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Critter Updates

See the latest critter news, exclusives, events and features.

Fuzzy, The Healing Hamster
Squeals of laughter can be heard emanating from the Wilson home in northwest Georgia. They come from Natalie Wilson, a 6-year-old girl with the most endearing, sparkling green eyes you could ever imagine. The source of all the merriment? A crazy-haired, honey-colored, teddy bear hamster named Fuzzy. Yes, that’s right. All of that jubilation comes from just one wee hamster. What you wouldn’t know is the home that little Natalie Wilson ... more>>

VIDEO: Staring Contest  
Think you can stare down these rabbits? It's going to be tough! More>>
Calendar of Events  
See events for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and others; tell us about your small animal event. More>>
Guinea Pig With Dry Skin 
This veterinary Q&A discusses treatment of a guinea pig with dry skin. More>>
How To Clicker Train  
Here's how to clicker train your rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal pet. More>> is your one-stop destination for small animal pet information. In addition to news and exclusives, it pulls content from all the small animal products at I-5 Publishing, LLC, including  Rabbits USA magazine and the magabooks in the Popular Critters Series (Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Rabbits). Additionally, it's home to Ferrets magazine online. As part of the umbrella of pet websites at I-5 Publishing, LLC, SmallAnimalChannel provides the content that guinea pig, hamster, ferret, rabbit, chinchilla, hedgehog, rat, mouse, sugar glider and gerbil owners need to know about their pets health, safety and more.

critter species Critter Species

Dive into the world of small animals in our species profile section. Today's small animal pets include more than 40 breeds of rabbit, 13 breeds of guinea pig, five species of hamster, plus ferrets, chinchillas, gerbils, hedgehogs, mice, rats and sugar gliders. Our profiles provide at-a-glance info about each small animal pet's life span, diet, size, temperament and more. For a more personal approach to small animal pet species and the black-footed ferret, check the Critter Blog Archive.


Critter Experts Critter Experts

Got a question about your small animal pet? You've come to the right place! Our veterinary expert answers four questions each month about small animal pet health conditions for educational purposes. Browse the archive of past small animal health questions and answers, and you're sure to learn something new! More>>

For nonmedical questions, we have experts to answer your questions for rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, hedgehogs, rats, sugar gliders and mice. Dealing with an aggressive rabbit, hand-taming a hamster and housing a rabbit with a guinea pig are just a few of the topics covered in the archive of questions and answers. More>>


Critter Insider

Leticia MateriExotic Mammal Veterinary Cases And Info
Leticia Materi, PhD, DVM, of the Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic shares her home with a rabbit, two hamsters, a cockatiel and a Hahn's macaw. She treats many more species at the clinic she co-owns, which is devoted exclusively to small exotic pets. Read about some of her cases, noteworthy exotic info and more. More >>
Small Animal ChampionsSmall Animal Champions
People do a lot to help ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other exotic small mammal pets, and sometimes these pet species also help people. This series of articles, debuting in 2014, spotlights helpful people and helpful pets. You're sure to enjoy a heartwarming, uplifting read. More>>
Caption Contest Critter Caption Contest
Silly photos, strange photos and cute photos abound in the SmallAnimalChannel Critter Caption contest. If you've got what it takes to submit a witty caption, check it out. If you just want a laugh by seeing the previous photos and winning captions, check it out. If you want to do both, you guessed it, check it out! More>>
Hamster Health Center Hamster Health Center
Hamster enthusiasts take note! The Hamster Health Center is packed with hamster health information. Need a list and brief explanation of hamster ailments? This is the place. Wondering what could cause a hamster to sneeze, itch stop eating, lose hair and more? It explains that, too. Plus, get tips on finding a hamster-savvy veterinarian. More >>
Notes From An Exotic Small Animal VetNotes From An Exotic Small Animal Vet
Jerry Murray, DVM, of the Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch in Dallas, Texas, shares small animal pet health information and writes about life as an exotics vet in his biweekly column. Murray has been a veterinarian since 1991. More >>
Critter Corner Cartoon Critter Corner Cartoon
From housecleaning chinchillas to exercising hamsters to finicky rabbits and more, the Critter Corner cartoon by Jeremy Vickneswaran features small animal pets doing things to make you grin. Vickneswaran also creates the Ferret Side cartoon for Ferrets magazine. More>>
Contest WinnersCritter Contests
Each month SmallAnimalChannel features a fun, new contest. See the latest one in the Critter Updates section above. Click here to see the winners and entries for past critter contests, including A Critter Mother's Day, Saintly Critters, Halloween Costume, Critter Holiday Poetry and more. More>>
Product Spotlight ArchiveCritter Product Spotlight Archive
From time to time, SmallAnimalChannel features a product for small animals for a month and does a giveaway. Announcements will appear here. Meanwhile, check out what small animal products were featured in the past. More>>

Pets And Other Animals Other Pets and Animals

Small animal pets like ferrets, hamstersguinea pigs and rabbits are terrific, but people have many other pets and animals in their life. If you share your life with other types of pets or just enjoy reading about them, be sure to check out the information all about pet birds, reptiles, fish, catsdogs and horses at our pet infographics page. More>>


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