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Focus on Ferret Nutrition

At Marshall we are dedicated to the health and well being of ferrets.

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At Marshall we know that ferrets should eat a diet designed specifically for them. For more than 70 years we have raised and bred ferrets, studying their anatomy, learning their habits, documenting their digestive processes, and using our expertise to create the healthiest nutrition available for them. We also know that there are a lot of companies that claim they have the best ferret diet, but many are nutritionally inadequate or have unnecessary ingredients, such as apples and carrots. Some companies even use modified cat food and call it "ferret” food.  That simply does not work and may actually reduce a ferret’s life span. Marshall Premium Diet uses more fresh meat protein than any other ferret food.  In fact it takes 6 lbs. of fresh chicken to make a 7 lb. bag.

Ferret Food Facts
Marshall Premium Ferret Diet has fed more ferrets in all life stages on a daily basis, than all other ferret foods combined!

Fresh Meat Protein
Ferrets are carnivores and require high levels of meat protein, preferably freshly derived meat.

Natural Fat
Our pellets have naturally derived fats in order to maintain optimal nutritional value – no added fats are needed and the pellets break down more easily in the ferret’s digestive system.

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Unique Process
Vacuum-dried low temperature process protects essential amino acids of the meat protein that would otherwise be damaged during high temperature processing.

Truth About Carbohydrates
Although ferrets need very little plant-based carbohydrate, they still need some to prevent serious long-term health problems. Marshall uses corn as an excellent carbohydrate source to compliment the high meat content.  Research has shown and experience proves that corn is an excellent carbohydrate when formulated properly.

Marshall uses a safe and effective human grade preservative to protect the high amount of meat protein from oxidizing. Other Ferret foods purchase pre-mixes from pet food formulators and many of the meat meals and liquid fat mixtures are already preserved, therefore they do not have to list it on their label. Due to the fresh nature of our food and the complexities of our process, we want to insure your pet is eating a completely safe and natural diet.



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