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Hi! My name is Little Clover, R.I.P.-June 6. :( Sorry, Been Busy!.

I am a Syrian Hamster from Tri-Cities.

1 year old


Her actual name is Clover. And her nicknames are Clove, Clovie Dovie, Hamturo

In my cage, either in my house under my "stairs"-haha don't ask- and in one of the "dens".

She feeds me treats all the time and lets me run around in my ball.

Make loud noises at night!!

Chew on water bottle instead of drinking it!

The famous cartoon character- Hamtaro (or some name like that, I'm just a hamster with little brains- how do you all expect me to remember this kinds of stuff??).

When my owner doesn't leave the cage open so I can get out and eat cat food! Ha!

Pack your cheeks, you never know when the world will end and you will need that stuff!!! THANKS YOU ALL FOR COTD ON OCT 18 '08! AND THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR COTM OF FEBRUARY '09!

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11/21/2010 12:36.49 PM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:36.56 AM  
  hi i know how you feel about losing Clover i lost my little baby Rose Petals in november i'm still getting over it. she lived 3 years so she outlived most hamsters (3 years is a long time to them) and by the sound of Clover she lived a long time to Syrain hamster life span is usaly one and a half to about two years. i miss Rosie dearly and i bet you really miss Clover they where both really sweet hamster and ho knows they might even be with each other on rainbow bridge right now.

Amanda (Rosies mommy)

Come visit me, † Angel Rose Petals † & Victoria Aster.

01/27/2010 10:03.10 AM Report This Comment  
  † Clover †
Okay, well then let's not get married. We loved eachother very much...but that was long ago...forever ago...

Thank you sooooooo much for blogging me. I was wanted to know how your family was and if you are planning on still getting married...when. But I know you won't be on hardly ever so I think this is best. I couldn't live with a heart like that, feeling dumped & forgotten on the side of a rocky road. But, please, when you do come on every once in a while do you think you could stop by and we could just be friends? You will always be special to me even if I never heard from you again...

I'm always here if ever want to come back on SAC, Mozzarella

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

01/14/2010 08:28.43 AM Report This Comment  
I'm sorry, Clover, I said all your blog was c/p but I don't know that. What I meant was you weren't very your love.

♥ Your Sad Man, Angel Mozzarella Ramos

P.S. I voted for you, like I've always done.

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

01/06/2010 04:25.54 PM Report This Comment  
  I can't tell you
how surprised I am to see that blog on my page. I know you're busy and everything and your mom misses you very much. My mom misses all of us lots and lots and lots too...but my dear fiance Clover!... have you forgotten all about our love and engagement? Every word (except my nick-name) was copy and paste. You didn't tell me you love me or missed me or you're sorry you made me worry so much (if you read all my blogs I sent to you while you were away...surely you'd reply!!)

I love you and that will never change but I thought you never ever would come back so I tired not to think of you and forget about the beautiful wedding I was looking so forward long ago...I don't know if you love me, please tell me. If you are going to come on (or I should say Not come on like you've been doing) it would be better not to be engaged. We made a lasting promise to be together forever, and you have broken that seal. I don't know what to do because I love you...but don't know if you (still) love me.

I'm blowing you the sweetest kiss I can, I LOVE YOU

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Angel Mozzarella
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

01/06/2010 04:19.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Not a note
for over FIVE months.

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

11/13/2009 07:42.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Not a word
since July 09.

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

11/13/2009 07:40.31 PM Report This Comment  
  A tear trickles down his cheek...
I really do love you Clover...and it's so hard to not think of you but I'm not marrying you. Not now. Our love was so wonderful but you obviously don't love me. I hoped so much everyday that I would find just one little note from you on my page...but you haven't talked to me in so long! And I can't go on loving you with a broken. I didn't mean to engage a ghost.

Forever thinking of the many good times we had together.
They will last a memory in my heart for always.

~Angel Mozzarella Ramos.

P.S. oh, if you ever do care to look, I have added my other pictures on my page. The last three are wild Alaskan flowers she took with her camera. The black dog Pike (pronounced Pee-keh) is mom's 3-year-old doggy. She was very sweet to me and loved sniffing me. She's even balance me on her head. he,he

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

11/13/2009 07:33.38 PM Report This Comment  
  To call you mine
was as sweet as honey
To send you kisses was as joyous as a summer breeze
To hear your voice was as calming as a gentle stream
To see your face was as wonderful as spring flowers on bloom
To whisper in your ear was fun as skipping
To feel your silky little face on mine was so delicious
To love you was as miraculous as sunshine
To not receive your love UNEXPLAINABLE
Written my Mozzarella all by himself!

