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Hi! My name is Pirelli - Now Mrs Smokey YIPEEE!!.

I am a Ferret from Taranaki.

3 years old


Pelli-pede. Pirelli-Elli

At home mostly either in our cage or in the house with my siblings, but we also hang out at parks (when the humans take us) and in our garden.


PLAYING and ferreting about, getting into mischief with my siblings, I have two gears, full tilt or asleep. In the bath picture from left to right is ME, Numbi (sad to say she got her wings), then Repsol & Addy. My adopted brother Joey with the dark mask is in the other picture.

No habbit is quirky to ferrets.

It changes all the time as i change, YES that is me in ALL the photos below

That I don't own ALL the soft toys in the world! That ferrets were deemed as “unwanted organism's” by Biosecurity New Zealand in 2002(This makes my mummy and daddy say very bad words).

If I see it and like it then it's MINE.

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Critter Blog
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I knows you never forgots us in your hearts BUT darn it MUMS we want us all to be a familys again and be here for each others like it use to be. OF COURSE you know that the ferrets on Kia Island call me the GENERAL and well Joey and Fingal be my right and left paws!!! Addy and Merlin still be so in luvs and Numbi sure do luvs her Dotch too. We all be worried abouts you cause well FRANKLY MUMS YOU NOT GETTIN ENOUGH REST!!!!! You gots the surgery thingie coming up and you has to have your sleeps. We all pullin for you up here and Merlin and Addy and SpazM gonna be burnin the candles for you too. So just stop bye once every few days so us ferrets gets to know you is OKS!!!!!! And then I wont come down there and have to bite you!!!!! LUV from all your ANGELS!!!!!!

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

05/19/2012 09:02.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hallo me darlin' Pirelli...
I's so sorry I didna gives yous any notice about me impendin demise... dook... but it cames a surprise to mez too! I luvs you an hopes to see yous a lot at me lil place at Pirates Cove by Merlin's Mountain. Haz you's eber twaveled on a Ghost Pirate's ship? Ya' interested in tryin one's now? I coulds gives ya a private tour if you's gets me drift? dook dook dook
XOXOX Yer Pirate Angel Smokey XOXOX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

01/06/2012 08:45.26 PM Report This Comment  
  ATTENTION EVERYONES ( Merlin taps on a glass)
Everyones please may I have your attentions!!! Besides me stands SMOKEY, one of the DOOK DOOK BROTHERS, who has come to live here on the MOuintain with us and sadly leaves behind his lovon MOM, Dad, Hooman Sister and his ferret brothers and sisters as well. He gave over of Fafnir riht before the New Year did come in and his poor Mom be so sad that she can't even talks about finding him. ( Merlin stands with his paw on Smokey's shoulder) So to all the Angels and other visitors I ask that we raise a glass or mug in HONOR OF OUR NEWEST RESIDENT of DRAGON MOUNTAIN, Capt, Smokey of the great Susquehanna Gang!!!! SMOKEY WE knows your family gonna miss you bunches BUT rest assured there will be great things for you to accompish up here in Pirate Cove. I welcome you to our wonderful Family of ferrets and other critters. You sits down and relaxes till you get your Dragon MOuntain legs and then you paarty with us to celebrates the New Years. Later we will go and check on your earthly family using my crystal ball.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

01/01/2012 06:58.34 AM Report This Comment  
  I still luvs you's Pirelli... me bootiful wife!
I be gettins nerbous about meetin me Mommsy an law dough. Dook Dook! Kisses & hugs to you's me fair an bootiful luv ob me life! XOXO Cappan Smokey XOXO

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/15/2011 01:19.22 AM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
Wanna be friends?

Come visit me, The FL Fuzzies (Left SAC).

