Don’t feed your rabbit rhubarb!

rabbit lying next to box with hay

Rabbits shouldn’t be fed onions either because it can cause digestive upset. But your pet bunny does need high levels of fiber to keep him healthy and to encourage grinding to keep his continually-growing teeth trim. He needs hay every day too. Guinea pigs need extra Vitamin C, so you’ll need to make sure that your pet guinea pig gets enough of this important nutrient. If you have a chinchilla, you will have to provide additional calcium in the diet. Hamsters and gerbils need Vitamin D and your pet ferret, rat or mouse will need extra protein. 

rabbit lying next to box with hay

Keeping track of all the special nutrient requirements of each small animal species is what KAYTEE does best. We’ve done extensive research on small animal nutrition and have formulated each diet to meet the specific nutritional needs of every pet. For each pet species, we have carefully selected and combined all the right ingredients into an optimum mix that provides a balanced diet and complete nutrition. This is absolutely essential to your pet for a long and healthy life. A balanced diet also keeps your pet’s fur soft and in good condition.

KAYTEE makes several diets for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, rats and mice. Each diet includes a variety of ingredients of varying taste, texture, shape, size and palatability. This encourages your pet’s natural behavior patterns by allowing the animal to decide what it eats and when, and satisfies the “gnawing needs” of your pet. It also promotes natural foraging.

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Our research has also shown us that your pet needs many more important vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. All of KAYTEE’s small animal diets are fortified with DHA Omega-3 to support your pet’s heart, brain and eyesight. They contain natural antioxidants that support your pet’s immune system and prebiotics and probiotics to aid your pet’s digestion so its body can absorb all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy life. Most important, each diet meets individual nutritional needs too, like additional fiber for bunnies, extra Vitamin C for guinea pigs and more protein for ferrets, rats and mice. Your chinchilla will get the extra calcium needed too. Bright and clearly labeled packaging makes it’s easier than ever for you to find the right food for your own pet. So you won’t mistakenly feed rabbit food to your guinea pig.

Make sure to follow the instructions for how much to feed your pet. If you feed too much food, your pet may be able to satisfy its hunger by only consuming its favorite ingredients. This may lead to the animal’s nutritional intake not being adequate. If you are feeding the right mix and your pet is selectively eating, try this. Reduce the amount of food gradually to encourage your pet to consume more of the ingredients. If your pet continues to selectively eat, then feed half the required amount twice a day to prolong the overall feeding time. This encourages your pet to consume more of the diet and will ensure that your pet gets complete nutrition.

Whenever you feed your pets, make sure to use a good quality, heavy, earthenware food bowl to keep their food dry and clean. Plastic should be avoided as some pets will chew it. Their bowls must be cleaned after every use and stale food thrown away. Always provide plenty of fresh, clean water for your pet.

rabbit lying next to box with hay

To find out more about all of our nutritional foods and treats for small animal pets, visit us at and click on “Small Animals” on our home page.

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