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Shannon Cauthen, Author
Shannon Cauthen

Shannon Cauthen has been a guinea pig hobbyist/rescuer for more than 15 years. In 1998, she founded Cavy Care Inc., a guinea pig shelter in Colorado. Visit the shelter at

Cauthen has a BA in english, history and art. Highlights of her career include being featured in a number of media sources, including the L.A. Times, ABC News and Associated Press, as well as a Korean animal program called Discover.

Cauthen cares for several personal pets. Harmony and Mama, both 5-year-old guinea pigs, and Wilson, a 10-year-old guinea pig. Cauthen has a special love for the guinea pigs in her sanctuary program. But guinea pigs aren’t the only pets that share Cauthen’s life. There is also Mr. Amber, a recently rescued umbrella cockatoo; Belle, an 8-year-old cockapoo that doesn’t believe it’s a dog; and Neff, a calico cat that came for two weeks and decided to stay forever. Six koi fish also share her home and all have names.  

graphic If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.   graphic
Cauthen began writing for BowTie Inc. (now I-5 Publishing, LLC) in 2005 by contributing to the Popular Critters Series, Guinea Pigs. She then became the guinea pig expert on SmallAnimalChannel in 2008. Currently, Cauthen is also working on two books as well as a number of CDs for the benefit of Cavy Care Inc.

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