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Rebecca Jean Stout, Author
Rebecca Jean Stout

Rebecca Jean Stout grew up in the farmlands and pinelands of South Jersey and now resides in the Chattanooga Valley area of Tennessee within the Appalachian Mountains. Her 33-plus years of experience with ferrets began during her childhood when her mother introduced her to her first ferret, Baby. Later, her mother also introduced to her to her first rescue, Rosie. Stout said that Baby and Rosie brought her the fondest memories regarding ferrets because of the general naivety about the animals in those days. Back then, there were no reliable books or magazines about ferrets, and of course there was no Internet to rely on. Because of that, ferrets seemed magical and each day was filled with surprises and things to learn about them. The downside was that without that precious information, ferret care was greatly lacking. In addition, there were also no social networks for ferret lovers.

In remembrance of the challenging times of raising ferrets without support, Stout developed a casual, fun website regarding the joys of ferret ownership in 1999, Over the years, she developed an expertise in the subject of deaf ferrets and then published the first comprehensive website about the care of deaf ferrets, But nearest and dearest to her heart is her website about the wondrous relationship between her autistic son, Sean, and his adopted rescue ferret named Rocky,

Stout routinely stays in contact with various ferret experts to keep updated with the latest information regarding the care of these wonderful creatures so that she can best advocate for them. She also regularly attends ferret events, such as the symposiums and forums hosted by the International Ferret Congress (IFC). Speaking at the International Ferret Symposium in Las Vegas in 2002 about Sean and Rocky allowed her to reach a greater audience and helped raise awareness about the possible roles of ferrets in animal therapy. Later she was given the opportunity to lecture at another symposium, held in Atlanta, which helped educate ferret enthusiasts about special-needs ferrets during a time when less was known about them.

Above all, Stout is most proud of becoming part of Ferrets Magazine in 2002. It is no surprise that her first two feature articles were about deaf ferrets and ferrets’ roles in animal therapy. She currently authors the Buzz About Ferrets column for Ferrets magazine online, which introduces its readers to the daily chatter about the escapades that are unique to ferrets. She is also proud to say that she has contributed to Critters USA magazine as well as Bird Talk magazine.

During her lifetime, Stout has kept company with a great variety of pets, including crickets, horses and everything in between. Currently she, her husband and two sons live with four adorable ferrets, two hermit crabs, a curious short-tailed opossum, a spunky parrotlet, a saucy cockatiel, a mischievous cockatoo, and an assortment of saltwater and fresh water fish and creatures. Interests include photography, wildlife and ATVing. Stout is most noted for her bubbly personality and infectious laughter. Her mission in life is to bring her love of animals to the public and to spread that laughter to all.

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