votes!!!!!! ~Nubby

Come visit me, Angel OUTLAW Nubby.

12/02/2008 12:50.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for voting
Here's another vote.

Come visit me, amira.

11/30/2008 09:35.39 AM Report This Comment  
Finally, Thanksgiving has past, but we still have plenty of yummy leftovers to share with all of our SAC furiends! So here's a GREAT BIG FUZZY HUG along with a plate of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a piece of pumpkin pie! OH, and here's a little vote of apple juice to wash it all down with! Have a great weekend! ~LUV~ Angel Ozzy & The Gang


11/29/2008 10:20.17 AM Report This Comment  
Nice hair, your so cute. here is a vote for you so I hope you vote for me too.

Come visit me, amira.

11/27/2008 07:43.39 AM Report This Comment  
  please vote for me today, it would really mean alot... this is my first Thanksgiving and well it would really mean a bunch... please? and I also would like some more friends to because I dont have very many... ♥Nubby

Come visit me, Angel OUTLAW Nubby.

11/27/2008 07:38.29 AM Report This Comment  
  I B #29 thanx fer the are so kind !
Hey Taz...Happy T-Day!!! I've got a quick note then I must go, I be back by next week, hopin' time won't go slow!!!! I be spazzin' that's a fact, fer I am SpazM that's how I act!... dooook! Just stoppin' by to visit and vote, "I cherish yer furiendship", this you may quote! no dookin' ((HUGZ))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

11/27/2008 07:24.28 AM Report This Comment  

" Happy ThanksGiving! "
I hope you are treated with turkey, mash potatoes, dressing, and pumpin pie ( my personal favorite ).
Make sure to also be thankful for a home, food, loving owners, and small animal channel!

My name is Jitterbug,
I`m a russain dwarf hamster who has a loving heart and cares for every human and critter! I`m going for critter of the month for January! Please if you can come by and vote. I would really be thankful!
My mommy and I think you are so cute!
I better get going but thank you for your time!

- Jitterbug

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

11/26/2008 10:57.51 AM Report This Comment  
  #27 I made it back!
Sorry in a hurry! G'Nite! ~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

11/22/2008 09:39.54 PM Report This Comment  
Hey Taz so u have a cockatil brother, i have two brother and sister cats mario is a sphynx and penny is a munchkin and mommy has a big 65 gallon fish tank with really expencive oranda and ryukin goldfish and three big albino frogs and one large alega eater. Thinks for voteing for me so here is u another vote, i dont know why so many people view ours pages but when so few vote i just dont under stand my mommy is really confused about that. Well come visit me anytime taz.

Come visit me, Simba.

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