I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world, Clover. Have you forgotten me? Do you care about me at all anymore? Do you ever think of me? Do you not love me? Oh...Clover!!!! PLEASE talk to me!! I've waited since JULY 24th for a blog from you! Why why why haven't you said even ONE word to me?! I love I MISS you so much! I was so surprised to see you that you are "Active within 1 day". That means you HAVE been coming on SAC. Clover...I don't understand. Should I leave you or not? Should I blog you anymore? Are you going to give back the ring? Are you going to brake our engagement? Are you going to tell me that you don't love me? Are you ever going to talk to me ever again? Are you, Clover??????? I LOVE YOU!

I even blogged all your horses on HC. A while back

R.I.P Angel Mozzarella Ramos †

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

10/23/2009 08:51.47 PM Report This Comment  
  please help
my name is jitterbug and im in hammy heaven.. i died june 21st 09 and my momma was troubly sad ;(
in my memory she is trying to get cotd for me :)
do you think you could help me get cotd?
you could just vote but i love to talk to! just stop by and bring a conversation with you :D
what have you been doing? momma wanted to replace me but she couldnt so she got a guinea pig named snickers! she is only 1 and like me, she loves to talk :) could you leave her a message!?
thank you SO much for your help when i died ;(
please vote for me..

i voted,
jitterbug and snickers

Come visit me, Snickers & 0live.

10/04/2009 01:41.03 PM Report This Comment  
  #1021 Just payin' Respect to you lil' one!
It's been soo long tis somethin' I can't control, but when'ver I can make it here it's worth the short stroll. I see you too have been 'way and fer yer name I had to scroll. I Pray to Heaven frequently so when ya hear constant Prayer it just might be Me! Smile and wave when ya see me, I'll be thinkin' of you and boppin' yer bunny~! doook doook dooook Blessins' and Well Wishes to you and yer mama Sweet Clover! Yer furl furiend ((*))~SpazM

Come visit me, SpazM ((*))~ WOO HOOOooOOOoooOOoOoooo- OOOooOoo....

09/11/2009 03:17.31 PM Report This Comment  
  oh Clover i'm so sorry to heare u went to the bridge :(

Come visit me, † Angel Rose Petals † & Victoria Aster.

08/23/2009 01:00.03 PM Report This Comment  
Left you a vote, stop by sometime!

Come visit me, Bun-Bun.

08/21/2009 03:07.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Angel Clover
A vote for a special ANgel!

Come visit me, .

08/15/2009 07:28.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Today was aventfull!!
Mommy got me up at 7:37 am
to go for a outting outside!
I LOVE to eat celery so that
is what I ate for breaksfast.
8:3O am sharp started momma's
school. I get to watch sence she
is home-schooled!!
I didn't get out again till
2:00 pm when momma decided to
clip my toe-nails!!!!!!!!!!!
Eee- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek- !!!!!
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She ended up making one of them
I almost fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!

See ya later,
? Snickers

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

08/13/2009 12:24.01 PM Report This Comment  
  08/07/2009 11:57.13 PM Report This Comment  
and time for the weekend!
hey all...let me apologize first by saying that I am few days late getting here to my weekly blogs but Mommie has been under the weather, Poppie came home from his fishing trip earlier than expected, and poor Meowmie has also been run to death having to go here and go there and do this and do that until it was just about worn out her system. That is Mommie though, she takes her meds and still goes and goes like the energizer bunny. Poppie has to get on to her at times hisself to stop and rest and take better care of herself. Mommie is too helpful to others though. Any way she has also had problems on FACEBOOK with her older and ought to know better sister who is almost 60 years old, going to her sons house and pretending to be him getting on facebook and all just to spy and pry in Mommie's business and all. Mommie found out and got really mad, hurt and upset. She had no choice but to BLOCK her nephew and his wife from facebook. Said she was going to do the same on MySpace too. They got in to the same problem over there back when Mommie first got on MySpace a year or two ago, and had her nephews X-wife in her top friends. Her sister pitched a fit. Mommie said just because she did all of them mean that she has never done any thing to any of us and will and always will be part of the family and friend. Mommie said her sister and her family are too much particular and nit picky in every thing. Any way, she and Poppie are going to take honey off next week but the weather has been so bad this year that Poppie said it will be luck if they get 2 cases off this year. It stayed so cold way up until the first of June, then rained off and on way too much too. Well, any ways, maybe I wont go as long next week before catching up. All take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Come visit me, ANGEL-Fannie-Mae-Fer- ret---HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!.