06/24/2010 03:26.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh me luv! Hoppy St. Paddy's Daze too ya's!
How did ya likes da cornbeef an cabbage I mades up fer ya? Yummsy! I's so stuffed. Is yer Smokey a goods cook or wot? Comes to me page an see me new pitchers me Mommsy posted ob me. I's looks diffrent wif me winter coat an I ahmost as white lookin as Snowball now. Me Mommsy say I looks so darn hansum an she been given me so much lovin lately likes she hasna seen me in ages or sumthin! Me an me fella Dook Dook Brudder, Loki! Gosh! All she does is gives us kisses an hugs! It ahmost inbarressin... She also been lovin our new lil Sissy, Twinkle Starr. She's a purdy new lil baby furl... Wot ya say wez adopts her as our own my sweet purdy lil chameleon? Sure woulds bez nice to have a youngin aroun? Smokey wraps Pirelli in his strong arms an warmly caresses her an whispers sweet nuttins in her ears makin Pirelli blush.

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

03/17/2010 09:12.56 PM Report This Comment  
to the beautiful Pirelli! I'd give you a great big SMOOCHIE cept I don't think that Smokey would be as understanding as Repsol is!!! Herman

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

02/27/2010 08:53.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh my purdy Pirelli.....
I's so glad I's married to ya! It still kinda feels likes a dreams. I luvs ya me lil chamelean.... tells me, where you's wonts to sail to next? Loki an Moonie are goin to Merlin's Mountain to check on all da angels... expecially Stella Bella an BB an Cappan Jack's Mommsy... oh is so sad.... Do ya's wonts to sail dare too? It's up to you's me blushin bride. Smokey kisses her softly on da cheek an holds her.
XOXOX Cappan Smokey XOXOX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

02/25/2010 07:16.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Merry christmas Pirelli
and all you NZ bunch, 'specially your Mom! It's me Toast...shhhh..I got to go cos Mom says Santa Paws won't come if I'm still up...ttyl today...bye! Not Toast, cos Toast is being a good girl...

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

12/24/2009 11:25.47 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

12/13/2009 08:02.21 PM Report This Comment  
  YIPPIE !!!
Congradulations on gettin your COTD badge, it sure looks good on your page! I hope ya got extra treats and tension cuz it's your special day! Congrats on your weddin to Smokey too, I wish ya all the bestest! I'm sayin my prayers for your Mommy and keepin her in my thoughts, fuzzy hugs, Aggie

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

11/02/2009 07:42.27 PM Report This Comment  
on winning critter of the day. Very cute. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Nugget & Acorn and Hazelnut (Rest in peace).

11/02/2009 07:37.43 PM Report This Comment  
11/02/2009 06:38.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Pirelli !
congratulations on you COTD badge! also for the happy couple too!Ain't LOVE grand?Bubbles Hugs

Come visit me, Shadow, JIMMY DIP Aggie, Angel Herman Missing you Miss Aggie, Angel Giggles FLY HIGH Aggie ! & Angel Bubbles & Company welcome Miss Aggie to the.

11/02/2009 06:25.01 PM Report This Comment  
on winning COTD.Adorable picture.Left you a vote!!!!!!!!

Amanda, Miamisburg, OH.

11/02/2009 04:43.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pirelli
Congrats on winning the COTD award!! Hope you're enjoying a lot of treats and having fun on your day!! Have a great day!!

Come visit me, Angel Vivi (8-18-09).

11/02/2009 02:00.48 PM Report This Comment  
Congratulations on COTD! You are adorable. Have a wonderful day. Take Care.

Come visit me, Yasashiku, Mika--crossed the rainbow bridge 6/18/10, Raizo, Hideki & Sokka.

11/02/2009 01:00.30 PM Report This Comment  
  she is cute! left a vote! congrats on cotd..

Come visit me, Opal, Bandit and Little Guy & (in memory April 2009).

11/02/2009 12:13.23 PM Report This Comment  
  You's so cute!
Come visit me! I has vote for you.

Come visit me, Rudyard, Vincent, Liam & Jack.

11/02/2009 11:36.54 AM Report This Comment  
OH MY DEAREST SIS IN LAWS you did ets maried and now you wins the COTD AWARDS. OH MUMS hassa be soooo happys. Hopes you and SMokey can takes a BREAK and come joins Addy , Numbi and Me for dinners today. Oh and after you left the carnival the Great Dragon declared that it will be open all weeks so we can go down everyday and enjoys the festivities. BYE you LOVE FERRETS!!!!