07/31/2009 10:50.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi clover!
How are you? Just coming by with a vote and a quit note too!
What have you been up too? mommy has been taking me
outside to play alot more! I can't wait till Fall so
I can play in the leaves with momma! momma says that
she will throw me into a pile of leaves and it won't
even hurt, lol! Have a GREAT day!!

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

07/29/2009 08:17.10 AM Report This Comment  
  07/26/2009 01:13.15 PM Report This Comment  
07/26/2009 10:51.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh, oh, oh,
I see now. Silly me! hehe I'm glad you're mommy has a horse now. My mom has never touched a horse ever before. She's seen them when she was very little. My mom wishes she could get to know horses and maybe even ride one, one day. Tat would be the highlight of her life! My mom reads horse books, and goes on and has horse posters in her bedroom and watches horse movies and she wishes so much that she could touch a real horse. I think mom would be very good with a horse. Yea, well, what do I know? And, you can't have a horse where we live. :( It wouldn't be good for the horse and it would be so expensive. Thank you so much for the pages. I'll go there right now. My angel brother, Fabio has horse friends on HC too. I love you so much! I can't wait to see your avatar!

♥ Your soon to be groom, Angel Mozzarella Ramos

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

07/24/2009 09:59.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you for the vote
i voted too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
catch ya later

- snickers

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

07/23/2009 10:48.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Love of my life and even after that
Sweetie, my mom knows exactly what your mom is going through. We are so sorry. I really missed you and wasn't sure if you loved me anymore. Your words were like music to my ears! I love you so much. Your mom doesn't have that horse and has a different one now? huh. My mom's motto is: "Once my pet...FOREVER my pet" Does your horse have a page on I'd love to see her. Is your mom getting another hamster? It would fill in the hurt spot in her heart but it would never be able to 'replace' you. I love you and I voted for you and can't wait til you make an avatar so I can put it in my park, too. Thank you for putting mine in yours.

Kisses to you.

Your fiance, Angel Mozzarella Ramos "We are together forever!"

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

07/21/2009 09:50.12 PM Report This Comment  
Well here we are again on another week. I want to start out by saying congrats to allfo the latest winners of COTD and COTM and other contests and honors. Welcome to the newbies and my sympathy for those who have crossed the bridge lately too. Now here I am leaving you all a big vote for the day as always. Well, I want to thank all of you who gave your support and condolensces to Poppie regarding his cousin who was tragically killed recently when the tree he was cutting snapped back and fell on him. I also want to thank all of you for the kind words regarding Mommie's daughter and the lump the doctors found on one of her breasts. Still dont know about that yet as she doesnt go back to the doctor until August 3rd. Any way, Poppie is out in Colorado doing his yearly fishing with his buddies. This time he will be gone for 2 weeks. Mommie is quite lonesome but is managing, and this time Poppie has his cell phone with him so he can call about every day where they can get service. Mommie has me and my cat friend KiWi to be with too. So that helps. The old Georgia Mountain Fair has moved in for the remainder of the week. Mommie doesn't like to go any more, says after you get grown up you lose the kid interests you once had. Dont quite understand that but, that is Mommie. Well, better go for now and help Mommie make up the bed and do the laundry and all. Mommie loves to have me on the bed when making it up because I leap and jump and DOOK and it thrills Mommie to pieces!!

Come visit me, ANGEL-Fannie-Mae-Fer- ret---HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!.

07/21/2009 07:47.16 AM Report This Comment  
  She will be remembered and missed. YOur family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Fluffy Bunny hugs,
Cookie and mom

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

07/20/2009 09:26.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Clover
Glad to here from you!
Yes, every time I think of Jitterbug, my eyes swell up and my friends ask me if I ok. I say I'm fine of course.
Here is a vote and a quick thank you for Critter of the day!! I'll get back to you soon. :D

- Snickers

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

07/20/2009 01:54.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning!
Dearest Clover, it was so good to hear from you! We understand about your family being sad and missing you. Mom loves all critters and is as sad for us, as for one of the cats or dogs. She understands totally. She is a rescue volunteer and has been through it more times than she wants to think. Little hamsters need love and it sounds like you were loved and that is the greatest thing. Please visit again when you want and we are here for you.

Come visit me, Beloved Angel Max, Angel Anya COTD 2/16/15 THANK YOU ALL!, Angel Abby-- goodby our sweet girl! & Angel Starfire-- COTD 5/11/14.