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

11/02/2009 10:32.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Congrats to you on your cotd win and also your marriage
Stewart and family

Come visit me, MarioRIP 12-12-12, Samantha-, Brandi,RIP our sweet little girl,you will be sadly, Ozzy, (IN Loving Memory) Cujo, Ralph, Jack, Ben, (IN Loving Memory) Bandit, Jake in loving memory & Stewart RIp 1/22/2012.

11/02/2009 09:21.14 AM Report This Comment  
  Congrats to you on your cotd win and also your marriage
Stewart and family

Come visit me, MarioRIP 12-12-12, Samantha-, Brandi,RIP our sweet little girl,you will be sadly, Ozzy, (IN Loving Memory) Cujo, Ralph, Jack, Ben, (IN Loving Memory) Bandit, Jake in loving memory & Stewart RIp 1/22/2012.

11/02/2009 09:21.06 AM Report This Comment  
  congrats cutie!
on critter of the day, look at your cutie pie face!

Come visit me, Angel Peachy, In Loving Memory of Muffin - 5/25/06 to 10/1/09, Angel J.D. - Loves Angel Isabelle :), Angel Rocki - Loves Aggie Kadabbie!!, Mr Draco, Sweet Stella Girl - Loves Champers & Angel Champers-Loves Rocky, Bastian, Mooch, Earl & Doozy.

11/02/2009 06:14.57 AM Report This Comment  
  COTD and Married congrats Pirelli Ellie
from Mysti and Da NZ Clan in the "Kato"

Come visit me, Gryphon (RIP), Tundra & Mysti.

11/02/2009 12:32.32 AM Report This Comment  
It be a wonderful celbration of love!

Capt'n Jack and Barnacle Bill

Come visit me, Captain Jack Sparrow II, Dec. COTM Thanks everyone & Barnacle Bill: shipwreck survivor and June COTM :).

11/01/2009 05:36.47 PM Report This Comment  
  #227 How does it feel Mrs Smokey???
ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YER HUBBZ...train 'im early to give ya back rubs! Awwww doook doook doooook ohhh I'm soooooo bad! doook doook
Yer sis'n law...((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

11/01/2009 05:09.13 PM Report This Comment  
Mrs Smokey! How does that sound? What a lovely wedding, thank you for inviting us. We'll see you at Mystics, ttyl! Moonie

Come visit me, Chevy, "Spirit" Nacho 12/4/07-11/7/13, "Spirit" Barley 4/4/10-10/22/12, "Spirit" Foxy Romaine 8/4/02-3/26/12, H2, Honey, Pamplamousse, SETI, "Spirit" Toast 5/07-8/10 & "Spirit" Black Moon 5/11/06- 5/25/13.

11/01/2009 08:29.14 AM Report This Comment  
ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YER HANDSOME STUD OF A HUBBZ!!! WOO WOO Blessins' and HOPES for a LONG and HAPPY Life, Smokey is very fortunate to take you as 'is wife! BEST WISHES AND BLESSINS'!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!...((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

10/31/2009 08:04.27 PM Report This Comment  
It your turn soon!We see you morrow!Habe a wonderful wedding I congrate you early cause we off an flyin!Love Mr and his MRS ~~~~^..^~~~~

Come visit me, Tasha, MrMister, Mika & Monte Yes! We are Black Footed Ferrets, BOO!, Jasmin & Tinkerbell.

10/31/2009 04:19.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh my luv... Da day wez been anticipatin fer so
long is almos here. I canst scarecly breath... I's so excited an nervous an in luv. Oh I canst waits to see you's an takes you's in me arms foreber an eber. I's da luckiest fert in da whole wided world. Merlin e-mailed da nuptials to me's an I's sures you's... I likes dems a lots. Is thar anythin you wish to adds? Let me know. I tinks dare perfect! I do haf one question doe....? Which website shoulds wez meets on's at 9 p.m. me time Saturday, an Sunday affernoon at yer time? Yers, mines, or Merlins? Who is yer Witness or Maid of honor? I's asked Loki to be me best fert. Now, all me family wills be attendin da weddin an some are bringin dates. I hopes all yer family will bez thar. It looks like it be a big weception pardy da next day fer Mr. Mister an Mystic an ob course wez will be joinin in to celebrate dare happiness as well as ours. Oh! Wot a glorious weeken dis is gonna bez.... See ya an hold ya soon my bootiful darlin Chameleon.... Yer eber luvin Fert... Smokey.... sendin you's 1,000,000 x 100 kisses an hugs!

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

10/29/2009 09:49.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Pirelli
I stopping by to congratulate you on your soon to be wedding!It gonna be a great night!Me an Mystic and you an Smokey!Seeins as it will be getting late on our side of the world-- did you and Smokey wanna have your reception on the next day like me an Mystic ??It gonna be an all day affair with critters droppin in all day long!If you do that be great!Me an Mystic will see you at Dragon Mt I hopes!bye for now~~~~^..^~~~~

Come visit me, Tasha, MrMister, Mika & Monte Yes! We are Black Footed Ferrets, BOO!, Jasmin & Tinkerbell.

10/29/2009 02:30.28 PM Report This Comment  
  I luvs ya Pirelli, my mos bootiful Chameleon!
Only one weeks away an I's be Dookin likes I neber Dooked afore! I's so hoppy! I has asked Loki to be me best mate.... who is goin to be yer Furl ob honor? Jus wonderin.... Oh, my an da Honeymoon... Startin off dare at da Mountain an den... you tells me's anyplace you's wonts to go.... I yer Cappan Smokey.... will takes you's anywhere's you's wonts to goes. Smokey enfolds Pirelli in his strong fert arms an kisses her tenderly an strongly, like he neber gonna let her goes. XXXXXXX Smokey XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

10/24/2009 03:35.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Miss Pirelli, my darlin Chameleon!
Halloween nite woulds be weaaly neat! I's no haf problems wememberin our anniversary! Dook Dook but cans wez makes it fer 9 p.m. I's hates fer it so late, (early where you are,) but me Mommsy an Daddsy wills be takin dare lil gal out to do da Tick or Tweatin ting an dey haf lots of hills to walk aroun here to get dare candy. It mite take till 9 to get in an haf tings calm down a bit. Dey goes from 6-8 p.m.
Let's me know me darlin if dat bez too late. I hopes not. I will ask Merlin too okay? Takes care me luv... it won't be much longer.............
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I's almost forgot to mention fer da family head count at da weddin.... wez gots a new sisser named Calliope... I know you havna met her but she is a luverly gal. Wez hads her fer a few months but didna wont to mention anythin cause whens wez gots her, she wuz in terrible condition... she is out of da woods now an lookin bootiful an put on weight an now has a bootiful fur coat... (she wuz almost totally bald when wez founds her.) I hope it's okay if she comes an meets some new family an friends. It would be a good way to soffly introduce her to everyone.
Lots of wet kisses an snuggles to you my darlin lil Chameleon. XOX Yer Smokey XOX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

10/22/2009 09:52.21 PM Report This Comment  
  My dearest Pirelli....I luv's you's so much....
I wish I's coulds jus flys to you's rites nows an holds ya's an kiss ya's an do da same to yer Mommsy... I's so sorry's an I speaks fer all da Suskyhanny ferts an furls fer yer familee's loss... Wez will miss Addy jus awfuls... but she will be such a bootiful, radiant angel, wez knows dis. No more pains, no more sufferin fer hers... I jus wish it were da same fer da ones lef behine on Eearth. Of course wez cans pospone da weddin. Wez all share in yer grief an it be time to wemember an cherish our memories of sweet Addy. I's believes next weekend, Saturday at 6 p.m. our time an Sunday fer you's... da same time jus a week ladder woulds be perfect. I do beweive dat Addy wouldna wont us to postpone our marital bliss fer too long because one neber knows how long one haz an ya jus gots to take an enjoy one day ats a time. I's will let Merlin know an hopes dis will bez okays.... I knows hez hurtin as well but not as much as yer family.
Pwease tell yer Mommsy wez prayin fer her an luvs her an feel fer her... our family knows about leaky eyes too at da loss of a furkid. It is not pweasant but necessary because when luv ones leave... dey takes a lil piece of our harts wit dem. Huge hugs an kisses to you, yer Mommsy an yer whole family. Let us knoe if thar bez anythin wez cans dues fer yous. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