07/20/2009 03:46.12 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Little Clover, R.I.P.-June 6. :( Sorry, Been Busy!.

07/19/2009 07:32.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Please Vote
My name is Snickers, and I'm going for Critter of the Day!! Please vote for me on July 16th!! This is very important to me and my owner!
I hope we become quick friends!!
My birthday is August 4th, I will be turning 1 year old! Please help me celebrate that in a few weeks!! Special Thanks to my pals CoCo,Gus,RosePetals, and Sparky! I enjoy the company, thanks every one! I voted!! xooxoxox

- Snickers

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

07/15/2009 12:44.12 PM Report This Comment  
Whats up? I cant believe what happened!!!! O my squeak. How did you cross the rainbow bridge! Tell Your Mommy or Daddy that my mommy says she knows how hard it is to lose pets.. My ol' kittie friend charlie crossed rainbow brige. Hope you dont run into him:) He was nice to us though.. Btw i prayed for you when your water supply went out. Have a Super Squeak afternoon, Peanut

Come visit me, The Pet Club, Snowballs Photo Shop!!, Snowball R.I.P.December 6, 2009 & Peanut DOOK DOOK.

07/13/2009 04:23.36 PM Report This Comment  
PLEASE blog me soon! I miss you so very much and am so lonely without your company! I voted for you and I love you very much! Are you unhappy with me or something? Please don't ever think I don't love you because my love for true!

missing you much, Angel Mozzarella Ramos † ♥

Come visit me, Topaz (In memory), Fettucini (In memory) & Quem n all (In memory).

07/11/2009 09:48.43 PM Report This Comment  
  You will be remembered.

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

07/10/2009 11:07.16 PM Report This Comment  
  hey clover!
hey clover!
im shakira my account had dissappeared so i had to remake it most people knew me im not sure if u did or not
but i have the same bedding the scented one with mint rose and lavendar!
well i mix it with my other bedding it smells very good
im sry for your loss
well here is a vote!

Come visit me, ♥Cherry, Fluffy in loving memory♥, The Piggie Trio~Charlie, Telma and Louis, Shakira, The Critters Club © & Paco.

06/28/2009 04:37.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Cool! lol
I gave you your 1,000th vote!

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

06/27/2009 09:07.16 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Jitterbug ♥ In Loving Memory June 21, 09 & *Snickers*.

06/23/2009 11:54.02 AM Report This Comment  
  06/22/2009 08:06.30 PM Report This Comment  
i am sorry for your loss, what happened?

Come visit me, Midnight :D, *Misty* <3 & ♥ Daisy ♥.

06/22/2009 11:15.02 AM Report This Comment  
I am SO SORRY CLOVER to hear about your passing away.
Please say HI to Buddy-Rabbit-Ferret and all of my other rainbow angels up there too.

Come visit me, ANGEL-Fannie-Mae-Fer- ret---HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!.

06/15/2009 10:07.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi all...
Stopping by to catch up on the weekly blogs and to leave all of you another vote. Mommie has been working on her FACEBOOK this week and invites you all over if you have one too. Her name is Delores Barnes and you will see her pic. Every one says she looks like a young Betty White! She also has a MySpace too @ and invites you all over there too. She is sad and peaved a little bit today too. The morning started out very overcast so Mommie decided she would not lay out today. So, after she finished cleaning the carpet and all, looked out the back door around 11:00 and there was the sun in full bloom! Mommie was very dissapointed but said she had work to do any way. Poppie gaves her some $$$ yesterday so she is gonna go and buy a new rug to put at the back door, a BIGGER one! Says she is gonna just rip up the carpet and get a bucket of paint and pout out over it and be done with it. Mommie HATES that old carpet! Said if she knew back in 1993 what she knows now she would have had hardwood or vinyl. Any way, enough said about that. She just learned too that the manager of McDonalds lost his 3 year old daughter Saturday. She drowned. Mommie is very sad about that. Mommie never has learned to swim but still loves the water and just goes out up to her neck IF she is at the pool. If she is at the lake she just gets out to her waist. Mommie is also sad because yesterday was decoration and homecoming where her parents are buried but she didnt get to go. She got some flowers though and her brother took them. She said maybe on in the week she and Poppie can ride by the cemetary. Well I guess I had better go now and see if I can be of some cheer to Mommie. Love you all and have a nice week.

Come visit me, ANGEL-Fannie-Mae-Fer- ret---HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!.

06/15/2009 10:06.38 AM Report This Comment  
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