10/16/2009 11:47.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Miss Pirelli?
I know ya don't know me very good but it is kinda a small channel and I know ya. I'm so sorry for your Mommy, it's always so rough on the hoomans we leave behind. I know Angel Atropos has got family and lotsa friends at the bridge to help her and show her around. The rest of ya need to act silly to make your Mommy smile and give her lotsa fuzzy hugs and kisses too, she needs them right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with ya and your family, Aggie and Mom

Come visit me, Aggie, I live at the bridge now.

10/15/2009 03:34.07 PM Report This Comment  
I did always thinks that you was the most well behaved Furl of all your familys and then you MUMS did say that you be a real terror on 4 paws!!! OH YES you and Smokey will be a greats pair for sures. Well you lets me knows what you wants cause the meadows be getting all spruced ups for all the get togethers. Has a great days.

Come visit me, Merlin The Great -Life be a learning experience.

10/08/2009 06:03.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Ohhhhhhh'ssssssss I's beens awaitin yer reply
wit baited breath my bootiful lil chameleon.... I agrees, a small weddin bez vary nice under da circumstances... how smalls? Immediate family only an spouses, girl or boyfriens? Or jus you's, mez, 2 witnesses, an Merlin....? Wotcha tink? I's woulds gets marrieds in a pigs pen or anythin to be wit you's my sweet furl...... Smokey smudders Pirelli wit big masculine Fert kisses..... I's tinks da 17th at 6 p.m. bez perfect! Now do you's wonts me to ask Merlin or do you's wonts to dues it? Jus lets mez knows wot you's wonts mez to dues an I wills does it! I jus canna waits much longer...... I luvs you so much..... big smooches to you my luverly lil furl. XOXOX Smokey XOXOX P.S. Canst waits till yer next replys..... DOOK!

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

10/07/2009 10:28.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh My Darlins, mos bootiful Kamillion furl!
Oh's I jus abouts faints an does flips an cartweels whez I saws you's bloggeds mez! Oh kissy kissy Dookity Dook to ya's! Oh me luv! Yes! I's wonts to marry ya's still! Oh's me oh mys oh YES DOok DOOK! Afore yer Mommsy's surgery sounds vary goods to mez! Shoulds it bez a big weddin or a small intimate ones? Shoulds wez haf Merlin's do da officiatin? Wot's ya's wonts? I wills do anythin you's wonts mez toos! Saturday sounds gweats! But wot time? It woulds be yer Sunday? Me Mommsy tolds me to tell ya's dat our lil hoonan sissy haz soccer games at 2 pm on Saturday Eastern Standard time. Dey be ober wit by 4 pm or 5 at latest. Let's me knows if a time affer 5 woulds be doables.... otays? Oh me wonts to kiss ya's an neber lets ya goes me purdy furl..... Say hi to yer Mommsy an tells her wez still prayin an tinkin of hers always here in Suskyhanny's. XOXOXOX Smokey XOXOXOX P.S. I's SOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

10/02/2009 12:32.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh Pirelli! I 's so excited to hear frum you's!
My hart be pitter patterin so hard fer you my purdy furl. I's so miss ya! An I so sorry to hear tings not goin da way da shoulds bez goin wit yer Mommsy's wecovery...
Do you's tinks dat Calypso, Kiwi,an mez coulds sail outs an sees ya fer awhile... Wez jus pinin away fer our ferts an furls....
I swears to you me purdy one... affer wez gets married... no one, I Means NO ONE gonna seperate us agains.... NEBER! Let's mez knows if wez cans comes out fer a lil while afore yer Mommsy has to goes gets da ouchies done again.
I's sendin you's a thousand million kisses! XOXOXOXOXOX Yer Smokester XOXOXOXOXOX

Colleen, Susquehanna, PA.

09/14/2009 11:24.00 PM Report This Comment  
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